2/94th Battalion Update Number 36



If you have not done so please sign up for the Fort Sill reunion.


Website:  http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/


Hi to all,


MEMBERS FOUND: Some may have been reported before.


Hi to All,


Members Located and/or signed in


Donahue, Laurence B.  - SP4 70-71 B Battery


Bonds, Robert J. - SP4 68-69 HHB


I served with HHB in 68 & 69.  I'm trying to get in touch with the guys I served with.  Rick Butor, Byron Adams, Mike Miller, Bill Safford, Solo, Ken Allbright, Jim Sprague, Gary Treaudeau(?), TC.


I extended for an early out and went out into the field with the ARVN’s with my buddy Bill Safford and my memories of it all are rather limited.  I would really like to talk to any of you guys and try to piece together what happened and what it's like now.


Williams, Jackie R. - PFC 66-67 (Original Member) A Battery.


Good to know all you fellows are alive and kicking!!!!!!! 

Welcome home to the Battalion to all and all please join us at Fort Sill for our fourth reunion.


Info, sign in and whose coming is located on Greg’s blog site at:


http://294fa.blogspot.com/ look at top for the links.

If you think of someone you wish to communicate with let me know.  I do keep a database of those that are not on the computer but we have found them.

I also have an e-mail list by battery at:

Glenda is the process of updating that list now.

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Member questions and info:


Dennis Berg will not be able to make the reunion this year.  I had hoped he would be able to make it this year.


Donald Pullen of B Battery sent e-mail in:


It seems Donald was wounded and Medivac’d the same day that “Farmer” (Bergantzel) was killed.  He just received confirmation in late 2005 he is to finally receive his Purple Heart.  As he said, better late than never.  I updated our data

on the B Battery roster recording him as WIA.



Sid Gordon, B Battery 68- 69 is trying to find out what happened to one of the fellows.




Member was badly burned and medevac'd.  After all theses years it still sticks in my mind.  I saw in the unit history that James Marksberry was medevac'd.  Can this be the same guy?  Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.


I think we had just made the move to C1 from Carroll.  I think he was burned by white phosphorus.


Any of you fellows can tie this together with a name and the incident, please let me know.  Thanks.



Our Duster buddy Joe Belardo wrote in with a classic.  Those that were there in 67-68 Joe was on the “Widow Maker” that operated in and around Carroll.  I think it was C Battery 1/44th.


Found engraved on a Zippo lighter.


".....And God created Hell.....And then came the Dusters!"


I will be out of home for the next week starting this Monday and no way to check e-mail.


Best to all,