2/94th Battalion Update Number 35



If you have not done so please sign up for the Fort Sill reunion.


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Hi to all,


MEMBERS FOUND: Some may have been reported before.


A Battery

Hesketh, Roger E. - SP4 68-69


Arthur, Allan B. Rank - 71-72

Arrived on Bastogne in Sep 71.  Worked in FDC, radio, FADAC, and slept in gun 3 bunkers.  We went to Barbara for Thanksgiving.  Several of us went to Eagle in Jan/Feb, and the battery went to Da Nang for stand down in Feb/Mar.  I stayed in Da Nang with HHQ 196th Inf until July.


(Bad enough Thanksgiving on Carroll for the 67-68 crews but Barbara man what a dismal holiday that must have been!!!!!!!!)


Spores, William R. - Lieutenant 69-70


Williams, Jackie R. - PFC 66-67 (Original Member)



B Battery

Anderson, Gary (Andy) - SP4 69-70 Address and phone number but no e-mail address.


Zeigler, Joseph W.  Rank 67-68 (I did not have Joseph on our B Battery rosters but have added him.)


Maroney, Bill M. Rank 70-71 (I did not have Bill on our B Battery rosters but have added him.)


Shelton, Paul Z. Rank 68-70


Archie, Noah - Rank 69-70 



C Battery

James Stanley 66-67 gun 2 (Original Member) WIA on 9 Apr 67 Medevac’d same day

Sam Cardinale 66-67 gun 4
Came in during the infusion and was part of Sergeant Buckner’s gun crew.


Batchelor, John C. - SP4 68-69 gun 2


Ray, Donald - SP4 70-71 no contact information left - but did sign in


Baviera, Thomas A. - PFC 68-69


Walden, James - PFC 69-70


Janda, Robert E. - CPL 69-70


In the gun incidents on 9 April 67, I had all the fellows identified except for Sam.  He was the one that severely wounded in the leg.



On 9 April 1967, Private First Class James Lawrence Holroyd, C Battery Gun 2, from Roeland Park, Kansas was killed on Camp Carroll in an incident involving Gun 2 and Gun 3 of C Battery.  Eight men were wounded with three being evacuated.  C Battery wounded included:

Private First Class Bruce E. Cheske - Gun 2
Private First Class Jerry E. Coble - Gun 2
Private William W. Glaser - Gun 2
Private First Class Rufus L. Hare - Gun 2
Private First Class Carmelo M. Jimenez - Gun 2
Specialist James E. Cox
Private First Class Gordon L. Howard
One WIA is unknown at this timeThought to have been wounded in the leg. 

Now I know to fix that and add Sam’s name to the WIA list in the history.





Lacher, Patrick J. - SP5 67-68 signed in again.  Pat if you remember who the HHB clerk was during the 67-68 time frames please let me know.  Particularly say during the siege out at Khe Sanh.


Fay, Johnny C. - SP4 67-68


Kruegor, William - LTC 69-70 – Battalion Commander


I find this history to be most interesting.  The 2nd Battalion 94th Artillery was the most impressive organization in the 108th.  It also was the superior non-divisional artillery support for the 101st (no brag, just fact).  During the period of my command, the 2/94 became known as the STYLE battalion.  WITH STYLE became the watchword of the battalion.  "With Style, Sir" accompanied every greeting and salute with in the battalion.


We thought maybe the former Battalion Commander had left us in our search for the Colonel.  However, I am sure the Colonel is "much relieved" to know that possibility was indeed premature.  As it turns out the Colonel may not live to far from me.



I believe that now means all former Battalion Commanders are still with us except Ganahl, Joe - LTC 71-71

Good to know all you fellows are alive and kicking!!!!!!! 

Welcome home to the Battalion to all and all please join us at Fort Sill for our fourth reunion.


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If you think of someone you wish to communicate with let me know.  I do keep a database of those that are not on the computer but we have found them.

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Personal Note:

Dennis Berg I meant to call you and invite you personally to join us but lost your number.  I hope you and your family will join us at Fort Sill!!!!!!!!  I want to meet you and this one is about as good as it gets.  I know, like many of us, you are hurting.  So pack up the meds and come join me as I sit at the reunion.


Still continuing my battle with the forces inside 495 on the toxic chemical issues - much going on at present.


Best to all,