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trip report and rebuttals to Meeting in Washington DC on Dec 6th



Hi to All: 


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Bruffee, David - SP5 67-68 Service Battery


Good morning


I’m David Bruffee who served with Service Battery, Second Bn 94th Artillery from May 1967 to August 1968.  I  was  reviewing the website and wanted to pass on some items.


  1. I am listed as a private, but arrived in country as a PFC and left as a SP5.

  1. You list a “Gitlo”.  I remember him, his  name  was Jerome Barber and he was at times my assistant cook at  service battery.

  1. Capt. Corbett came from Worcester, Mass. I  can’t think of his first name.

  1. Capt Thomas Sharrett of HQ Battery was also CO of Service Battery.

  1. I did not notice  the  names of   (SSG ?  SFC?) Aldo Fortuna Mess Sergeant at  Service Battery; SFC Rocco Catalogna ( spelling is phonetic)  also a Mess  Sergeant at  Service Battery, 1st  SGT  (???) Beher ( First  SGT  at  Service battery  - I think that was the spelling of his last name. it was pronounced  “Bear”). Sp4 (?) Eldon Collins from Tennessee was also a cook at Service battery.  

You have set up a very good  site for  our old unit. Thank you


Dave  Bruffee


Thanks Dave for the update.  If anyone can clarify the rank and spelling, etc please let me know.  I updated what I could on our Service Battery roster.


I wanted to point out:

Bennett W. Shriber

C Btry 2nd Bat 94th Arty 66/67  Communications Sergeant (E5)

Transferred out for rotation easement in early 67 to: C Btry 3rd Bn 6th Arty.


Not sure where that outfit was located.



Gary Anderson's son found the website so he is found.


Anderson, Gary (Andy). - SP4 69-70 B Battery.



Larry Schatz
B Btry 2/94
June 70- May 71
Entered Nov. 10, 05
Welcome home. I'm sure glad I got to serve with a great bunch of guys. The name of our guns was "Blood Sweat & Tears" & "Barely Here" More later.
Willie D. Harrington
HHB, 2/94 Commo section
Entered Nov, 11,05
Hello Everyone.
Allen B Arthur
A Btry 2/94th
Sept 71- Stand Down
Entered Nov, 15, 05
The monsoon rains came unceasingly, allowing the sun only a few Hr's a week to warm & dry the rain soaked earth, & the red clay mud of Bastogne ran in rivers thru the tracks of jeep, tracks & cannon.

For you D Battery fellows, we do have contact data now for two D Battery Fellows:


Rathbone, Bobby and McClure.  Not sure of the first name for McClure.


Member UPDATE:


Lee Walker will be operated on shortly for heart issues and we all want to wish him a successful and speedy recovery.


Have not heard anymore about Gus Green's heart and valve surgery other than he was doing good.  No news is good news I guess.

Additional Information:


One of the 1/83 and 2/94th fellows wrote in:


How about having a 1st/83rd site linked to the 2/94.


I know a lot of us were with 1/83 before it was deactivated and we went to 2/94th.


Thanks again for all our help & work with our site,,,,


Sorry fellows I am stretched now.  To add another site would be impossible for me at this time.  I would if I could.


Correction to last posting:

It was not a 175mm that was blown up, but a M548.  Three killed is my recollection without looking at the history.  Personnel on 175s may well have been wounded, I don't know, I wasn't there.  But I was sent out the next day in charge of a detail to rig the M548 for lift by a CH-53, which brought us and the M548 back to Camp Love.

Neal Doby


Everyone remembers the Dusters and Quads of the 1/44th around the DMZ.


Joe Belardo of the 1/44th writes:


Hi ,
I don't know if you get the magazine called "Vietnam". If you do or don't it should be at Border Books or Barnes & Noble book stores sometime after Tuesday.

Check out the article called "Dusters Battle for Route 9. Hope you enjoy it.

Friends Forever,
Joe Belardo


I think Joe mentioned years ago he had four Dusters blown out from under him but in all cases managed to save the shield which we all remember as the "Widow Maker".


For those I am copying that have some knowledge of the Veterans' testing issues please respond to this request.  I am not up to date on any of this.


"Would you be so kind as to tell me what you may or may not know about chemical testing with our Vets in 1959 and 1960 at Fort Dix NJ.


If you know of any articles I could reference I would be most appreciative.  My husband was one who was tested during that time and has medical issues now but records have mysteriously disappeared."


Thank You 




One of the original folks that was battling our toxic chemical issues contacted me.



Gary was instrumental in deciphering the Herbicide tapes that allowed us to get a real idea of just how much toxic chemicals in Agents Orange, White, and Blue were used in our I Corps area and around the many firebases (little Alamos set up).


This of course was deemed impossible by our government for 40 years including the CDC.  Although recently the Columbia research folks finished the official report in record time.  Including the finding of a more toxic chemical than was thought used.  Bet you heard a lot about that from the VA or the DOD as soon as it came out.


I would also like to know, which seems to be impossible, as to where the Agents Pink, Green, and Purple were used as two of these were more potent than Orange.  I forget which two except for Purple which was about 15 - 25 ppm more potent in the dioxin TCDD than Orange, as I recall.  Although, it probably makes no difference.


I do think there is potential difference when they changed the formula entirely.  Whether this was the "Super Agent Orange" or "Agent Orange II" or not, I do not know.  I do recall the base formula was changed in reading the Columbia University update.  I have it somewhere just forgot where I put it.  Ha Ha


My thanks to Gary and his Commission.  We owe that crew a great deal of gratitude for exposing these issues.



Received this from one of the Ranch Hand fellows:


I'm a C-130 Ranch Hand guy - Vietnam = 6 years


Still fighting the VA today on my monoclonal gammopathy.  VA doctor says due to Agent Orange, but to get the rating board to buy off on that -- isn't happening.


Now folks this is just mind boggling considering that monoclonal gammopathies are associated to the development of all the cancers that are already admitted to and associated.  You can have this medical issue and still not have the cancer.  DUH!


You only have to look at the publishing's of Doctor Norman Latov of Columbia University who is one our Nation's experts in this area.  Not only recognized in this nation but world wide.  His published works regarding the associations to gammopathies and the associated immune system damages and creations, including a matrix to autoimmune diseases and disorders as well as some gastro issues is well documented.


While his concern has not been our toxic chemical issues. The majority of of our nation's scientists and even the world's scientists now agree that the immune system is a major target for the medical issues related to the dioxin TCDD.  His correlations backs up what is already associated as well as those that should be as it relates to these blood issues, immune system issues, as well as cancer issues.  As well as many forms of neuropathies and related disorders.


If you read this; send me the gammopathy issues you are having and maybe I can help.  IgG, IgM, IgA, etc or if they have identified the sub tiers.


The power the VA and the BVA have is just incredible; beyond belief in this nation.


As one Marine wrote just recently:  “A ruler who is not restricted by a constitution, laws or any opposition”  is the definition for the word “Dictator.” "Seems the Secretary of the VA and this definition have a lot in common…"


Can you imagine the outrage by civilians if the congress gave this same legal power to the Social Security Administrator or any other federal agency.



I would also like to thank Gary for sending in the amount of dioxins and related dioxin isomers (furans) that can be involved in any one formula.  Obviously to government mandate a response to "only one" is "monumentally stupid" or government/VA collaborative or both.




Statement by Barb Cragnotti Legislative Coordinator for Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy (VERPA)


Dear Friends,


Thank you for attending the House Committee on Veterans Affairs/Operation Firing for Effect meeting on December 6, 2005.  I am Barb Cragnotti, the Legislative Coordinator for Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy (VERPA).  We appreciate the invitations we received to attend that meeting, thank you.  We are sorry that we were not able to attend.  We (VERPA) prepared a Statement for the public record, that we would like to share with those of you who were able to attend the meeting.  Here is a link:  http://www.verpa.us/pages/37/index.htm


We would appreciate receiving your comments and concerns regarding the Feres doctrine, thank you.




Barb Cragnotti

VERPA Legislative




trip report and rebuttals to Meeting in Washington DC on Dec 6th


I have posted that at:



Please, if you are so inclined, send the separate rebuttals to your congressman and your senators.