2/94th Battalion Update Number 32



If you have not done so please sign up for the reunion.


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Last round fired

Meeting in Washington DC on Dec 6th at 10:00


Please sign up for the reunion at sill if you have not done so yet.


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Hope everyone had a great and SAFE Thanksgiving Holiday.


Members Found:


Rathbone, Bobby - SP4 66-67 D Battery has signed up for the reunion but no e-mail or address.  I did not have Specialist Rathbone on our D Battery roster, which is very lacking, so I updated that to include Bobby.


Williams, Jackie R. - PFC C Battery 66-67 (Original Member)

Bounting, Frank R. - PFC C Battery 67-68

Ferrell, Johnny D. - SP4 C Battery 67-68 signed up for the reunion but we have no e-mail or home address for him yet.


Shriber, Bennett W. - SP4 A Battery 66-67 (Original Member)

Klopfenstein, Stan -  PFC A Battery 69-70


Carpenter, Earl - SGT 70-71 B Battery


Klomp, Ronald C. - SP4 67-68 Service Battery

Thompson, Timothy J. - SP5 71-71 of SVC Battery signed in but left no contact information.  So at least he is still with us.


Russ Whitener A Battery  spoke to Melat, Thomas W. - SGT 69-70 A Battery and is supposed to sign in.  Thanks Russ.

SGT Carpenter was on Bad News and was wounded in action on 17 Jan 71 when the command-detonated mine blew up the 175 mm gun en-route from Hill 52 to Da Nang.  Southerland and Erlandson were killed.  We now know that Donald Kirkman was also wounded during that incident.  Good addition to the history.  Earl would like to hear from the fellows.


Welcome to the new fellows.


Our Battalion e-mail list by Battery  is at: http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/e_mail.htm

Main Battalion link is http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/


****Mike Hanlon if you get this update please let me know.  I deleted the change before I verified it and yet I seem to recall updating the new address.






My bunker mate Mike Keeler sent this in:


A Call to Arms:


I would like to see if I could prevail upon some of our 2nd 94th patriots, with your help, to join with me in witting to The Honorable John E. Potter, Postmaster General, a request letter asking that the US Post Office, NOT discontinue the issuance of the " Purple Heart Stamp" in 2006 as planned.  (See attached letter)  Anyone wishing to join with me in this letter campaign may utilize the attached letter as a template.  Thanking you in advance for any help.................Mike


Letter as follows you can copy/paste:


November 22, 2005


Michael W. Keeler


The Honorable John E. Potter

Postmaster General

United States Postal Service

475 L’Enfant Plaza, SW

Washington, D.C. 20260-1000


Dear Sir:


I am writing you to thank you and the U.S. Postal Service for the issuance of the Purple Heart Stamp.  This stamp has been a great comfort to those men and women who were awarded the Purple Heart Medal.  The stamp could not have been issued at a more appropriate time in light of the on-going conflicts that our country is engaged in.  Each day our young service members are returning home with severe wounds suffered in these conflicts and for which they are awarded the Purple Heart Medal.  The Purple Heart Stamp is another way in which we honor these brave warriors.  It is also a comfort to the families of those who have lost their lives in the defense of America.


I understand that since the Purple Heart Stamp is a definitive stamp it will be discontinued in 2006 when the cost of first class postage rises above the $.37.  This is a shame and I urge you to reconsider this action.  May I suggest that the cost of the stamp be removed from the stamp and it, like the current American Flag Stamp, have no price listed on it.  I am aware that this would require certain technical modifications.  However, while we are at war and the Purple Heart Medal is being awarded daily to troops that are killed or wounded, I believe that honoring these soldiers far outweighs the issue of technical modification.


I understand that the Purple Heart Stamp has sold quite well, and I believe it will continue to be a profitable product for the Postal Service.


I respectfully request that you use your authority to continue the issuance of the Purple Heart Stamp.


Respectfully Yours,

Michael W Keeler, MOPH



Battery Information:


Colonel Heard, original BC of A Battery, thought I had left out A Battery down at Chu Lai in my Veterans Day wishes.  Sorry if I did. 


For the new fellows, the original 2/94th A Battery went to the 1st Marines in Chu Lai.  Rejoining the Battalion on Carroll some 10 months later, supporting the 3rd Marines.  Safe to say that A Battery made their own history with the 1st Marines as they alone out of the Battalion were awarded a Navy PUC “Chu Lai” for supporting the 1st Marines; then a second PUC “Vietnam” from the Navy for supporting the 3rd Marines (reinforced).


I would just about bet, if you did the research, that A Battery stands alone in chronicles of Army Artillery and maybe even the entire Army history of the only Army unit to receive two Presidential Unit Citations from the Department of the Navy, especially during the same war.


Last Round Fired:


Ed Moore of the S1 Section sent in some pics of the last heavy round ceremony, gun crew, and the last one being fired.  As I recall, Ed said there were several misfires with the ceremonial party trying to fire the weapon.  Ed had recalled, that eventually a Specialist, one of the gun crew, fired the last round.  This was verified in our review of the Battery Logs see below.


From our History:


"Brigadier General McDonough (the Commanding Officer of the 196th Brigade),  Lieutenant Colonel Kirk, Captain Scott, and Sergeant Puckett pulled the lanyard for the last round. "


Note by chronicler:  However, there does seem to be some controversy in this as the S3 log has Specialist Layton pulling the lanyard.  This is handwritten in over the scratched out names of those listed above.




Meeting in Washington DC  on Dec 6th at 10:00


What I will be presenting on the 6th and submitting as evidence in attachments are below:


Although I have made some corrections and cut down a few items, I am not going to post those, as you will get the idea.











I did find another study that shows the cytokine changes I discussed already and after I get back from DC again I am working on my failure matrix and "failure modes and effects" and hope to have the Emory University doctors who did the "Dioxin Exposure Risk Analysis" review it.  Very possibly send it out for peer review after that and then get it published.  That is the only way I see to fight this issue and force a very adversarial NAS/IOM to also review the published "peer reviewed" findings. 


I also found some evidence that the chemical companies made an attempt to block the EPA's release of their "dioxin reassessment" in 1994 after the White House got out of their britches, which the VA continues to ignore anyway.

I did find even more info on the linear dose issues.  It seems in some studies it works out that a lower dose develops medical issues that the higher dose will not or did not, such as thymus atrophy. 

Those that read the book would recall I indicated that the linear dose "mandated by the government" did not exist in many disorders.  Not in a toxic chemical that acts like a hormone.  A higher dose does not always mean a more aggressive or an acute disorder only a “possible different disorder.”


Glenda will be presenting after me on the "neuropsychological issues" related to these neurotoxic chemicals.  Her closing will be http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/claimdenied.htm


There is another in the series of planned meetings in DC in April just like this one.  However, if we do not get at least some "action items" out of this meeting then to me it is just politicians playing the political game and that is the end of it for me.  I got better things to do with my money and my time than play politics with politicians who could care less.


But I will give it one last shot!


Just got word yesterday they cut us from three hours of presentations to two hours of presentations.  Almost not worth going.  I guess if Veterans were taking steroids we would get all day and days on end.


Out of home from this Sunday till at least Wednesday.


Best to all,