2/94th Battalion Update Number 31



General Battalion and Veterans' Issues



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Hi To All,


I have a list from the research group trying to tie the KIA’s to a unit and place of action.  I am working that now to fill in their gaps and it looks like with the little information we had to work with we are “right on” with the exception of a few in question and at least two that we did not know about that died after being medivaced.  Great job all!!!!


One I am working on and the other one; Turner is verified and added to our list.


The two missing AO’s are confirmed and still in question is the pilot, Harrison, Donald, but we are working that.  I seemed to recall he was on our roster lists but I sent most of those back to Dean and did not copy them, as I did not realize I would have need for them again.


There seems to be a question on Hollifield, Forest also but I also recall his name on our rosters and then assigned to the Sundowners.


Seems to be a question on Spencer with A Battery as I cannot find him but he is listed as 2/94th KIA on the records the research group has.  I need to check and see if A Battery was out at the Rockpile on July 10 1968.


I guess once the pilots were sent to the 108th they where the parent org so whether we consider those our guys or not?  I think we should and just add a note as we have already that they were killed or missing after being reassigned.  I think most of the reassignments were due to the TOE being changed back and forth and lack of aircraft for bastard units like the 2/94th


I would bet the division arty did not have that problem!!!!!!  Ha Ha


Thanks to all that responded and I may have a few more questions as I work these issues after I get back home.

“Veterans for Veterans Connection” is going to try and radio broadcast the DC meeting on Stardust Radio available on your computer. 


I have also heard but not verified yet that Firebase Networks is also going to try and radio broadcast.


I have updated my Hellfire and Brimstone sermon on the mount at:    




Ironically, I helped to develop both weapons systems.  The Army’s Hellfire missile and the British derivative of the Hellfire called guess what?  Brimstone. 

I did read an evaluation of the small arms being used in Iraq and the M16 is still getting bad reviews for jamming especially with the fine sand over there.  In addition, the smaller caliber seems to not be effective in the urban combat environment.


It also noted that a new version of the M14 was being issued to some groups.  Same 7.62mm round but with a much lighter stock and the addition of some IR sighting.  Did not say, as I recall, if these new M14’s were equipped with the full automatic selector switch.


I would think with today’s metallurgical advances that a barrel could be produced that would withstand at least the intermittent three round 7.62 mm automatic bursts.  Especially if some heat sinking capability was added.  


Some of you may have seen that e-mail floating around the Internet.  The old 50 cal seemed to be the weapon of choice in the urban environment. 

As you may or may not know, our National VSO’s address a joint session of congress to voice their issues and priorities for the Veterans of the nation.  Now, Congressman Buyer of Indiana, chairman of the house Veterans’ Affairs Committee wants to eliminate this testimony in front of the joint session.  Why? 


I have my views but they are strictly political views of what has gone on since 2002 including the dethroning of Congressman Smith of New Jersey, definitely a Veteran’s allies who was removed by the GOP.  Therefore, I will keep them to myself.  You form your own conclusions.


Instead of this joint session where the VSO’s can address “all politicians and political pinheads.”  Sorry! Congressman Buyer now wants these issues to only be held and presented in front of the House Veterans Affairs Committee.


I can observe that without the Senate Veteran’s Affairs Committee you would not believe the changes that Buyer is wanting to make and would have made; if not for the Senate and that includes the PTSD reviews of over 70,000 cases that are at 100% disability.


Now in my opinion, such as it is, this was because they discovered:


One:  That in the VA IG audit that no combat was recorded on the DD-214.  Yet, we all know that the DD-214 does not reflect a combat status in Nam.


Two: They finally realized that only 10,000 men were drawing any compensation for toxic chemical damages and yet we obviously have over at least 72,000 for PTSD at 100%.  How many are at less percentage than that is unknown to me.


That statistic alone should tell congress something about the integrity of the VA and the government.  With over 21 million gallons of toxic chemicals and we have only just over 10,000 unlucky veterans affected?   21 million gallons in a small area when the Vietnamese are saying that they have over one million affected and are now on their third generation of birth defects.  In addition to the North Vietnamese doctors that are treating our former enemy that operated in and around I Corps that have many of the same issues the VA is denying.


That even in the 7,500 most of these are not 100% but in the 20% to 40% range.  Therefore, Buyer wants to give these men a lump settlement and get them off of the books.  This would also eliminate any service connected disability follow on should these men die from the 20% to 40% or even become disabled at a higher rate.


This was discussed at the Veterans Compensation meeting I attended and I pointed out to the commission if they decided to recommend this lump sum as only an option that it would not be too long before the VA made it mandatory.


I can read this agency like a book now.


Including that as a twenty year old coming back from Nam with a 20% disability a 427 Camero was more important than any future medical issues or death that might have arisen.  The VA since it is their best interest for a lump sum certainly is not going to make that clear and even if they did as a hormone driven 20 year old it probably would not make any difference. 


Of course this is all for politics and money.


Considering that there is a delta of $1000.00 dollars a month minimum between 90% and 100% and we are talking about 72,000 cases.  Then you are talking about a yearly savings of in 86 million dollar range just in a 10% reduction in disability.


When talking of this much money and more there is even less integrity at the VA.


The VA, because of the senate remarks and demands, has stated it will not review these cases.  Yet, the word I am getting in my e-mails is that they are still calling fellows back in that are at 100% suggesting strongly that they do not miss this review. 


I think you will find that the VA, regardless of what congress says, does what the hell it wants to do.  They have that legal right to do so given to them by our own congress.


All of this for just over 80,000 Veterans yet illegals by the millions qualify for every welfare program, excuse me social program, which this country has to offer with no proof of citizenship and none asked for.


Politically I can say that I will do everything I can in Georgia to see that when my senators come up for reelection that they will be defeated.  I do not care who is running against them.


If I lived in Indiana how any Veteran or Veteran’s family members or an Indiana friend of a Veteran could vote for Buyer again is just mind-boggling.


Of course, as I have mentioned many times and in the book also, politicians as a whole could care less about the Veterans vote with a normalized 60/40 split because of political ideology. 

I will be out of home from this Wednesday the 16th until Sunday the 20th.


Best to all,