2/94th Battalion Update Number 30





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Free Dinner Buffet-Golden Corral

House VAC meeting in December


If you have not done so please sign up for the reunion.


Hi to all,


Members lost:


Swanger, Roger - SP4 68-69 HHB  REST IN PEACE


Darrell Gutsche writes that we have lost another member out in Washington to liver disorders.


Hi Charles,


Susie myself, & Gary & Sharon Geodecke attended the memorial services for Roger Swanger representing our battalion today in Yelm WA.  As you know, Roger passed away Oct 03.  I was told there wasn't any funeral services & that the American Legion Post 164 & VFW post 5580 wanted to do this service in Roger's memory.


Roger was very involved with the post as their secretary (All the paper work & accounting for them). 


After the ceremony concluded Gary & myself gave a brief history of our battalion & Roger's service to those in attendance to let them know why were there & to honor Roger's service to our country.


We did meet Roger's wife.


She thanked us for coming & for caring, as did many more that where there.  In the short time, since I met Roger it was a pleasure knowing him.  Roger's wife isn't in to computers so it would probably be best to delete his e-mail address from our data.


I would expect his wife will not stay on-line, & he has no other family. 


That is why I never got replies back from e-mailing him.  (I new something was wrong)  I found out he'd passed away after I looked up the local paper where he lived & found his obituary the day before the services. 


He will be sadly missed but never forgotten.




Our thanks to Darrell, Susie, Gary, and Sharon for representing the Battalion.


Member FOUND:



Stanley Klopfenstein, A Battery RVN 1969 - 1970, has been located in California. Talked to his wife today, Stan is out of town but she talked to him and let him know that I had called last night.

Stan was not aware of the web site so be looking for him to sign-in. I told his wife about the reunion next year. I'll talk to Stan this weekend.

Russ (Hoss)

Thanks to Russ for sending in that info.

Member Down:


Nancy Walker reports that Leland Walker (Lee) of A Battery 66-67 is back in the hospital for heart issues.


She reports that Gus Green C Battery 66-67 came to see Lee and that he is looking better from his heart surgery.


Let’s all hope Lee gets straightened out and back on the top shelf and certainly glad to hear that Gus is up and about after his massive heart and valve surgeries.



Member information:


Primarily for the fellows that may have served in both the 1/83rd and the 2/94th.


Dean Shanklin writes:




This appeared in the last issue of the VVA Veteran Newspaper.


Looking for anyone who served with James Kelly Allmon in C Btry., 1st Bn., 83rd Arty., May 15, 1968, to Feb. 13, 1969.


He also served with B Btry., 2nd Bn., 94th Arty., Feb. 16, 1969,

to Feb. 23 1969. His son, who is currently serving with the 101st Abn., would like to speak to anyone who served with him to learn more about his experiences.


Contact:    luc_allmon@yahoo.com


 Any of you 2/94th or 1/83rd fellows remember James please contact his son.


Eldridge Morris of B Battery, decorated for valor during the attack on Sep 10 1968, is working with our current military in assisting in the training of our troops headed in to harm's way.  Great job "Peaches!"


I did find out that Billy Joe Tucker that had passed away on Oct. 4, 2005 (See update 29) served with A Battery before coming off the hill.


VA Information:


Below is the link for how the VA works the compensation dollar values.




Some of it makes no sense, so I do not have the answers.  Not sure if this is current but is the latest I could find.

Do not forget:


Free Dinner Buffet-Golden Corral 14 Nov. for Military


To show support for the U.S. military, every Golden Corral restaurant across the country on

Monday night, 14 Nov. from 1700 to 2100 (5pm to 9pm ) will be offering a FREE Dinner Buffet

with choice of beverage to any former and active member of the U.S. military (including National

Guard and Reservists) when he or she visits any Golden Corral restaurant.

of the U.S. military, just identify yourself to the cashier.

The web link is http://www.goldencorral.net .


Thanks Richard for that update.

House VAC meeting in December


The House Veterans Affairs Committee (Vietnam Veterans) meeting will take place on December 6th.  Glenda and I will both be presenting in whatever time frame we have allocated.


The organizer of the meeting Gene Simes, a Vietnam 1st Mar Div Marine, is also going to ask the head of the VSO's or their representatives to be in attendance, not as participates but as listeners!  Also it looks like all service "Times magazines" will be present.  Including the Marine Corps but I forget the name of it now.


I have asked that the Secretary of the DVA be in attendance but I doubt that will happen.


I will be presenting on Peripheral Neuropathy as a sample of the many medical issues being denied by the VA and it is not clear yet what they want Glenda to present on - birth defects or mental disorders or both.  She will also be presenting the survey data at http://www.veteransparty.us/vetsurvey.htm

not by individual name - only the results by category will be presented.  They did not give us much time to get the data so please everyone interested please fill the form out.  This includes the Veteran Wives Group. 


Brenda if you would pass that on?  Thanks


I would ask if you think your congressman and/or senators would be interested in hearing Veterans not the VA or National Organizations, please ask them to attend.  Dec 6th at 10:30 and I believe the meeting will be held in the House Committee on Veterans Affairs meeting room.  This especially goes for Congressman Evans, Shays, Sanders, as they seemed to be the only ones I have found that will actually tell it like it is.  So if you are from those states please ask them to attend.


I am working on my draft submittal at  http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/HouseCom.htm


Not sure on the special commission meeting in the spring of 2006 if I will be asked to present in that venue or not.  The NAS/IOM is involved and as far as I am concerned and especially after their testimony at the Disability Commission, they just took the place of the VACEH.  Which I will be addressing later on in the 11th Circuit as to what proof of associations they are using.  What the 9th Circuit Court ruled that congress wanted and intended in their mandate; or what the DVA/White House wants them to use.



Best to all,