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Members found


reunion suggestion on artillery monument at fort sill



Hi to all:


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Sgt Dean Shanklin writes that we have lost another member.


Just read in today’s paper (10/06/2005) that Billy Joe Tucker passed away Oct. 4, 2005.  Age 57.  French Lick, IN.  Billy served with Svc Btry while I knew him and he had been at one of the other Batteries before coming down off the hill, but I don't remember which one.  Have not called to see what he passed away from but will do so.  I had just looked him up about a month ago but had not taken the time to call or go down there to see him.  Now, too late!  Would have liked to have seen him again and talked about old times.  I have some good memories of him.



Members found:


Ronnie Journell a medic in HHB 1970, his daughter in law has found the website.  I will be working with her on some AO issues. She was interested if anyone in our Battalion has fought for Hep C compensations and/or cirrhosis and had any success.  I know of some of those that were diagnosed but so far I have no knowledge of any successful awards.


SGT Larry Pait has found the website and I updated his info for Service Battery.


Lieutenant Richard E. Nangle of C Battery 1971 had found the site.  I did not have Richard on the C Battery rosters and have added him to that roster.


I had in the history: On 9 April 1972 at 1400 hours C Battery, third gun section, of the 2nd Battalion 94th Artillery fired the last American Heavy Artillery round in Vietnam from Hill 34 in the Republic of South Vietnam.


Richard has sent us a picture of that “last round” which I have posted on our Battalion Summary at:




Obvious with as much detailing on the round they knew this was the very last one.


Thanks to Richard for that great photo.


WELCOME HOME to the new fellows and hope they will join us at Fort Sill for the reunion.


We do have an e-mail listing not on the main link for those members we have found by Battery at: http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/e_mail.htm


We also have a data base of those not on the internet we have found if you think of someone you wish to talk to - contact Glenda at gkelley951@aol.com





I updated Carl Kemp’s info in our Service Battery roster thanks to Arnie Aljets of 8/4 and 2/94th.


I updated Barry Niles’ info in our HHB roster.


I updated a partial on Ellis,?  in HHB.


We do have an Ellis, Frederick D. - PFC 69-70 serving in C Battery.  I wonder if they are one in the same.  PFC while in C Battery and then HHB SP4?????


Thanks to David Hardisty for sending in that info.



reunion suggestions:


My friend Squire Knowles from my time on the hill that most of you met at the reunions has come up with an idea for the monument at Sill, which I think, is a great idea.


Although it would require a postponement of this years presentation.


Squire is a graphics artist with an impressive resume and was the one that did our posters for DC.  He has suggested as follows:


"I envision a visually stirring and evocative piece for the ages, a large rectangular piece sculpted in bas relief and cast in bronze depicting a 175mm gun crew situated in and around their gun, all silhouetted against the sky with the barrel of the gun extending beyond the top edges by a foot or so.  The cast sculpture would be mounted atop a rough-hewn 8’ high granite rock with a deep V cleft carved into it representing Vietnam.  Within the V cleft would be two bronze plaques, one containing stirring words describing the role of the artillerymen in turning the fight and the second listing our dead. 


What I have in mind would take time and certainly wouldn’t be completed in time for the reunion.  However, if we could postpone for a year or so we could have something well worth the wait that would surpass being a mere battalion memorial and could conceivably become the de facto memorial for all Vietnam artillerymen. 


If you think this idea might fly with the battalion members, I could begin working up some sketches to show you.  In addition, at the reunion, instead of a dedicating a simple monument we could unveil a large, striking rendering of the proposed monument and begin fund raising for its construction by auctioning it off.  The dedication would be scheduled for the following reunion.  


We might consider producing bronze miniatures of my proposed design to provide a unique personal keepsake plus raise money as well.

It could be great.  Let me know what you think."


My comments:  I know this would be impossible but regarding the gun crew, it would be nice to have the facial likeness of one of those that were killed from each of the Batteries.


At least a plaque indicating the men shown are representatives of the five Batteries.


My suggestion would be:


From A Battery - PFC Lowery, James Allen

From B Battery - SP4 Williams, Douglas Candit

From C Battery - PFC Holroyd, James Lawrence

From D Battery - PFC Martin, Leonard Jr.

From Svc Battery - SP4 Fleming, Duncan Hartwell

From HHB - PFC Hornbaker, Kenneth Eugene


I have passed this on to the reunion committee. 




The book orders page for my Agent Orange, White, and Blue book is at: http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/book/bookorders.htm


I have posted an unsolicited review there.


I have asked one of our Veteran’s wives to also review the book as well as one of our Marine - Navy Combat Corpsman there during 67-68.


Best to all,