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Questions under review at the Disability Commission

11th Circuit Court "Amicus brief"

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I had received E-mail from Nancy Neaves regarding her father SFC Philis (Phil) Neaves an Original Member of A Battery 66-67.  He was in medical trouble and they thought they had fixed the problem of an aortic aneurism. 


I just received e-mail from

Karen Neaves (wife)

Nancy Neaves (daughter)

Jeffery Neaves (Son)


On early Friday Morning (Sept 16th) SFC Philis (Phil) Neaves passed away.


Our deepest sympathy to the entire Neaves Family.  We thank the Neaves family for the Sergeant’s service to the Battalion, the Army, and to the Nation during those troubled times.  REST IN PEACE


Sergeant Neaves had requested that anyone giving blood please donate in his name or plant a tree in remembrance.



Member comment


I did want to correct, the friend that sent me the information and obituary for Lieutenant Romine named “Barbara” was indeed Patrick’s wife.  I had not put those two together, my fault.



Questions under review at the Disability Commission


I have posted some of the questions that are being reviewed at:




A preliminary report until I can get to a formal report:


As Squire called it “High Noon” at the Disability Commission.


High Noon at the Veterans Disability Commission


Got back early in the AM on Saturday.  Trip about wore me out. 

Went in with guns blazing and no prisoners taken! 

Complete Report to be done as soon as I can get to it.  Signing books today and tomorrow to get them in the mail to everyone. 

The real issue is this committee does not have the expertise to pass judgment.  It was obvious to me, at least.  In addition, some bias was detected at least by Glenda and myself after listening to the questioning.

The NVSO’s were not aggressive at all and that peed me off!  Came in just in time to speak and then left!  Many issues should have been addressed and where not; although I fired as many automatic rounds as I could and explained the ramifications. 

It was obvious the VA Liaison to the committee was just a little bit worried with Glenda and I there with the e-mails of support that came in.  I thank all for that support!  More on that later! 


I did get in his face during the break and told him this is a simple question - answer the damn thing.  Do not tell me that is just because we the VA or now DVA say so! 


Sorry, about that folks; but I did lose it just for a minute and wanted to do more than talk about it!  Would have accomplished nothing but I damn sure would have felt better. 

Ironically, as we checked in, I saw a gentleman in a business suit and told Glenda I know that guy from Nam and Carroll.  At least I had remembered seeing him. 

Low and behold, it was Marine General Livingston from E/2/4. 

After talking to him and this is something I did not know was E/2/4 was on alert in case the perimeter at Khe Sanh was breached for a Kamikaze run out to Khe Sanh. 

I did make contact with several of the committee members including a 1st Marine MOH survivor Corporal Charles (Butch) Joeckel and retired Marine Colonel Ken Jordan who said he left before Khe Sanh and TET started and was with Third Recon. 
(Greg you might remember him.) 

I can tell you this - we do have a few allies on the committee but whether it will be enough to stop this insanity that is going on in restructuring some of these benefits or not; is a different story. 

Many issues that were discussed went right over people’s heads.  They assumed integrity when there is none! 

In my opinion, this is just a DOD/DVA/congress/White House way of legitimizing what they already intend to do anyway and has already been decided – REGARDLESS!  It did not matter what I said or anyone else for that matter. 

If not representing you and the other veterans and trying to maintain some level of dignity and not some crazed Nam Vet, I almost stood up and said I cannot let this charade go on anymore when the NAS was presenting.  Moreover, the fact my big boss had me by the arm with that very threatening glare as I was saying “Bull ####” under my breath. 

Afterwards I did go up and challenge some of the I called at that time “less than truthful statements” instead of “out and out lies!”  Fortunately, the hard copies that I submitted with references covered these lies.  One of the committee members who actually reviewed some of the data the night before said I cannot believe you have accumulated this much data.  He then began challenging some of the NAS statements and referenced some of the charged cover-ups and actually stated how did they know if the NAS was insulated enough from political and DVA pressures.  Of course, they had no real good answer and danced around.

The guy actually stated some BS answer when the one-committee guy asked about did they review the Ranch Hand study and then said something about the Columbia Research team as if they were part of this and they did review the Ranch Hand.  This team is primarily involved with the American Legion studies.  Christ all mighty the NAS has a full committee that reviews the Ranch Hand to actually make recommendations to categorize levels and compensations.  In fact, they rotate the chair once every two years.  And this guy did not know about this??????  Horse Manure!!!!


I did offer for them to contact me anytime if they needed any background information from the information I had submitted. 

The VA GOD that came down from Mount Olympia and spoke to us mortals was a true politician.  Used up about two hours of valuable time and said nothing!!!!  I mean zero!


Except the bottom line was this whole thing was being funded by the VA and the committee was only going to be allowed so much.  That was what I got out of his waste of time.

Again, I was certainly disappointed in the NVSO’s and frankly wanted to ring their necks.  I guess they were all late for a barbecue or something.


MOAA seemed to take a hard stand on the issues but again not to the level, I would have hoped for.  The coalition did say that most Veterans had lost faith in the congress, the DOD, and the DVA. 

Some members of the committee did not know what Ranch Hand was which should tell you something. 

More later on, on one of my battalion links on this what is a national disgrace, in my opinion.



11th Circuit Court "Amicus brief"


VERPA has asked that if they get to the 11th Circuit of Appeals if I would be interested in filing an "Amicus Brief" as a "friend of the court."  I have agreed to do that.

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