2/94th Battalion Update Number 26



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Hi to all,


Hope all is well. 


Members lost:


Parras, Ollie M. - PFC 66-68 Service Battery Passed away on 2 Sep 2005 from AO cancers 'Rest in Peace'


I remember Ollie and he was so proud of what he was doing and his battery and the other fellows.


Mac, as he went by, leaves behind a young daughter.


We thank him for his efforts during those troubled times and service to the Battalion, the Army, and the Nation.


Thanks to Duffy for sending in that update.


I did hear from a friend of

Romine, Patrick Bennett  - Lieutenant 68-69 A Battery Passed away from pancreatic cancer Aug 6, 2004 ‘REST IN PEACE’ (more than likely associated to exposure to AO)


I posted his obituary at: http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/Romineobit.htm


Thanks to Barbara for sending that in to us.


Members found:


Donahue, Laurence B.  - SP4 70-70 B Battery


I had Turner, Charles S. - SP4 B Battery as possible wounded and Laurence verified Charles was hit in the head by shrapnel and medivac’d.  He did not know if he made it or not but I checked the "No Quarter site" and could not find the appropriate name or time frame so I assuming that Charles made it OK.   Also that Davis, Robert T. - PFC 70-71 B Battery was stunned but had no wounds.



Member questions:


Had an e-mail regarding Yohn, Arthur E. - SP4 68-69 A Battery.


“Do you know if this person was from Pennsylvania?  If so, he may be my brother.  My brother was a radio operator I believe.” 


Anyone remember Arthur in A Battery and where he might have been from.  I am assuming the sister either lost contact or Arthur is no longer with us.  I would say with a rare name like that the odds are; this was her brother.


If anyone recalls contact Jean Seiple at Arletta.J.Seiple@us.army.mil and let me know also. 



Trip to DC to testify at the Veterans Disability Commission (both Glenda and I will be testifying)


I feel like I have to go this time as I am failing even more and no one seems to know why?  No cancer in the upper and lower GI tracts but they are running tests now for pancreatic issues.  No results yet; and probably will not know until I get back.

I normally weigh 185 and now am down to 164 in the last four to five months and no reason for it.

Damn legs are about gone with nothing but bone, skin, and tendons - no meat left. 

I am not going to pull any punches with this committee and such - tell it like it is with 28 pages of statements with over 500 pages of evidence referenced and associated.


My speech is located at

I would like for all to go to


And review that link.  Click on vetscommission@va.gov


Please copy the following and paste in the e-mail to this commission.


As a (Veteran or Widow of a Veteran) I support Charles Kelley’s and Glenda Kelley’s actions and efforts at the Veterans Disability Commission meeting in Silver Springs, MD on the 15th and 16th of September, 2005.  These are important “Veterans’ Issues” and must be addressed by not only this commission but also the Nation.


As the congressman I meet in DC suggested the more “exact,” the message is from everyone; the more the congressional folks take it serious because the “same message” from “different individuals” shows unity.


I suggest you also look at the .pdf file that is on that link as to what they are looking at to cut even more associated benefits.


Some have indicated that after reviewing the information we will be presenting, that they wanted to send it to their congressman and their senators.  I would ask that everyone, if you are going to do that, send it on the 15th or the 16th.  Again showing some unity.


I hope the congressional offices will be represented in attendance as well as possibly some news reporters.

Glenda will be speaking also on the neurotoxicity effects that cause not only neurological issues but also neuropsychological issues and the mess the DVA is in and lack of integrity. 


Most of her references are from the Working Group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), The VA Army Chemical Corps study, Ranch Hand transcript findings (not the published reports), and a quality audit the American Legion did on the VA (it is disgusting with some remands at local levels being set aside for over five years). 


Veterans deserve just a tad bit more than this deliberate stalling because the local VA’s and management do not get credit in their monthly quotas for these BVA remands.  Therefore, they sit as I said some for over five years.  Disgusting to say the least.


Her speech is almost ready and while it is “not posted yet” I will be posting that at


We both get at least 15 minutes.


Time someone spoke up and I think I can do that and face off any challenges by anyone!!!!!!!!


We will be at the Holiday Inn in Silver Springs, Maryland on the afternoon of the 14th and depart the morning of the 17th.


Anyone in the local area please come by and see us.



Immune system B and T cell dysregulation:


After receiving some information from one of the 101st fellows on the tumor necrosis factor (TNF); I remembered the Korean immune system study (TNF) and went back to that again.


As you may recall, I found that this study showed B and T cell dysregulation in Vietnam Veterans as well as several specific cytokines (chemical messengers).  While I had not looked at the specifics of these individual interleukin issues (cytokines) or the ratios and what they may be associated with.  Only the fact the cohorts showed a corresponding increase and decrease and only affected those AO exposed.  The non-AO exposed group showed “no such issues.”


Also remember that this study actually had three cohorts. 


1. Vietnam Veterans manifesting some form of associated disorder

2. Vietnam Veterans not manifesting some form of associated disorder

3. Non Vietnam Veterans.


Only group 1 and 2 exhibited this immune system dysfunction which would seemed to conclude that even service in Vietnam "regardless of cause" could create this anomaly.  However since group 1 was already manifesting and the were known to have AO issues it could be concluded that both group 1 and 2 were experiencing immune system issues caused by toxic chemicals.


I would point out that the DVA was told to have this same sort of cohort study group.  That if they were only going to compare like Veterans to like Veterans both exposed to the same chemicals then they should include a third cohort of clean non-Vietnam Veterans.  Of course they did not do this.


It seems this TNF is produced at very small quantity anyway but when the quantity is increased, it can destroy liver cells and liver tissue.  I thought that was fairly significant since TNF was elevated somewhat in the exposed group.


However, as I am ignorant of what this microcellular process actually is; I started just an overview look at this process and the specific ones that were found either up-regulated or down-regulated.


What I found was astonishing on face value just for IL 4 alone.  Factors included the myeloma factor, the leukemia factor, many forms of lymphocyte factors and lymph cell issues, and included glial cell factors (central nervous system). For the fellows with MS I found that these glial cells are involved.


Now is this just a coincidence that all the factors are represented in the cancers that we have already associated since they are all listed? To include many issues not found associated but Vietnam Veterans are manifesting in greater percentages. 


Boy, that would have to be one hell of a coincidence.  Once again, I found reference to the Epstein-Barr virus as a possible cause for this IL 4 issue.  Including one concurrent issue was at least a double IgE reference.  Now is that also a coincidence since this study also found at least double the IgE.  Lot of coincidences here if that is the case.


In addition, you have seen my findings on cardiovascular issues found in AO studies and when I took a closer look at TNF- beta it categorically shows a connection to myocardial infarction.


Anyway, when I get back I am going to hit this hard on research and do my matrix on TNF, INF and IL-4 and IL-10 and fault tree thing and see if this all "just a coincidence" or is this in fact the root cause at cellular level; not caused by a virus but the dioxin modifying properties itself; as if you have seen or been exposed to a virus.  May not proof out but at least on the surface it is damning.


It will take some time as I found a medical site that not only gives this data but sub tier data as to the system interfaces and the diseases and disorders at each interface.  Some of these interfaces (messengers) are at five different sub-systems.  Depending on what system then determines what disorder or disease.   At least that is what I found in just an overview look.


What I did not find was anything that suggested some form of linear progression in these cytokine disorders.  Or does this now go back to the individuals immune system robustness or current state of health from other issues.


I did get a contact here in the US from Dr. Birnbaum of the EPA (dioxin expert) of one scientist that is supposed to be studying this immune system subject at the University of Rochester.  I hope that he will at least look at the matrix when I am done and not just pass it off as some ignorant dumb Vietnam Veteran - mentally deranged.


I can tell you this;  if this matrix comes close to being a root cause and knowing the statistical and medical data found in the Korean study associated to AO exposures and even the info the DVA has admitted and then throw in the disorders that are prevalent at the BVA and being denied.


The VVA just might want to start another “criminal” lawsuit.


Best to all,