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A Vietnam Veteran's wife response to her elected officials.

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VFW to withdraw from some review boards



Hi to All:


Hope all is well, 


Reunion at Fort Sill:


The reunion planning is going well and I think this will be the best one yet. 


Glenda sent out over 250 reunion notices to our guys that are not on the Internet and so far only about 10 have come back with bad addresses.  She has found 6 of those had moved and has obtained new addresses.


Now some of you have mentioned a little problem of the artillery firepower demonstration.  Believe me I think it is understandable.  Some have bad remembrances, feelings, and it was the most intense time in your life. 


I had to laugh at my buddy Squire’s description of me over there as he described me when I heard that sound!  I would go into my slow scan TV mode without even realizing it, listening for the results.  Ha Ha  I probably still do when I hear those certain sounds and frequencies.


Utterly amazing how 8 to 12 175mm guns can be banging away with 6 105’s on rapid counter fire and you can still detect the one single sound that means danger!  Ha Ha


However, that is only one part of one day of the reunion and certainly, you can find something to do if not just go to casino, have a few drinks, and treat “the lady of your life” to a few hours of slots or something.  No one is going to think anything of it!  Trust me!  We have had some that even after arriving at Branson were not sure they were doing the right thing and after reuniting with us they are glad they did and I think it does a whole lot of good in many ways.


I cannot help but think of the two or three that were just so excited about finding the website and you fellows since the last reunion in Sep of 2004.  They were just thrilled at even the thought of a reunion with you and attending.  I would get e-mail at least once a week they were just almost frenzied at attending and the thrill of seeing you fellows and swapping stories.  


They did not make it and Agent Orange cancers took them before they could make their first reunion.


So please do not let the thought of the firepower demo discourage you from attending.  For your sake as well as ours.


We want to see you also.  It works both ways!


At the last reunion in DC, we were able to place a wreath at the wall with the names of those that were lost from the Battalion.  Thanks to General Trefry, we also had a color guard as well as an honors bugler.


This year we are planning a permanent memorial at the Fort Sill cemetery to those that did not make it out of Nam from the Battalion.


For Reunion Info go to:


For "whose in" go to:


One of the hardest jobs of any committee is planning for numbers.  If you intend on trying to make the reunion please go to the web link and let us know you are planning on attending and how many will be with you.  We would rather plan for too many than not enough!



Members Lost:


Scott Shepard of C Battery 70-71 writes that Steven Storck also of C Battery 70-71 passed away on August 7th of 2005 in Chanute, KS – not sure of the cause of death.  VFW Post 1654 did the military honors.


Storck, Steven - PFC 70-71 C Battery; Passed away on AUG 7, 2005 ‘REST IN PEACE’


Thanks to Scott for that update. 





Mike (Gus) Green C Battery FDC original member underwent a bunch of heart surgery and valve surgery.  Greg talked with him and he is coming along.  Still in the hospital and speech is slow so far but getting better.  His E-mail at home is: jgreen1990@aol.com


A big old speedy recovery to Gus and hope he is able to get back home soon!


I will not get into the connections I found to these issues but there is data there that shows a direct connection to AO in more than one study.   



Members Found:


Barton, Norman D. - PVT 66-67 B Battery (Original Member) Norman only has e-mail at work and did not want it posted.  However, any of you original B Battery members that want to talk to Norman we do have a phone number for him.  Contact Glenda at gkelley951@aol.com


Norman is also in contact with Fowler, Mitchell Jr. - PVT 66-67 B Battery (Original Member)



Member Info: 


Barry (Bear) DeVita C Battery FO 66-67 will be making another fall tour of the country and plans on stopping by the grave of Richard MacKenroth who passed away from AO cancer on 12 December 2003.  After Dave Bennett was infused Richard was Bear’s RTO and was wounded the same time he was in April of 1967 while on Marine patrol.  I know Bear will pass on our respects to the MacKenroth family.



DC Update:


As you recall in my failed attempts to see my own congressman in DC I met with a couple of representatives on the House VAC.  At first, I thought this was just a placating meeting.  I was wrong or so it seems so far.


Now I do not know what the heck is going on up there in DC but it seems the congressmen and senators are not getting the straight story from the DoD/VA or they are acting like they are not getting the straight story.  The two do not jibe!  Data is data and the rest of it is government/VA BS.


It looks as if another meeting will be scheduled in November.  The dates have not been decided yet.  Whether this will be a formal or informal meeting is also unknown at this time.  It looks as if there will be an agenda; so I think this will be some sort of formal meeting.


One of the other fellows involved is a First Marine Division Vietnam Veteran and I am considering, again depending on what kind of meeting this is, asking one of our AO knowledgeable Third Marine Gunfighters to also join us.  I will have to wait and see, as I do not want to waste anyone’s time and money except my own.



Personal Update - http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/PersonalUpdate.htm



A Veteran's wife response to her elected officials:



Apparently, the reviews cover claims approved between 1999 and 2004 and who receive full disability benefits.

This does not surprise me. The problem is that once again, you are going after the symptom instead of the problem.

If you look, I can predict that the 80% increase during this time is a direct reflection of our Korean and Vietnam Veterans developing health problems from exposure to herbicides while deployed.

Do not quote the Ranch Hand Study! Look at the actual facts! I am personally aware of numerous veterans that have significant illness’s that are not covered by the agent orange list but are definitely a common denominator with them.

They are not covered by compensation for their illness. They thought they made it safely through the war and now they are going to die from it. The illness is associated with the war so the war comes back and overwhelms them. Thus PTSD. They are also very angry with themselves for fighting for their country and their country now denies their health claims.

One Big example is Peripheral Neuropathy. My husband has it. I am active on-line with numerous veteran groups and I have also worked as an RN in a VA facility. It is rampant within this group of veterans and no-one will admit it, explain it, test appropriately for it or develop an appropriate treatment plan. If we could slow the progression of the disease we would go anywhere, do anything to extend his life or reduce the symptoms. My husband is already 100% due to his cancer and numerous other problems that are covered.

It has nothing to do with compensation. It has to do with good medical management.

I know many other veterans who have cancers not on the approved list but are definitely associated. The only compensation they get is from PTSD.

Be Honest and cover them for their illness, Dear God, Stand up and demand to know the truth about these PTSD claims and what other co-morbidities exist. That will lead you to the truth that our Veterans are being denied information that could save them!

Do you really think I would recommend anyone to fight for their country when I know how our country thanks my very Patriotic Brave Husband?

Try putting your life on the line by finally seeking the truth..........

And she is right on and this will be passed on to the VAC also.


Please sign the on-line petition in support of Senator Corzine's amendment which will allow retired Reservists to collect their hard EARNED retirement at age 55 instead of having to wait until 60 years old.




These men and women are no longer just "weekend warriors."



VFW to withdraw from some military review boards:


Received this update from one of my VPA contacts:


"Due to the current demand for our services, we are finding it impossible to accommodate the number of requests we are receiving to assist veterans and their families. 


Therefore, effective September 1, 2005, the Veterans of Foreign Wars will no longer participate in claims before the various military Discharge Review Boards and Boards for Correction of Military Records.

We have notified each board by letter and have asked them remove the Veterans of Foreign
Wars name from all forms, web sites, and advertising material.  If you receive requests for
representation after September 1, 2005, you should inform the client the VFW no longer
participates in military review boards."


I do not get it.  There is obviously some sort of problem that they no longer want to be a band-aid but will not demand the government fix these issues.  Maybe they cannot be fixed but certainly if the demand is that large then something could be done at a higher level than "after the fact" to correct many of the issues in contention.

Best to all,