2/94th Battalion Update Number 23


Items to discuss


Mini Reunion

New Members located

Members Lost

Report on members

2/94th Members in the News


I will separate the following to a different link for those that are not interested in reading on this subject.


Toxic Chemical Update




Hi to All,


Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July Independence Day Celebration.


Support our troops at http://www.americasupportsyou.mil/





I believe just about all or most of the issues for the reunion have been resolved and Greg is signing the hotel paper work for the reunion at present.


That information will be posted on Greg’s site at: http://294fa.blogspot.com/ at the top of page click on reunion info.


As soon as I get it, I will post a link on the 2/94th site as to the prices and activities and such.


Looks like this will be the best one yet.


I do want to get a letter out to those not on the Internet as soon as we can so they can make plans to attend also.


Please all of you make plans to attend.


Glenda already made our reservations!



Mini Reunion:


Four members got together out in the state of Washington at the Veterans Memorial Museum.


Documented that at:





New Members located:


Hull, Galen- Rank (sgt) 70-70 B Battery (Gunner and Chief of Section) found the site.  I did not have Galen listed.  B Battery roster is updated.


Galen was at the "New Carroll" during the time frame Dean Shanklin was recording the battalion transcripts at the archives regarding B Battery and Carroll and it was page after page of:


B Battery, Carroll taking incoming at 1400 hours.


B Battery, Carroll taking incoming at 1650 hours.


And on and on and on; day after day, time interval after interval.


Then Shanklin adds:  I think Charlie knows where you guys are; maybe it is time to move!!!!  Ha Ha



Gordon, Sidney L. - SP4 68-69 B Battery signed in.



Lackey, Glen G. - Lieutenant 68-69 A and C Batteries signed in.



Gonzales, Joe H. - PFC 67-68 HHB found the link.



I did get e-mail on ROY JEFFERSON, SP4, OF THE 2/94TH, "A" BATTERY 71-72.  This was from the VA itself.  I think in the Oklahoma area wanting some Battalion Data.


I do not have him on our rosters but then I did not have a lot of info on that time frame.


Does anyone in A Battery 71-72 recall?  I will add him anyway but was just wondering if anyone remembered Roy.



Report on members:


One more of our members have reported fighting liver cancer.



Dennis Berg will be visiting the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for a week in the near future for his many issues and will give us an update as soon as he returns.



Parras, Ollie M. - PFC 66-68 Service Battery is not doing well at all.  He has been in the VA hospital in Minneapolis, MN with multiple cancers.


It sounds as if they are going to medevac him to SF from the e-mail.  Not sure if that is San Francisco or not.  Does not sound good at all.


I remember Ollie and that Service Battery crew coming on the hill many many times just totally covered in that red dust.  How they even were able to breath at all; is beyond me.



I am sure we all want to pass on our best wishes to all our fellows in hopes that they will be able to overcome these diseases and disorders.



Members Lost:


Gross, Ronnie - SP4  66-67 (Original Member)


Ronnie was an original crew member of Jim Lary's C Battery gun crew passed away last year.  Not sure of the cause of death.  Thanks to Jim for that update.  Updated the C Battery roster to reflect the loss.



D'Orazio, Gene S. - Captain 71-72  HHB


Gene died on April 20, 2005 of lung cancer. His wife Jane had written to Will and Will passed it on to me. He asked me to let you know.


Updated the HHB Battery roster to reflect the loss.



We thank Ronnie and Gene for their outstanding service during those troubled times to our Battalion, The United States Army, and to OUR NATION.  May they REST IN PEACE.





I did get e-mail regarding Gary Bandor, Service Battery 66-67, died on March 19, 1968.  He died of head injuries sustained after being thrown from a jeep during training.  Updated our rosters to reflect the new data.


E-mail was received from:


Bernie Slota, DDS
LVI Clinical Instructor
1050-17th St.
Denver, CO 80265



For the new fellows:


Main 2/94th site is http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/


To review Visitors to our site you can go to:




We also have an e-mail list by Battery at:




In addition, we have contact for those guys not on the Internet at about 700 names so if you are looking for someone please contact Glenda at Gkelley951@aol.com


She can check our database for you. 


Also the link for old battalion updates for issues, new members, and Agents Orange, Blue and White info is located at:





2/94th Members in the News:


Below is a link for Ed and Jean Hepler in the news as “Volunteer Spirits.”




Thanks to Ed and Jean for all they do for the Veterans.



Toxic Chemical Update






Best to all,