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Thailand AGENT Orange Case


VA ASSESSMENT by one of our own


Active case for one of our guys with ramifications for all


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Gudrun Kilmetz wrote the following:


Hi Kelley,


George read all your posts today and told me to let you know that Willie Ford is dead.  Don't remember exactly when we saw it in the Lawton, OK. newspaper.  Take care and thanks for all your work and I hope to meet you next year. 


Best regards,

Gudrun Kilmetz


Thanks to Gudren and George for that update.




Ford, Willie C. - SP6 66-67 (Original Member) HHB Passed Away (Rest In Peace)


Williams, Gary M. - SP4 66-67 B Battery (Original Member)


Shelton, Paul Z. - PFC 70-71 A Battery


King, Alan - SP4 69-70 A Battery


Mc Clure, William J. - SP4 67-68 B Battery B20 Gun


Braster, Robert E. - PFC 69-70 A Battery


Josefczyk, Dennis G. - PVT 67-68 A Battery and Service Battery


Baviera, Thomas A. - PFC 68-69 C Battery


Harrington, Willie D. - SGT 68-69  HHB


Ogden, Edward - SP4  69-70 C Battery 69-70


Juan Rivera - Rank 69-70 HHB


Moncreif, Dave - Rank 71-72  ("Woodstock") B Battery - Dave is in touch with

Holden, Rich - Rank Dates  - of C Battery.


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Thailand AGENT Orange Case


I know a lot of my AO wives have been looking for information on Agent Orange and other toxic chemicals used and stored in Thailand. 


The government for years has been denying Guam, which was declared a disaster by the EPA for dioxin on that base down there.


Whether the government has finally admitted it or not I do not know as far as VA claims go.  Remember the article I had with the pictures of the banded barrels being loaded and trucked.  Pretty conclusive evidence at least AO and AW were there as the pictures were in color.


One of our contacts in Oregon mentioned last night there is a case in Oregon that they have approved for dioxin exposure in Thailand.  I am trying to get the case number now for reference to the ladies. 


Ms. Brenda if you would pass that on that we are working that and as soon as I get a case number I will pass it on.  How much evidence of exposures will be required I do not know.  I would bet it is not the normal.



 One of our guys wrote in the following regarding the VA.


It took 13 yrs to finally get diagnoses for MS & I had to go outside the VA health care system in order to find someone who would look at my previous medical history & diagnostic workups in considering the diagnoses.  VA neurologist refuses to seek or consider, "any" previous health records, labs, or diagnostic workups.


If they can't run you off by insults or lack of care, they do have other ways.


After viewing a recent diagnoses from Dr Craig Bash in Wash, DC., recommending I be provided treatment for MS.   My VAMC, PCP replied with,


"I'm not sure we have to recognize this Dr's opinion, since he's not one of ours"!


I would suggest the recruitment problems they are having now is not because of Iraq.  This is a typical story of how the VA treats veterans.  Much less the cover-ups that have gone on for over four decades in our issues and the last decade in the Gulf War issues.


It is getting harder and harder for the VA to sell this crap off anymore as they are some benevolent federal agency and not just an instrument of White House cost control; including part of the government with its collaboration in cover-ups.  Thank heavens for the Internet.


Otherwise, all Veterans would be like the Nuclear Veterans after WW2 still being kept in the dark and fed government/DOD/VA/NAS BS to grow on.


This word is getting out to Vietnam Veterans and their widows with grandchildren, and our Gulf War fellows that have kids of age.  None of them are wanting their kids or grandkids to enlist.  Not after the way they have been treated.


Just as the Ranch Hand scientist suggested six years ago this government/VA treatment will eventually become a National Security issue.


Believe me I get e-mails daily on this issue.


The government can only screw so many until that is enough!  Enough has been reached to the boiling point.



Active case for one of our guys with ramifications for all



Sorry to have taken so long to get back to you.  This is how my s/c disabilities go----- A/O, PTSD, Diabetes Mellitus (diag code 7913)  Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease (7005) which is also called Coronary Heart Disease - hardening of the arteries- Abdominal aortic aneurysm, 7111-7100, and one dysfunctional penis 7522. 


I am now waiting for the rating for these extra disorders (1) Aneurysm / Aorta or Branches 7111/7110  (2) Generalized Vascular Disease 7100.  Except for the PTSD, everything goes back too and starts with A/O!!!!!


That’s according to the VA and the outside......... If you know anyone that has or is dying of a heart condition, is, or was not s/c for type II M/D .


Have them do a 4138 for S/C do to....   lapsed time or not knowing (or the VA not telling vet/family) does not exclude a spouse from a claim do to a SECONDARY condition.


Me, as an example, I die of any kind of heart condition my wife all DIC benefits.  But if I wasn’t s/c and the medical records show that I had a high Ac1 level and or all ways had a high blood sugar level and though not diagnosed with type II D/M it now becomes a service connected condition because it is now a secondary aggravated condition due to the type II D/M primary condition even if YET made S/C......


I know it sounds crazy but I have spent 9 years fighting the VA on this exact principle.  The VA granted S/C Type II D/M but not DIC because Vet died 2 years prior to it becoming s/c.

Which opened the door to file for the secondary conditions (5) the vet was aggravated too.


The R/O has all so pointed out that the VAMC FAILED TO DIAGNOSE OR TO TREAT THE VETERANS TYPE II D/M!!!!!!  I win this case and thousands spouses win.....


In case you do not know this is a favorite game with the VA and that is all it is to them; a game.


Of course a lot of this was also covered (posted in previous updates) in the Ranch Hand transcripts and especially backed up in the Korean AO study that found many of these issues statistically associated with dioxin and/or service in Vietnam or both.  Just the Secretary of the VA and White House after White House has decided this is not important to our nations veterans or their doctors.



meeting with congressman Linder


As I indicated, I will be meeting on the 8th with Congressman John Linder in DC to present my case.  I will be leaving on Monday, as I cannot go very far in one day.


My conclusions I will be presenting are posted at




I will be presenting my case against the VA here in Atlanta and my issues must come first. Although I have tried to include some issues in the conclusions that are generic to all of us.


Will this trip do any good?  I doubt it.  I do not think there is but about five congressman in the entire house that give a crap about a government cover-up or the VA stalling.  Not as long as they think, they can bring back the draft at a moments notice.  They fear no reprisals.


Senator Chambliss office did contact me about filling out a form that I have already filled out twice and I invited them to send a representative over to the Congressman’s office at 2:30 on the 8th.  Will anyone show?  Doubtful.


Senator Isakson could care less.  After all, he is on the Veterans Affairs Committee and does not want to hear this.


Should be back home late Friday.



Lester sent in a link I thought you might like.





Best to all,