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04, Jan 2005

Hi to All,


Gallardo, Stewart - SP4 70-71 A Battery found the site and sent in some corrections for the rosters.  I had Lt Hollman’s name spelled wrong and apparently Stewart is in touch with the Lt. Do not know if the LT is on line or not.  Maybe Stewart will let us know.  Glenda found a Hollman in Kentucky but not sure that is the LT.  In addition, I had SGT Carrol’s name wrong and instead of Robert, it should have been Norbert.  Apparently the SGT was from Baton Rouge so any of you fellows that live that area please check the phone books and such for contacting the SGT. I would think Norbert M. Carrol should be easy to chase down.


Want to welcome Stewart to the website and inform him that we have an E-mail list by battery at http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/e_mail.htm not available off the website so bookmark it.


We also have a database we keep of those fellows that we have found that are not on the Internet and have either a phone number or address or both.  If you know of someone, in particular you are looking for contact Glenda at gkelley951@aol.com so she can search the database and see if we have who you are looking for.


Captain Doug Beard (Original Member of the Battalion 66-67) lost his father recently this month and we send our condolences and sympathies to the entire Beard family.


SFC Hepler (Original Member of the Battalion 66-67) writes he is recovering from a stroke with some slight side effects.  One being the old military stance.  Want to wish him a complete recovery and hope he and his wife Gean can be with us at the next reunion.


I believe we have all the e-mails changed and up to date again.  Please when you send in a change, indicate the battery you served with.


Found a great 28-page article by Chaplin Ray Stubbe called Khe Sanh and the Mongol Prince, which documents some of the arty processes and procedures for supporting Khe Sanh.  Discusses the fellow that came up with the mini and micro artillery arc lights, a Marine Captain by the name of Harry Baig.  Major Meredith and LTC Swearengen are mentioned in the article and I think helped to write it.  The 175’s in the arty orchestra were called the bass section.  Documents some of the battle at 861a and the battle for 881S that never happed because of sensors detecting enemy movement and the arty destroyed what was called a regimental ground attack.  Sensors were not deployed around 861A and the enemy reserve battalion was destroyed and wall of fire put up within 100 meters of the defending Marines on the hill.  Sixteen 175’s were brought into arty support by Mark Swearengen and his LNO team out at Khe Sanh; three Batteries from Carroll and one Battery from the Rockpile.


Anyway, it will be great addition to the history. 


Well, I finally got all the AO chapters printed and shipped to Ernie.  Double-spaced as he requested so he can do a final edit.


Ernie already has the cover designed with the help of a graphic artist.  Ernie said the artist read some of preliminary info and was just sick about what is going on.


The book does not have all that I wanted but then I wanted to ream all of them for this behavior.  Anger, rage, and disappointment overrode logic and data.  To put all of it in the book would have been a three set volume. 


I believe the book portrays just what has gone on for the last four decades and the total misconceptions and propaganda the government has portrayed and published since 1967.  The obvious attempts at not to tell the veterans and their families what they have found and give the men, women and the doctors of this nation a fair and honest assessment of what to look for in health issues including diseases and disorders.


Ernie is fast at this, so I hope the book will be available sometime in March or April but that is just a guess on my part.


I could not take every disorder and then do the analysis as to how it applies otherwise there would have to have been volumes; not one book.  I did keep in my mind as I was doing this the diseases and disorders that were pointed out by Admiral Zumwalt in his VA classified report and I think he was right on; plus there is even more that should be considered.


I have done as much as I can do to get this toxin subject into the light of day again with some semblance of truth to it.  The rest will be up to the Veterans, their widows, and their offspring. 


I think you will agree that some politicians should not be in office at present, some VA officials and scientists should be in federal prison along side of some CDC officials and scientists, and some Air Force and White House management should have already been shot!  Federal prison is too good.


I documented some of the more egregious behavior and health issue information that should have been reported and was not at:




All the best to you fellows and your families in the New Year from Glenda and I.





E-mail SP5Kelley2nd94th@aol.com


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