2/94th Battalion Update Number 19


Items to discuss


new member's

Marine Recon "Breaker"

Operation Highrise - the movie

Wounded in Action (9 April 67)

2/94th Lighter that was found

Flexible Pins sent to Darrell Gutsche

Maverick missile in Iraq

VERPA and human experiments


Government mentality when it comes to veterans

The Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission

In work



Hi to All,


New Members found:


Eisenhart, Bob found the website.  Bob was with B Battery 71 until they ceased to fire in 72.


Added some new names to our B Battery rosters.


Dunham, ??????- Rank 71-72

Neusome,  ????? -  Lieutenant 71-72

Nall, Gene -Rank 71-72

Sibrava, Joe - Rank 71-72

Skinner, ?????? - Rank 71-72


Bob writes Many of FDC fellows left before stand-down as their tours were up and were not replaced.  They were down to two per shift by the time they stopped firing missions in March.  He has some pictures taken at NAC and FSB Baldy that I can submit of B Battery missions and the FDC if anyone wants them.


Bob if you would send me some copies of the pictures I would appreciate it.  SP5Kelley2nd94th@aol.com


Also added some gun names from that time frame 175mm as well as 8-inch.  I think that is all the gun names for B Battery during 71-72 both 175 and 8-inch by gun number.


Noted that Captain Wilgen was the last Battery Commander.


Thanks to Bob for sending the information in.

Carlson, Billie D. - SFC 66-67 (Original Member) Service Battery


As you recall we had an address in Lawton but no phone number.  George Kilmetz. - SP6 66-67 (Original Member) drove over and contacted the Sergeant for us.


George's wife contacted me with the information.


My thanks to both for that update.

Sergeant Carlson did sign in.


Welcome to Sergeant Carlson and Bob and hope we will see them both at Fort Sill.


Late addition to sign in - Swanger, Roger - SP4 68-69 HHB has also signed in.  Welcome to Roger.


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Marine Recon Breaker:


Jim Lary wrote in and indicated that mission he and Greg were talking about was not the fire mission to support the "Breaker" Recon Team.  Thanks to Jim for that update.


Washington Post Article at:  http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/washpostarticle.htm

Operation Highrise - the movie


Many many months ago I indicated there was a possibility of a movie based on the Gio Linh battles and The Artillery Operation "HIGHRISE."  It looks like that is proceeding and at present about an 80% chance that will happen. 


That is about all I can say for now but just remember it can still fall through.

WIA History Questions


9 April 67 I have eight men wounded in C Battery.   Three were medivac'd.  I think at least one of those was the unknown hit in the leg below .


Does anyone know which three?


Can anyone fill in the ?????'s


Private First Class Bruce E. Cheske - Gun 2

Private First Class Jerry E. Coble - Gun 2

Private William W. Glaser - Gun 2

Private First Class Rufus L. Hare - Gun 2

Private First Class Carmelo M. Jimenez - Gun 2

Specialist James E. Cox - Gun ?????

Private First Class Gordon L. Howard - Gun ???????


One WIA is unknown at this time.  Thought to have been wounded in the leg.  Ammo Sergeant maybe?



2/94th Lighter that was found


Darrell Gutsche sent in pictures of the 2/94th lighter that was found;


Located at:  http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/Lighter.htm



Flexible Pins sent to Darrell Gutsche



I received both of these Battalion crest pin's in the mail today from John Jackson's wife. Said she found them in a purse at a flea market. I have two already of the one on the left I bought in DC, but have never seen the one on the right, which is taller & has a flag pole with flag and a Lion in the middle of the flag. Do you recall ever seeing one in this style? Or is there another battalion with Flexible on it that looks similar to ours?

Link to picture of pins is at:  http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/Pins.htm

There were a number of different pins worn by the 94th during the period from WW2 to Vietnam.  The only one that had the scalloped shape at the top is the recent era of Vietnam.  I believe this is also worn by the 1st Battalion 94th Arty - MLRS which was a 155mm SP outfit and then reconstituted as a Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) outfit.

The rest were flat across the top.  I have several examples of those that were worn but never authorized nor were the recognized by the Institute of Heraldry.

The example that Darrell sent the pictures in looks like it is an older shield. 

The shield is divided into scarlet and yellow for Artillery.


The Guisarme, a weapon used in ancient times to reach the enemy behind defensive positions, symbolizes operations.


Design was approved August 1, 1942



(Weapon is similar to a poleax having a cutting edge and a point for thrusting)

In addition it looks like the Regimental Crest is also part of this shield.



On a wreath, argent and gules, issuing from four flames of fire proper, a lion passant gardant for armed and langued azure charged on the shoulder with an annulet of the last surmounted by a lighting flash of the second dexter paw supporting a lance of the first flotant to sinister there from a banner the upper third extended to form a streamer of the like bearing an escutcheon parti per pale of the second and the fourth.



The crest commemorates the unitís combat action in World War II and subsequent service in Germany with the United States Constabulary. The lion is taken from the arms of Normandy where the organization initially contacted the enemy. The flames of fire refer to the four decorations awarded during World War II. The scarlet and blue shield, taken from the arms of Bastogne, and the white color of the banner, alluding to snow, refer to the organizationís participation in the rescue of Bastogne in the heavy snowfall during the Ardennes campaign. The banner is of type frequently used in Europe in the Middle Ages. The annulet and lightning flash, simulating the insignia of the United States Constabulary, allude to the unitís postwar service in Germany.

At one time the "FLEXIBLE" was "NOCH EINS" = "ONCE MORE"

Note the reference to the Ardennes Campaign.  The 94th was in the lead elements of the Third Army, 4th Armored Division that broke through the German lines into Bastogne.

So you fellows have an excellent lineage.

Maverick missile in Iraq


Link to Maverick Missile


This is a link to a video that one of the 101st fellows sent out.  Small arms fire and then when the Air Controller says "RIFLE" the missile was just fired.  Takes a while but excellent sound and video.


Little bit of self satisfaction on my part since I helped to develop that missile.  That one and the Army Hellfire were my favorite programs.


VERPA and human experiments


I did touch base with VERPA and from the sounds of it they also are going to go after the senate on getting rid of this "Feres Doctrine" that those in government seemed to think they can hide behind when they cover up all these mass veteran issues, as well as individual veteran issues.  I would hope that if the lawsuit against those VA scientists and officials that are being charged in the SHAD testing is successful this also will have an impact as far as taking this back to the Supreme Court and show how wrongful this is being used by our own government.


Frankly, I think unless this lawsuit against the VA employees and others in government gets into an International Court, the Veterans have a snowball's chance in hell in getting any satisfaction.


No different than the court now on the second lawsuit and the White House/Chemical company tag team of conspirators.


This is what the Feres Doctrine is about:


"The United States is not liable under the Federal Tort Claims Act for injuries to members of the armed forces sustained while on active duty and not on furlough and resulting from the negligence of others in the armed forces. Pp. 136-146." -- The primary decision of the Feres Doctrine.

In other words there is no government accountability for any actions taken by the DOD regardless of what it is, or how criminal it is, or how many are killed or disabled.  Examples - hundreds of thousands died as a result of the toxic chemicals in Nam and the Gulf War issues.  Many more than that disabled and/or dying and most of still being covered up.

Nuremberg Code

Yes, in our past we hanged folks for crimes like this.  Yet, our government including our congress, who do nothing,  seems to think this is acceptable behavior for our so-called civilized government against Veterans.

A Staff Report Prepared for the Committee on Veterans' Affairs -- United States Senate, December 8, 1994 -- John D. Rockefeller IV, West Virginia, Chairman.


You have not seen anything yet until you go to http://www.rense.com/general36/history.htm

A History Of US Secret Human Experimentation!


Now I do not know for fact, which I like to have to support anything I send to you, but even if 30% of these facts are true this is an outrage.


This is not the government I thought it was.

Thank you Miss Brenda.



Ironic just after I sent out the last Update the doctors office did call on some of my blood tests and indicated there was a problem and wanted to set up appointments with some other doctors.  Now remember I have been going to the VA for the past 18 months and the one test I insisted that my doctor run again.   The VA had no interest in running this test; and is one of the ones that is bad. 


It was almost a given this one would come back with additional problems.


I had scheduled an appointment for this Monday to discuss the results and discuss other blood tests.  So I told them I would rather talk to my doctor of 20 years first before deciding where to go for further testing and evaluation. 


Met Monday morning and my doctor said he had no clue what was going on; that I am all over the place.  Recommended a rheumatoid and gastro doctor.  Made appointments already although one is not until July 15th.  Scratch that - they had a opening this AM for the rheumatoid and called me in.   Dr. Hartman took one look at the tests and said I am no liver expert but this is a chronic liver issue, not a rheumatoid issue. Imagine that????  Also recommended a gastro doctor which I told him I had an appointment for the 23rd at the Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates and he said that was good.


Report indicates -  reflects polyclonal increases due to numerous clones of plasma cells producing antibody response to antigenic stimulus.  Hypergammaglobulinemia is found in autoimmune diseases.  Evidence of monoclonal protein is not apparent.  (Thank Heavens for that.)  (Sound like what I have been telling you for two years now?)  I would just about bet the farm that those of us that have this neuropathy this bad - diabetes has nothing to do with it.  More so with the additional evidence uncovered this last year.


I did find a note that indicated in my case because of the hemoglobin variants an A1C is not appropriate

tracking test.  First time I have seen that although as I pointed out I had concluded that already.


Remember the Ranch Hand studies when they found 37% of those fellows with confirmed diabetes did not test appropriately with the A1C testing and then the scientists wondered why?


This is one of about four blood test that I do not know why every doctor in America is not running on their Vietnam Veterans and Gulf War Veterans, including the VA. 


I went for my third anger management session Friday at the VA trying to do what they say anyway; and nothing to really report other than this one was at least 25 minutes, not 15. Go back in four weeks to see how I do and maybe then into a group. The doctor raised eyebrows at some of the info I had to show why I despise the VA and the politicians of this nation, BOTH SIDES. She said why would they do this. I said you tell me why.

I did drop by the DVA and my guy had left, course no one told me. The new guy did not bother to introduce himself or anything.

I asked a few questions about my BVA hearing and even the stuff that is already associated. His answer was: BVA in Atlanta could take 10 years. Just to get a claim through of say diabetes with an association and a confirmed diagnosis is over 12 months, sometimes as long as 18 months.

Now I know why the hospital counselor wondered where I lived so I could apply someplace else.

I then asked how it is my two Marine buddies (both 7th Marines) I visited in Florida who knew nothing about diabetes and after I informed them; submitted and had approval and checks within four months. His answer - I do not work in Florida.

He said Atlanta had over 400,000 claims. Now if that is true that only leaves 100,000 left for the rest of the entire nation according to the statistics the Secretary of the VA put out to the senate. Once again, this DVA guy must think I am stupid.

I said, how hard could it be to put a confirmed VA hospital diagnosis, a DD-214 confirming service in Vietnam, and a list of VA approved associated disorders in a folder and stamp it approved and send it to dispersement. How can that possibly take as long as you are telling me? He said, that is just the way it is.

I said loud enough to be heard by the VA, just who lights a fire under the VAís ass. His comment, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE!

I then suggested the Social Security does not seemed to have this issue. He said again, that is just the way it is with the VA.

Weeell I said, I think it is time we changed this "JUST THE WAY IT IS!!!!!" This is not only dumb it is totally moronic and indefensible; even by a presidential appointed God such as the Secretary of the VA.


Christ is not take a Harvard PhD in business to realize this is a loser and indefensible.




You need four things to approve diabetes and many other disorders.


1.  A DD-214

2.  An approved disorder list put out by the VA.

3.  A diagnosis of diabetes.

4.  Level of disablement.


1. Item 1 is a given otherwise the Veteran would not and could not apply for any benefit.

1a.  Does DD 214  show service in Vietnam?  Yes


2.  Item 2 is a given and in fact is a government mandate.  Check the list to see if diabetes is on the list.  Is it?  Yes.


3. Item 3 VA form filled out by doctor; more than likely a VA doctor from a VA hospital or VA clinic.  Is the standard form issued by the VA checked in the appropriate box of a confirmed diagnosis of diabetes type II?  Yes  Is it signed?  Yes


4. Item 4 is at what level of diabetes is the Veteran at.  The standard form has three questions for the doctor as to what treatment the Veteran is under.

4a.  Which block is checked by the doctor.


Treated by diet alone = 10%

Treated by diet and oral medication. = 20%

Treated by oral medication and insulin. = 40%


These correspond to probably 95% of the disability ratings described in the VA's own rating specifications to diabetes although the exception is number of times in the hospital per year which could go up to 100%.  Certainly not typical though.


Lets see 1 and 2 are absolutely no brainier. 


3.  You  have to have to look at a form and confirm a checked block and check for signature of the doctor. 


4.  You have to see if block 1, 2 or 3 is checked - in this case  showing block 2 is checked  - treated by diet and oral medication. = 20%


Now all of that took about 30 seconds.   This guy is telling me for Veterans this takes 12 -14 months once the data is collected and he commented that in Virginia where he worked before it was 12 -18 months.  Jesus!


One could argue that other issues may be associated.  Fine no argument with that.  Argue them later as to what disabilities are also associated.  Get the Veteran the support he or she needs immediately.


However, what is a fact is that the Veteran now goes with out his "service connected status" compensations that he may desperately need for not only him but his family, he does not get his "service connected status" that he needs at the VA hospital for his or her classification to appointments and hospital pay rates,  he does not get his "service connected status" for his state benefits while the VA takes a simple one day task and turns it in to a one year or longer career. 


Of course as previously discussed regarding one of our own, the approval of an associated cancer does not get approved in time to assist the Veteran and his family before death.  Much less the now denial of the Veterans widow supplement because of this indefensible behavior and VA stalling actions.


Veterans Benefit or government mandated budget constraint policy???????  You have to try to be this bad on performance.  


Glenda tracked down the number of claims and the number of claims personnel in the VA.


From the VA's own daily morning reports it looks like about 500,000 outstanding claims.  She found the number of VA claims personnel at 12,962.  With an additional 3,000 in management.


Now that is only 39 claims per VA person.


Sorry guys if I was a GS GOD I would have someone's ass for this poor performance.


Assuming that 50% of those are already associated this whole thing could be down to 250,000 claims in a matter of weeks; at least in part.  The reason why it is not is because of budget constraints.


I am sure there are many of you that can see how this could even be done automatically or semi-automatically by the VA doctor on his computer.  Of course this would then take another 400 million dollar special government computer system that does not work.


No one would think to use a centralized translator website that the data could go by region to region.  Which, by the way many worldwide companies use.



Government mentality when it comes to veterans:


One of the justifications for closing down the VA hospital in Gulfport was its proximity to a full-service hospital at Keesler.  The DOD then states that they can cut Keeslerís hospital inpatient services because of itís close proximity to the VA hospital in Gulfport.


I guess someone in government can make a logical assessment out of this FUBAR but it certainly does not seem logical to me.   


No different than some of Congressman Buyer's statements;  I cannot even find the dots in his logic in order to try and connect them.


The Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission


The Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission, established by Congress to review benefits going to disabled veterans and the survivors of deceased veterans, held its first meetings May 9 and 10 in Washington, D.C. The commission will take testimony at public meetings, oversee studies of the United States' disability compensation systems, and receive input from other organizations, including the Institute of Medicine and the Department of Defense. People interested in presenting oral or written testimony to the commission should contact the panel's acting executive director, Ray Wilburn, at (202) 273-7509, or via e-mail at vetscommission@va.gov.


Make your voices heard by sending in your comments to the above.  Again, remember the VA is vengeful so take your chances at saying anything bad about them.  You see where this is going to be screened before it even gets to the commission.


You can rest assured the IOM will not support Veterans just as the CDC did not support and allowed themselves to be government corrupted.   Anyone that believes anything out of the IOM and CDC concerning Veterans issues also believes in the tooth fairy. Too much of a conflict of interest and handholding with the VA and the government mandated budget constraints.


The DOD if Dr. Chu is involved, forget it.


In work:


Congressional survey


Glenda is still working on gathering the data on the congressmen and senators and refining the survey.


One of the wives is collecting data on the military websites to send this out.


Hope to have that out this week.


Best to all,