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Received an E-mail as follows from one of the wives:  Requesting help.

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Hi to all,


Hope is all well with everyone.


Not much in the way of Battalion New News.





Do not forget, if you have not done so, go to Greg’s 2/94th Blog at http://294fa.blogspot.com/


Click on the “Reunion IV” and fill out that form if you have not done so indicating you are planning on attending.  In addition, there is data on there for the agenda.


As soon as Greg firms up the prices, Glenda and I want to get a letter out to all the guys not on the Internet and give them plenty of notice to reserve that weekend for the reunion.


In addition, we need to get that in as many Military and NVSO magazines as possible as early as we can.


It looks as if 8/4 has decided not to have a semi-joint reunion and have their reunion in the fall.



New Member's


An original member of C Battery found the site.


Hansen, John G. - PFC - 66-67 (Original Member)


Original memberStarted at Fort Sill, OkLanded on Red Beach at Da Nang.  Took convoy to JJ Carroll and helped built the camp.  I was on gun number 3, which was Sgt. Buckner's gun and Sgt. Dent's.  Some of our cannoneers were Arntz, Bob and Bill Gest, Alfred Hall, Richard Hanson (Shorty), Jerry Hubbard, and othersGreat website!


We want to welcome John and hope he enjoys the site and if he has any questions or additions please contact me.


John, and all the recent new fellows please join us at Fort Sill for the 2/94th Reunion.



We had a non-member sign-in who is researching a lighter he found.


Hello, I am doing some research on an item I have and wanted to find some information if you can help.  I have a Zippo lighter with the following inscriptions: "Thomas" DONG HA VIETNAM 67-69 WE HAVE RAISED MORE HELL ON THE VIET CONG THAN ANY OTHER OUTFIT 2/94 ARTY 175 SP.  Then on the other side if has a photo of four feet / a man and a women in a washtub with the names Margaret and Leonard under the tub.  If you can shed any light on this, please help - Thanks for your time, Ted Easter (704) 482-7880


If anyone knows anything regarding this lighter Ted can be reached at teaster@carolina.rr.com



Colonel Hackworth – Agent Blue


I signed in for us (2/94th) on the guest book for Colonel Hackworth.  I always thought he told it like it was; and should have been.


From all the officers and enlisted men of the 2nd Battalion 94th Artillery Regiment (175mm guns) serving in Vietnam 1966 to 1972 our deepest sympathy to the Hackworth family at the passing of the Colonel.  Rendering a solemn memorial salute to the man, the soldier, and a valiant American.  Rest in Peace Colonel -

Fading light -Dims the sight -- And a STAR -Gems the sky; Gleaning bright- From afar -- Drawing nigh, -- Falls the night.


The released article announcing his passing I received indicated his cancer issues were related to Agent Blue.  The article also suggested that many Vietnam Veterans had this developed form of kidney cancer.


I had seen this referenced in the Ranch Hand transcripts back in the late 1990’s that they were wondering why they did not find this cancer in the study group.  As well as other forms of cancer that was not showing up in this one study.


As I indicated earlier, one hypothesis being discussed amongst the scientists was that their study group of those that were most exposed were not living long enough to develop the cancers and dying early from Cardiovascular issues.


Never once was the method of exposures discussed as being a possible delta of lack of finding cancers in the study.  Just mind-boggling. 



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We have a sign and change information at http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/Signina.htm


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Battalion History


Starting to regroup and get my office ready for the push on the history.  Lost one of my CD’s in this office mess from the book.  This was the one with the 12th Marine fire mission logs in it.  It is here, just have to find it.  That is my weekend task to get all the books in proper order again and finalize for posting.


The “Reactivation” is done and final except I have to take out the references I had intended to put in to CD pictures.  It was posted long enough and no corrections or additions came in on that time frame of your history.


I guess that was a bad idea as I had e-mails asking how I was going to control the dissemination and distribution of those.  Obviously, I cannot.  Therefore, that must go away.


I certainly cannot take responsibility as to who gets a CD set and how they are used.


My only suggestion would be is that those that have sets that would like to turn in with the archived history to Sill, West Point and others; that you do that when that time comes to present the history.



General Trefry


General Trefry sent in an article regarding the Third Marine Recon Team “Breaker.”  The General recalls the 2/94th in that covering fire for those Marines.  Date of action was, May 10, 1967, on Hill 665 northwest of Khe Sanh.


The article was written around discovering some of those Marines that fell on that hill and their remains were being brought home for burial.  Apparently, the first attempt the wrong coordinates were given and even some Army units later had a camp on Hill 665.


Have not had time to research that but if I can find that, I will add that to our history that those Marines were brought home.  I will post the article soon.


Now is the event Jim Lary and Greg were talking about in DC, which I have still not received a write up on??????  One gun in C Battery in routine mission was firing sporadically for Recon and within 15 minutes; all guns were brought to bear as fast as they could fire for hours. 




Veterans Life Insurance and Death Benefit


I did see where the Veterans Death Benefit was going up to $100,000 dollars.  I thought our KIA benefit was $10,000 in 1967.  Yet, the KIA benefit until this increase was only $12,000 dollars.  $2,000 dollar increase in 38 years???  Maybe I got that wrong but if not; that is shameful.  


The additional life insurance available was going up to $450,000 I think it was, significant increase anyway.


Except, and here is the except, this additional insurance is only valid if killed in a designated combat zone.  Some high-ranking officers were questioned on this and they did not agree with that assessment and the changing of the bill.  That number one it would be ambiguous and other issues such as training to enter the combat theater would now not qualify.


As I mentioned before I saw this political trend in changing many issues regarding Veterans back when they were negotiating this concurrent receipt.  Too many things were being discussed, as they wanted to tie them to combat related only.  Almost as if no war or combat, being in the military is going to be just a civil service job or similar.


Maybe I am wrong but every time I turn around the same thing is being talked about.


Of course, we no longer have a dog in that fight but if they are going to do that, I just hope they make it clear to those that sign up that the traditional benefits are no longer traditional.


I also wonder if this is not prepping for the possibility of a draft and the cost savings for those fellows that will be called up with no traditional Veterans benefits once they get out.  A stretch I know but anymore I just do not trust the government in these issues.


Maybe I am giving them too much credit for devious thinking.  Ha Ha





If I can ever get a break from these doctor appointments and dentist appointments I am going to go back down and meet with Mike Keeler in Jacksonville on the way back to my old home.  Having a lot of dental work done for the last time, I hope.


Had some more cancer dug out today on my back.  Hope they got it all this time.  I will find out next week if they have to go deeper.  Blood tests due back on Monday for all the blood tests I had ran.  VA this Friday again for my mental health counseling.


Get this, the VA says I am way too angry and within 15 minutes put me on Prozac and Risperidone.  My civilian doctor said now why would you have any reason to be angry and then laughed.


Now you guys that met me at the reunions do I act like I am depressed, schizophrenic, mania, paranoid, or generally nuts?  No.  I am kind, friendly, half way intelligent in some areas, sometimes according to Glenda I can be an AH but she did not think these drugs would solve that huge large problem.  However, I must tell you towards the end of the last football season I had to quit watching the games.  I have it on good authority that when you see those guys after the play in that meeting.  They are all talking about me!  However, I have no real issues.  Ha Ha 





Ernie tells me the book is now looking like towards July as a release time frame. 



Vet Wives


After talking with some of the wives of our Vietnam Veterans and what they have researched and found out I am impressed.  These gals have found issues I did not find and will tell you real quick they are fighting now for their husbands just as their husbands fought. 


I am impressed with their fortitude, logic, directed anger, and they will point blank tell you and anyone else that their husbands were affected and the government is covering it up.  Both Vietnam and Gulf War era veteran wives. 


Here is a link to my nurse friend in Indiana whose 1st Cav husband is getting the runaround.  She is a tiger and educated nurse.





I also posted a link to some Brain Cancer stuff I found and some of those wives and sons are now networking.  That is at http://2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/Braincancer.htm


I also did a review of Gulf war diagnostics and treatments and comparison to Nam toxic chemicals this is at: http://2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/Gulfwar.htm



White Papers


It seems a law firm is now going after some of these government individuals that have been covering up the SHAD testing which was part of the Project 112 CBW testing on Veterans.


I wrote a white paper and submitted that to them on how all of this government cover-up applies.  Even if they only minimize the damages.




Concurrent Receipt is all under attack as I already informed you.  Sent in a White Paper on that also.





Received an E-mail as follows from one of the wives:  Requesting help.



Hi Kelley:       


My heart is bleeding once again.  Every time I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I encounter a wall of ignorance.  I do not know how my husband sustains himself.  His pain is increasing in his feet, legs, knees, hands, etc.  His hands being the worse. 


He wakes in the night with all fingers triggered into a claw.  Extreme pain!  Lower legs a close second.  He is on a fentyl patch with codeine for break through.  Blood tests negative for arthritis/inflammation.  Emg shows Demylenating nerve damage.  Neurologist states upper thigh discomforts the only neurological connected area of pain per mylegram.  Brain scan scheduled for Friday.


 I located the research program out of Washington, DC that accepts referrals for vets exposed to chemicals during a war.  I called the war related illness and injury research program.  Dedicated to accepting vets that are being unable to diagnose.  Spoke to them.  Sounded Good.  They sent a request to our PCP (Primary Care Physician) to enter a referral.


(Now I was unaware of this testing center so maybe you fellows that they, the VA, say are “anomalies” this might be an answer for you.)


Saw the PCP today who acted like a technician not a physician.  He had not done anything with the request and barely remembered it.  PCP nicely insinuated that my husband's pain was psychosomatic and that he didn't have time to do the referral. 


I had already downloaded it and filled in the information needed from my husband.  I also gave him copies of the information I downloaded from the site with #'s, contacts, and directions.  I told him I am sure medical records could attach his dictation, which included required referral information. 


He made no promises and insinuated my husband was a drug seeker.  I could have slapped his ignorant judgmental face.  My husband has fought medication from the beginning.  How dare this person dismiss signs and symptoms with I nor anybody else knows anything about Agent Orange.  Ah, how nice to have Dr's that are ignorant of their service population.


I know you are busy but if you have any others with these symptoms, could you please forward to them so I may explore some other avenues.  Any meds working?  Like Avonex or interferon?


I am upset and frustrated for my husband.




Now as I point out in the book one of the doctors on the President’s GW advisory board stated that doctors had better wake up to these syndromes and that they are not pain caused by these psychosomatic disorders.  Just because the doctor does not understand it and the testing is not normal to what they have seen in the past in shear repetition makes no difference; the causations from the exposures is real.


I have no idea what pain meds are working; I know codeine and derivatives do not seem to work.  Several have said they are on morphine tablets and some sort of pain meds like Demerol or Darvacette or similar.


Regarding the clawing up of hands only, I have not heard of any of our guys or Marines in the same area and time frame having that specific problem???


I do know that I and one other from our battalion (that I know of) had an experience of total body clawing up.  Mine was in 1974 not sure about the other fellow.


His was at work when they sprayed the office with some bug spray and he ended up on the floor like a dead bug and was rushed to the hospital.


Mine was a little slower and I felt light headed and weak.  Then my hands were drawn against my chest with incredible force and my hands were twisted up like a claw.  My head was also drawn down into my chest area and my face was so distorted I could not talk.  The force was incredible.


I thought I was having a stroke at 27 years old.


The hospital said I had a severe allergic reaction to something or some outside force, which there was no conclusion as to what that was.


The hospital indicated no stroke and no heart attack but a complete lack of calcium in the blood.  I guess it lasted about 8 hours with a slow gradual return of my face at first then the rest seemed to relax.  SCARY?  You bet it was.


Now that same doctor I mentioned above indicated that these toxic exposures would make patients extremely vulnerable to future chemical exposures and super sensitive to their environment.  There is name for it but I forgot it.  Duh hard to remember all this stuff.


I have asked this concerned wife if her husband has had several tests that I would consider normal in this type of disorder and not just an EMG.


In fact, in researching the world’s expert on this nerve damage stuff, Dr. Norman Latov (Columbia University), it seems to me the VA is reluctant to run some of these tests that to me seem to be straightforward.  Then I am just a novice and certainly have no education in the area, just a little common sense.


Anyone experiencing the same issues please contact me so I can pass it on.



In Process


I am working on a survey to the house and the senate and hope all Veterans, Veterans wives, widows, and children of Veterans will send to their congressional leaders.  Time we quit e-mailing and get some answers.


If you have gone to your congressional leaders websites, they take surveys with their finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.


I see no difference in us Veterans and their families asking these politicians to do the same thing.


Hope to have that out soon.  It will contain the rationale, a preface letter to the survey, and the survey itself.  Time they answered the questions. 


Glenda is rewriting the Preface letter now.  She says they will not fill it out if I call them egg-sucking dogs.



GOD bless our military men and women in mortal combat around the world today.

May their losses be minimized and their victories maximized.


Best to all,