2/94th Battalion Update Number 16


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New Members Found

Sharon Goedecke Status

New Sign In's

Dual coverage for service-connected tinnitus, i.e., ringing, in right and left ears

Chicago VA Interns get a Kelley Present by a 1st Cav family

D Battery Pictures

Forsake The Troops Website (formerly Citizens Against the Troops)


New Members found:


Sturtevant, Gary M.  B Battery - SP4 67-69 (Extended tour of duty)


Bassinger, Rodney - HHB SP4 67-68

Chamberlin, Dean J. - HHB SP5 67-68

Cleberg, Robert J. HHB - SP4 68-69

Deal, Louis M. – HHB SP4 67-68

Hardisty, David - HHB SP4 70-71

Mattis, Monroe A. – HHB SP5 67-68 

Rogel, Leonard J. - HHB SP5 67-68 

Schommer, Raymond A. - HHB SP4 67-68

Suek, David W. – HHB SP5 67-68

Stidsen, Earl A. – HHB SFC 67-68 Passed Away Dec 1997 ‘REST IN PEACE’


Bruffee, David - SVC PVT 67-68

Honken, Richard J. - SVC PFC 67-68 WIA on 3 June 1967

Lacktorin, Michael - SVC SP5 70-71


New member not on our rosters found the site.  Arthur, Allan B. Rank?  71-72 A Battery.

Writes:  I got to Bastogne in Sep, '71, worked in FDC, operating the FADAC, radios, and yelling "Battery.....FIRE" into the handset talking to the gunners. I slept in the gun 3 crew bunker, and managed to get one good massage at Eagle. We didn't get out much. Around Thanksgiving we went north, past Evans, and then west, and spent a couple of weeks on FSB Barbara, pounding the shit out of the countryside, mostly targets that had been hit for years. We stood down in Feb-Mar, '72, and drove to Da Nang, where some of us stayed another 6 months.

Another one of the members who spent time on that low rent firebase Barbara.  Who ever was in charge of that hole should have fired and the rent not paid.  Ha Ha

Added Allan to our A Battery rosters at http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/ABattery.htm

Link for all Rosters is at:  http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/RI.htm

SP5 Danny Leighton (original member) may have found Carlson, Billie D. - SFC 66-67 SVC (Original Member) at 4523 G. Ave., Lawton, OK 73505-7821 unlisted phone.  Any of you fellows in that area and know where that is; you might do us a favor and check that out.


Wyne, Larry L. - 68-70 has found some of these fellows.  Mentioned an RTO by the name of Richard Stepanick from Chicopee, Mass that was not on our rosters.  Thanks to Larry for his efforts.


Larry also comments: "....and in talking w/ old members I've found, they got tears flowing from seeing 2/94 website, thanks members!"


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If you have not done so already and want Glenda to add you to this e-mail list then contact her at GKelley951@aol.com


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"Welcome Home" to all the new fellows and hope they all join with us next year at Fort Sill.


Received the following:

HI - I am a grad student at Cal State University Northridge (LA) writing a master's thesis on environmental toxins (PCBs, mercury, dioxin) as a possible cause of autism. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has a child or grandchild with diagnosed autism or autism spectrum disorder. Please e-mail me at jolara@adelphia.net

Thank you- Joanne Lara

I have not run across Autism in our guys or the Marines but that does not mean it does not exist.  Anyone having any knowledge please let Joanne know or send me the e-mail.

Received the following:

Would like to take a moment to thank all from the Camp Carroll TAOR who fired in support of my company at Khe Sanh in March of 68.  Thanks for the good work. Godspeed and Semper Fi to you all. Lighthousetwothree


Sharon Goedecke status:


Glenda spoke with Sharon recently and she is back at work and seems to be in rare form once again.  We are certainly glad of that!


We have a new sign and change information at http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/Signina.htm


This is located on the main webpage also.


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I had mentioned this before that I did not know how logically the VA could diagnose tinnitus in both ears and then only compensate one.  Especially knowing not only the db levels you fellows were exposed but also the constant repetitious concussion waves.  Not that there are not other causes associated to other disorders and even diabetes.  This shortly thereafter came under legal challenge.


Apparently, the courts agreed with logic!



On April 5, 2005, the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims handed down its decision in Smith v. Nicholson.  The DAV had argued on behalf of Mr. Smith that he was entitled to two separate ten percent disability ratings for service-connected tinnitus, i.e., ringing, in his right and left ears.  The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) argued in Smith’s case, as well as a large number of other cases, that the schedule for rating disabilities provided for only one ten percent rating, regardless of whether the tinnitus was present in only one ear or both ears. 

The Court held that: “Based on the plain language of the regulations, the Court holds that the pre-1999 and pre-June 13, 2003 versions of [diagnostic code] 6260 required the assignment of dual ratings for bilateral tinnitus.”  Veterans who filed a claim for service connection for tinnitus in both ears, or who claimed an increased rating for that condition, prior to June 13, 2003, may be entitled to receive combined disability compensation based on two ten percent ratings for tinnitus.  Additionally, the law does not permit any such ratings to be reduced in the future, unless the severity of the tinnitus is shown to have actually improved. 

Veterans who believe that they may be entitled to benefits based on the Smith precedent should promptly contact their DAV National Service Officer.


Thanks to Chris Cunningham for keeping us posted and sending this article in.



Chicago VA Interns get a Kelley Present by a 1st Cav family:


Chicago VA interns get a big surprise! 

Been working with a 1st Cav veterans nurse wife on his issues.  Received this a few days ago. 


Well XXXX is at the big house waiting to get his tests.  There was no way that I could stay--- four to a room--no bathroom for women and only one chair for any visitors.  I got into an altercation with the ward clerk right away---the VA resident who called to tell us of arrangements instructed us to go to 6 South and then to admitting.  I questioned her on it, but she said yes, that was what was to be done.  I wrote down her words exactly.  Therefore, we left Valpo at 6 am to travel two hours to get to Chicago.  Walked in the place at 8. 

This ward clerk starts yelling at XXXX about the 'rules.'  I thought I would go ballistic!  I was right back in her face.  Got her name, etc.  XXXX slinked away like a dog with his tail between his legs telling me that this was 'the Army way.'  I replied well--last I checked you have not been in the Army since 1973.  Moreover, I would outrank these peons anyway. 

He was a nervous wreck. 

Then the nurses come in.  Fired a few questions at him. 

Then two residents come in and eye his wrists for carpal tunnel. 

Meanwhile, a black man, in the next bed with the same raspy voice as XXXX goes for an MRI test and gets told the results---"brain atrophy." 

He wants to know why? 

What does it mean? 

The resident taking his blood pressure said "self assuredly" that it is 'due to aging--there is no known other reason for brain atrophy.'

XXXX said very quietly (but loud enough for the resident to hear---BOLOGNA! 

The resident thought he wanted him to order bologna for lunch.  XXXX said, no--there is information out there to point to military service in Vietnam.  He said where--- we pulled out the article you mentioned from the Korean AO impact study and presented him with a copy. 

The resident was stunned.  He went flying down the hall to the conference room and told the other duckling students.

They came flying in wanting to know the meaning of the study---I told them that although chemical defoliants were used in Vietnam, they could not correlate a direct relationship, although there was a significant number of Korean Vietnam Vets with the same thing as these two men before you. 

By the way, the black man said he believed that he has MS--- told us that without any prompting and before XXXX could tell him his story. 


I told them to look at all the evidence on file use keyword search agent orange/ defoliants/ brain atrophy and arsenic exposure and MS on EPA websites. 

They were stunned--wanted to know "why VA doesn't acknowledge this"---good question. 

Reason is simple economics, pure and simple. 

Now, I told them to do some tests and research on these Vets who are all over the place--not necessarily presenting at the VA.  For one thing, the Vet has been admitted into VA health care with a rating or is indigent.  Some vets would never succumb to needs testing.  Some will never have a thing to do with the military again.  Some don't trust these hospitals.  Just look around. 

I promised them another research article showing the increase in mucous production by the goblet cells in mice exposed to TCDD.  Then they wonder why these old grunts are all hoarse.  The chronic dripping onto their vocal chords and effort to clear that from the back of the throat is enough. 

I have to thank you for that article.... The VA in Chicago is in mucho hot water, anyway. 

They will be less than overjoyed to see that the grunts are doing their own research and medical reviews. 

By the way--- both XXXX and this man in the next bed clinically fit the profile of MS to a 'T'.  If they are not both diagnosed, I will be shocked.  By the way, the black man was in Vietnam in 1968/69 the exact same time as XXXX, almost in the same place.  Coincidence?  I don't think so. 

In addition, he says thank you also! 

He has been fighting with the VA for years--- is on Morphine and Tylenol 3 right now. 


Maybe that is what we need to do is try and educate the doctors of tomorrow on these government/VA cover-ups and the government/chemical companies tag-team of co-conspirators for pure monetary reasons; not scientific or medical ones.

I can tell you this; this e-mail made my day and at least maybe four years of hard research and gathering data will pay off.

I thank this 1st Cav couple for their efforts also as it brought some pride back with a small maybe even miniscule victory of information; and yes even some wet eyes in a grumpy  veteran that maybe, just maybe, the word will get out.


D Battery Pictures: 

D Battery Pictures that were found in the bottom of the LST and sent to me are posted at




Now when you review these I want you to look at http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/found/found18a.jpg


Somehow, this obviously 14 year old kid made it into the 6th Battalion, 27th Artillery Regiment, 23rd Artillery Group and served with D Battery 2/94th.


I did get a response from Martin, Mearil G. (Snork)- SP4 66-67 D Battery


Welcome home!!!!! I was at Camp Carroll in Feb 1967 and Gio Linh  Mar - July and some in Aug then the rest of Aug at the A Shau valley. Then we moved to firebase Cumberland.   That is where the pictures on the net were taken.   Then we moved again to Long Bin to have our 175 guns worked on.  My final stop before coming back to the world was Song Be on the Cambodian border.  I was with B Battery 6th Battalion, 27th Arty (D Battery 2/ 94th).


Thanks to Snork for informing us about those pictures.   Question answered that it was D Battery pictures.  Now who did they belong to?  Maybe one day we will find out.


Anyone identifying personnel in those pictures please let Glenda know at GKelley951@aol.com


Great landscape shots.  Without the Military presence in the picture could have been North Carolina or  the east side of the mountains on the Nevada side going up towards Reno.   Seen that type of scenery both places.  Should be a guy out there fly fishing.  Ha Ha


Forsake The Troops Website (formerly Citizens Against the Troops):


My mate with the Royal Australian Gunners website http://gunnersnet.com/gunners.html

Tibbo, sent me the following link:  If you have not seen Tibbo's website you should check it out - it is world class and then some.



Quote by the web manager Michael Crook.

Number of US soldiers killed in the Iraq War, of their own doing, because they CHOSE to be leeches: 1,568. These scumbags deserved what they got."

I wonder if this pinhead would accept an invitation to speak in Washington, DC on the 8th of June????  Ha Ha-  Gutless Wonder that he seems to be. 


But maybe he is doing it for the attention.  Obviously you cannot argue with this guy as he deals in fantasy and not logic, rationale, data, and any form of reasoning.  Unlike your own web manager. Ha Ha Ha Ha


So I am just passing it on as Tibbo requested.


Great pics on his site of some old artillery pieces.


Thanks Tibbo!!!!!  Stay safe down there!



Best to all,