2/94th Battalion Update Number 15


Items to discuss 


Items to be discussed:


Loss of  Members

Another Member Diagnosed with Lung Cancer



I regret to inform the members that Specialist Joseph D. Smith passed away on April 6th, 2005.  Specialist Smith died from AO related lung cancer.


In a message to Glenda, his widow writes:


Hello Glenda,


I am writing sadly tonight to let you know my husband, Joseph Darrell Smith, Vietnam veteran (SP4 1970-71. 2nd Battalion/94th Artillery) passed away yesterday, April 6, of service-related lung cancer (Agent Orange exposure).  You helped us last November to find the address & phone number for William T Sergi and Darrell was so excited to have the information and looking forward to attending the next reunion.  However, we learned at Thanksgiving he had inoperable lung cancer and after a courageous but unsuccessful attempt to slow the disease down, it finally killed him a short 4 months later.  He filed a claim for 100% disability but died before he received a determination.  Someone from the veteran’s contacted me today and went over all the benefits the children and I will be entitled to since his death was service related.  Doesn't anyone realize they could keep all that money and I would pay them to have Darrell back?  He served his country as he was called to do with pride and determination and he gets a painful early death in return.  I wonder what the poor, innocent young men and women are being exposed to in the current politically induced war that will bring their untimely deaths! 


Thanks for listening.


Debbie nahnas@yahoo.com


PS:  Darrell ended up never contacting Sergi - think he didn't want to bring him down by divulging his serious condition.


From the members of the Battalion we pass on to the family members our condolences and deepest sympathy at the loss of Specialist Joseph D. Smith.


From all of us, we thank Joseph for his honored service to the 2/94th Artillery Battalion (B Battery), The United States Army, and our Nation.


Rest in Peace - Specialist Joseph Darrell Smith, Vietnam Veteran, 1970-1971


Updated our B Battery roster at http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/Bbattery.htm


Sergeant Larry Stromberg of A Battery reports that PFC Shook, Lorman R. of A Battery 68-69 passed away in 1999 of heart issues.   Thanks to Larry for sending in that update.


Rest in Peace - Specialist Lorman R. Shook, Vietnam Veteran, 1968-1969.


Updated our A Battery roster at http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/Abattery.htm



Duffy writes that another one our members of Service Battery 67-68 has been diagnosed with both lung cancer and trachea cancer.  Both are AO associated and compensated.  Duffy said he called to say good-by.  Duffy indicated the VA had messed around and kept telling him it was pneumonia and/or bronchitis.


I asked Duffy if the member knew that he had to submit for coverage for these disorders so his wife and children may get something.  Duffy said he never mentioned it.  I sure hope he understands that he has to do this as the VA will not automatically do it, even though he is in a VA hospital.  Which is wrong in my opinion, and only contributes to the disingenuous VA policies below.


God's speed to our seemingly mortally wounded 67-68 Battalion member.


Duffy if you talk to the fellow again let me know if this if for general information.  I do not want to post who it is unless they want it posted.  He may want to keep this personal.



Earl Bowen sent in a website for you fellows looking for someone that seems to be able to list by state. 


If you know most of the name and recall the first name and last name you can search by state; you can limit by year of birth also. If you have a middle initial that is even better.


Located at http://www.zabasearch.com


Thanks Earl!

In that venue, Glenda has put together some links for those we have not found.


This is also off the main web page and that link is:




Using  http://www.zabasearch.com you fellows should be able to contact a few.   The pages are not complete yet and Glenda will add where these fellows were from as she gets to that and has some of the data.  We do have some of that information but not a lot.



I finally had those D Battery slides converted to pictures and will get them scanned in as time allows to get some D Battery pics on the site for those fellows.


At least I think it is D Battery.  One of the tubes has 007 on it if anyone recalls that.  It has a 175 firing and it looks like the old C Battery position in 67-68 because that 4th Marine Bell is in the picture.  The only batteries I know that were in that position was C, after D left the area.


Received an E-mail from Darrell Gutsche,


Hi Charles,


Pat Hillis and I got together this weekend for a great visit about old times on JJC. You may recall that he is in our 94th history as being WIA on Feb 5, 1968 at JJC. "B" Battery. Thought you'd like to see the photo Susie took of us yesterday when we got together about old times.


Pat is doing ok now from his leg wound after a lot of surgeries. He has to have a vein moved in his leg about every three years because of scar tissue forming. He loves his 94th hat Gary gave me so he could have one also. I am working on him to go to Sill with us also, I told him if you go to one you'll want to get to all of the ones there after, I know I do. Tell Glenda HI






Left is Darrell on right is Pat Hillis    67-68 WIA on 5 Feb 1968


Thanks to Darrell and Susie for that update.


Political stuff


Click for my link to VA and Government Philosophy and Loss of Benefits



Best to all,