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Update on Dennis Berg with toxin issues

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Editorial I submitted on VA court system


Update on the book – got e-mail from Ernie today, that I have to cut some of the AO book.  I guess when they got it together at the printers it looked like a War and Peace novel.  I at one time had thought about two books; one book with the government interventions and cover-ups, and one book with the medical stuff.


No problem to cut some of it and have some ideas already.  Need to get the master back from Ernie and then I will hit it hard, try, and meet the same schedule of June. 


Got the master now and will hit it hard.



Got an update from Dennis Berg who was with our 2/94th LNO team out at Khe Sanh during those battles out west.


As you recall he did not mind me passing this stuff on.


I had some of Dennis’s blood tests comparing them with mine since we seemed to have the same nerve damage issues.  I found that in his blood tests taken three years ago or longer the tests were showing diabetes, to include keytones in his urine.  In addition, every consecutive year they had gotten worse.


Yet, when I checked with Dennis no one had diagnosed him with diabetes.


Finally, the VA diagnosed him with diabetes and he is on diabetes medication now.  Just mind-boggling.


I have not heard on my VA diabetes claim yet and one of our fellows wrote in that it took him seven months to get his diabetes claim through the system, so for me not to get to too upset.  I had figured that five months was long enough but apparently, I figured wrong.  Again, I find this totally mind-boggling that an “associated disorder” takes seven months.


As you recall when I was sending information to all the candidates for president, the only one that responded was General Clark and he said he would put a VA mandate of a maximum of three months for an “associated disorder.”  Any longer than that, he considered stalling, as any logical person would.


Therefore, that is the good news from Dennis, if that can be considered good news.


The bad news is that the VA told him they are out of options and knowledge; and offered a lung transplant.  So far, Dennis is nixing that idea and is going to the Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN this June.


He is on some lung medication that gave him about a 5% increase in lung performance.


He is trying to get the amyloidosis associated to AO at the VA claiming AO involvement, using their new and improved language.


I am at a loss as to what this “new language” is and hopefully, Dennis will educate me on this so I can get it out to all of you.  I cannot believe the VA is now stooping so low, as to play word games.  Never mind yes, I can. 


Therefore, Dennis when you feel up to it, let me know what this involves if you would?  New terms, or new forms,  or new context????


There is no doubt in my mind amyloidosis, in any form, is toxin associated.  Too many veterans have this issue.


Brenda, one of my AO Veterans wives, sent me a BVA link to a veteran that actually got lung sarcoidosis approved.  Dennis you might want to look at that link.  How he got it approved is beyond me.  Thanks to Brenda.




When I reviewed the VA pulmonary doctors’ notes on me, he was looking for sarcoidosis in my lungs so this cannot be that rare in Nam guys.  He actually had it written on the report “could be sarcoidosis,” after I had the pulmonary test and before the CT scan.  In fact, he was really surprised I already knew about it and the term and all.  Then when I asked him what type; he asked, what I did for a living, Ha Ha


Cancer generally develops "after a cell accumulates a series of mutations."  When these series of cell mutations or cell maturation is arrested, for whatever the reason, they normally become some sort of autoimmune disorder.  With a bunch of mad, pissed off, mutated, deranged antibodies running around attacking or destroying any system or systems, creating many forms of immune system disorders, including amyloidosis, and many forms of macroglobulinemia.  Not just, what the VA says is cancer and then lists no autoimmune issues. That, I am finding out more and more is scientifically and medically  impossible.


The other issue they have tested and diagnosed Dennis with is "Barrett's esophagus."  This also is common in Vets.  Starts out as GERD, Barrett's esophagus, and then esophageal cancer.  The VA is still denying this cancer even though there are plenty of veterans that have this issue.  Moreover, was on the VA associated list in 1991 that was never released.


Barrett's esophagus and the follow on esophageal cancer is also associated with exposures to the Epstein-Barr virus as is our immune system cancers that are listed and already associated.  This is one reason why I called the NAS/IOM and asked them if all these toxin exposures were creating a response "as if the body had seen this virus."  As your recall the answer was with no pondering of the question - real quick I mean - "There is no proof of that!"  What I should have asked and failed at it, since it caught me off guard; well what proof do you have that it is not creating a similar antigen response and immune system dysfunctions?


Dennis says the VA wants to just keep track of this issue.  Again just mind-boggling.


Even though the VA report had, nasal/pharyngeal/esophageal cancers associated to dioxin, I found other toxins that this issue is associated with:


Agent Blue seems to be associated with mucous membranes such as mouth, pharynx, and esophagus.  I did find it interesting the even Dennis's blood work or urine work showed some elements of arsenic as I recall.  Although residual urine arsenic is not a good way to check that.  It seems the storage of arsenic for what really has been seen as levels is in the hair.  And unlike Dioxin, the body can get rid of a lot of it relatively quickly.  One report I did read on this arsenic is for chronic low low dose; some manifestations can take place at least 6 years as a minimum after exposure.  I could not find out what the time limit was or if there even was one at chronic low low dose rates.


While there is no doubt that AO caused miscarriages when comparing those areas that only had AO used and not AB - Arsenic has been known for decades now to cause increased chromosome damages, general organ systemic damages, neurotoxicity, reproductive toxicity and teratogenenicity, and immunotoxicity.   And once again the EPA has banned or limited the use of arsenic in pesticides and herbicides; with a recommendation of max rate of 0.05ppm in drinking water.


Agent White exposure to high concentrations of nitrosamines is associated with increased mortality from cancers of the esophagus, oral cavity, and pharynx.  When used in pesticides or herbicides it may cause DNA damage and cell death.


One book that is out now called the Dioxin War indicates that even 2,4-D as a stand alone also had dioxins in it which the chemical companies have denied.


In the early 80’s the EPA made Dow reduce the amount nitrosamine to re-qualify picloram.  I could not find out why or what discoveries or events drove that new EPA requirement and re-qualification as it seems to be lost in the toxin history of the nation.  Picloram now has no (zero) nitrosamine and less than 100 ppm of Hexachlorobenzene.


What that toxin swill was in Nam as far as formula and composition, I cannot find out as Picloram was DOW proprietary at that time.  How convenient is that now?  Makes me wonder.


As I point out in the book I can take those issues of AW and AB; and can point to the exact same things as AO on our list of associated disorders and then some.   So all this testing to only AO without correlation or exclusion testing is a bunch of bunk anyway.    


As I still review this stuff, here is something else I ran across in Aussie Veterans as far as symptoms go in over 44,000 Nam vets surveyed:









Personal update:


Most of you know I found out just before I went to the reunion in Sep that they had found enlarged lymph nodes on my right side on tests that were run in March or April for something else.  Yet, no one told me.  Only by accident from an intern did I find this out.


I could understand if they had told me and said, lets try some antibiotics and see if they go down or something but no one for almost six months said anything, and then by accident I find out.


Then two months later in Nov last year, my right side, lower right abdomen swelled and finally had tests for that in Feb of this year.  I was at the GI Clinic on the 28th of March.  I asked if those test results had come back yet since I had not heard anything.  I figured no news was good news.  Not so!  I figured sooner or later someone had to address this obvious swelling and pain since Nov.  Not so!


The GI intern said you mean no one has talked to you about this.  I said no they have not.


Enlarged spleen, enlarged liver, IgM counts had gone high in another test they had not told me about.  I knew the IgA had been high for years now after I found that in the Ranch Hand report, and had my doctor run the tests.


Anyway, Glenda got real upset and had me go to our family doctor and she told him what was going on.  She was concerned about the spleen deal.  He said he could not believe this was going on.


Anyway, he is going to start testing on the 2nd of May after my social security B starts.  He did give me some heavy duty pain killers as this side is killing me.  He also ran  some preliminary blood work while we waited and said it points to a viral issue.  Not good - spleen - liver - viral  issue = bad news.  He was also concerned about the spleen, but said the blood tests did not point to any PV.


Since then, I have broken out with a rash in that same swollen area with some slight full body itching.  Rash itches like crazy.  Therefore, I either have cooties (Ha Ha) or something else is going on.  I hope it is not a histamine release issue like I had in the late 70's till about 1994.  That would be another nail in the coffin.


Anyway, we shall see I guess.


The VA intern is worried I have celiac-spru and wants to do some scope/sample testing to prove out her theory.  Celiac is the least of my worries at this point.


Thirty-seven pulls of blood and all this other testing over 18 months  and no one can tell me what is going on?  They did tell me in neurology and the rheumatoid clinic they could do no more for me.  I thanked them and then when walking out was not real sure what they had done to begin with.


I did stop taking that 3600 mgs of gabapentin for nerve damage after the neurology said there was nothing they could do, as I found it was not doing any good anyway.  Got to be some side effects of taking that much of that crap on a daily basis.


I think I am done with the VA hospital.


Best to all,


And Mr. Berg, you hang there from all of us 2/94th guys!!!!!!!!!!


Editorial I sent in to Veterans News.


Veteran's Administration "Court System" - is it Unconstitutional?

For over 40 years White House after White House has used the VA court system to deny, stall, cover up, and limit Veteran expenditures because of the total stupidity and arrogance of the Johnson administration; and the toxin damages from Agents Orange, White, and Blue.

A report, released August 9, 1990, charges that officials in the Reagan administration purposely "controlled and obstructed" a federal Agent Orange study in 1987 because it did not want to admit government liability in cases involving the toxic herbicides."  (HR 101-672 "The Agent Orange cover-up: a case of flawed science and political manipulation.") 

In our case we have the Veteran's Administration as the absolute legal authority on what is obvious that even the government perceives themselves as the guilty party from the amount of government collaboration, cover-ups, and as above; White House activity and interference even in the studies paid for by the taxpayer.  Including, putting out a White House memo to all federal agencies involved, "not to find any correlation" from toxins and what the Vietnam Veterans and their offspring were manifesting.

When I say the VA is the "absolute legal authority" that is what it means.  No court in the land can overrule the VA courts' decisions.

Can you imagine the civilian outcry if the same thing happened to 3.2 million civilians say from some FDA/CDC cover-ups where they knew the dangers of some approved children's inoculations; and did not tell anyone.  (Which may be going on anyway.)

Then the "honest" federal government decided to create an "FDA/CDC court system" where if your child was damaged, you now had to go in front of their FDA/CDC appointed judges, and counselors set up like our VA court system. 

That would mean:

· You are not allowed to bring in your own legal counsel until a certain stage of the process, and that may take up to five years, or however long the new court wants to take.  (There is no time limit to even respond at present.) (I have that evidence since the VA here in Atlanta informed my congressional office of that very fact, "there is no time limit;" and the letter sent to me had that VA/congressional office e-mail also in it, by mistake I am sure.)

· Only the corrupt scientific evidence created by the FDA/CDC is valid in this court, even if you prove it is corrupt, biased, and/or tainted.

· Any valid evidence you have is now discounted by many many different ways.

· Even if you get a 50/50 tie, the FDA/CDC judges will now say they give more weight to the suspect FDA/CDC studies, or more weight to a single statement made by the head of the FDA or the CDC,
and override any evidence you have presented.

· That is the final ruling, since no other court can overrule the decision of this government-biased court.

How long would this nation put up with that form of justice?  Yet, it goes on daily at the VA for the veterans of this nation at the behest of White House after White House to limit around a 4% approval rate or less per year.  Everything else is denied based on corruption, collaboration, and total government bias.

Yet, our congress does nothing to protect their constituents, from what could be called "VA/government tyranny," but approve of these VA and White House shenanigans. 

VA "March Orders" given, directed, and approved by the White House.