2/94th Battalion Update Number 13


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Reunion and Battalion History


Hi to All,


Greg has the preliminary reunion info posted at


Also, there are new polls in the left column and an attendance indication
poll in the pop-up reunion info window.

2/94 FA Reunion committee


I am starting to work on the history again and have created a link to these finals off of the main page, as I get to them.  With Charles Stephenson’s help on grid placement areas, we should be able to get this history finished relatively quickly.  Especially since Charles and I now have the same software.  Ha Ha


I have to apologize since this should have been completed long long ago but I thought the AO, AW, AB book was more important at this time.  In addition, the discovery of some of the fire mission records I think will be a good addition for military history, especially if I can tie in those to the personal accounts and present a clear picture of what was going on.


I contacted Third Marine Recon and they are working on some stuff that ties in with the fire missions for me.


I posted the Reactivation Final at




This is the final go round on this Reactivation from (06-01-66 to 10-31-66).


You will notice I have references to picture CD’s and I think that is the way we have to do this.  That is the last thing I will do to each section is create a CD for each section with photos of the marked events.  We have too many good pictures of the Battalion History not to have these as some sort of slide show, in color where possible, that goes with the written history.  Especially since this is the worlds view of our history and military history.


You will also notice I have a revision date at the top.  Two weeks (14 days) from that date the Reactivation becomes final.  No different than in engineering, sooner or later you have to shoot the engineer and build the product.


Now at the last reunion I fussed some about those that have comments and accounts not telling me or telling me in person, like I am going to remember that two weeks from then.  I cannot.


This is your history - not mine or anyone else’s, this is your history.  As I put these up as “finals” please review them for accuracy and content.  The form on the webpage is a little different than the printed version; so do not worry about format or the color.


If you have something to add, (a remembrance or an account) “not already covered” in the Reactivation then please please write it down and e-mail it to me for addition.  Does not matter if you have the perfect date or not.  We will find a way to get it in the appropriate time frame.


Thanks to all.


Whitener, Russ SGT 69-70 (nickname "Hoss") A Battery - his nephew found the site and pass on a welcome to Russ if his nephew would pass that along for us.  Thanks.


Lester talked to Daniel MacFarlane by phone this week.  Lester had been looking for MacFarlane for 30 years.  Lester is getting Danny's e-mail for us.  Glad they finally hooked up.


Steele, Lorenzo D. - SP4 67-68 C Battery found the website and we want to welcome him.  I think Lorenzo was on Gun 1 starting around March of 67.


For some of you new fellows here are some links to some of the more recent updates.








Best to all,