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17, Dec 2004

2/94th updates and AO issues


Hi to all:

Another quick AO update.

Also our Christmas Card to all you guys and gals and your families from Glenda and myself. Turn your speakers up if you have any.  Please pass it on to your e-mail lists.

Located at


Glenda Christmas story:  We were developing a new digital autopilot for a missile with many new built in test features and were in the design development phase.  Just before Christmas they brought in this new wiz bang computer design station that was supposed to solve all the problems of the world.  The brand new wiz bang after about three days of crunching decided the design philosophy and criteria was impossible.  Of course program management went as ballistic as the missile was supposed to be.


Christmas break was upon us and the plant shut down for Christmas Holidays.  I guess now days it is supposed to be called Winter Holiday Vacation.


Glenda had worked with many design stations but not this particular one.  After seeing how the computer jock operated it; she went in over Christmas with the first day familiarizing herself with the design station.  Now they had turned all the heat off so she was working in coat and gloves. 


By the time the company came back after the 1st of the year she had totally completed the three hardboard -flex board design with all the additional testing ports that the DOD wanted and would fit the mechanical constraints of the seeker.  As usual, software  was running behind at this point.  Ha Ha


Now that sounds like an extraordinary feat or accomplishment, not so.


Remember I trained her!!!!!!!  Ha Ha Ha Ha  (Don't tell her I said that!)



I did get a request to write up a small article on this "dioxin in the news" for a county forum here.  Not a real big start but it is a start.

Posted at http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/DioxinintheNews.htm


Going to try and refine that some and get it to the editors at Time Magazine.


I did receive an interesting E-mail from Lee Ferrell that was trying to run for congress here in Georgia. Lee is retired Air Force and worked in the Air Force intelligence service.  There is a name for that part of the military service but I forgot what it is called.  Pretty exclusive as I recall.

"Thought you might find this interesting: I just got out of the hospital this afternoon.

Now, why a Charge Nurse is getting in the middle of a billing problem, I don't know. Upon discharge, right in front of other patients, the Charge Nurse tells me Tri Care has not been paying the Bills of Military Patients and I needed to make arrangements with the billing office to pay my bill. Either she is anti military or a serious jerk.

Since she opened up my bill to public discussion. I informed her, loudly in public, I would pay my $30 ER visit, my $30 a day hospital Bill, my $25 per procedure tab, my $12 a day doctor bill, my $3 per prescriptions fee. Anything over that she could sue the Department of Defense. That they had a contact with the US Government and if the government didn't pay it was not my problem.

That she was in violation of Federal Law trying to extort money from me that the US government was required to pay and was in violation of US law even trying to get extra money out of me. She could send the Bill to the US Air Force or she could go to Hell, I didn't care which."



Some have already seen this:

I was talking to Dennis Burg and put together an I Corps Toxin Resume for you fellows.

My gut feeling on these lung issues our guys are seeing is related to this blood enzyme Alpha Antitrypsin which is supposed to protect the lungs from such damages.  No, I have nothing to go on other than the similarities of lung issues and is just a guess.  I just wonder if anyone is testing the enzyme for deficiency or possible modifications creating a deranged enzyme - if that is even possible.

Almost as if it created an inherited condition when you should not have that condition. Any of you fellows have that in your VA blood tests?

Toxin resume posted at:

Told Dennis we are all pulling for him and his family.

Received e-mail from another one of our guys that was also recently diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy.  You A Battery guys temporarily down in Chu Lai had their share of toxin spraying also.  The QL9 corridor just seemed to be more concentrated in all three major herbicides with the firebases so close together and common water supplies.

I received e-mail from a former SFC that was handling these toxins in the Philippines and he has degenerating spine issues, spinal nerves that are degenerating, Peripheral Neuropathy (no feeling in his hands and feet), severe pain and vision problems.  Been on oxygen for a number of years, thyroid gland is bad, and his sinuses and sinus canals are chemically burned.  The sergeant sends testimonials and contacts that the drums were damaged, rusted, and leaking all over the place at Clark.  He also participated in handling and the spraying of these toxins on the outer islands.  I will be using this example in the summary.

Now most of these medical issues were found in either the Ranch Hand or the Korean study yet this veteran is denied even the basic compensations already established by a dioxin dose rate.  Even if they awarded him the proven dose response neuropathy that would be a help financially.  Just disgusting and immoral actions by the VA and the secretary of the VA who obviously, the more I find, have zero integrity as it seems our presidents and politicians follow this same trait.

He received 10% disability for an old foot wound.  As he said, no one cares, especially our politicians and presidents.  Another outrage among probably 100's of thousands.


I am also finding there is a move to put together a documentary on the toxin legacy with testimonials.  "The Last Battle of Vietnam".  I am sure some of you might want to get involved.

However, I must warn you that the VA is a very "vengeful and intimidating federal agency" and will go after any Veterans that speak out against them.  Even if you have a disability, they will find a way to take it or reduce it if they choose to take actions against you for you telling the truth.  Alternatively, you will play hell getting an increase should you become even more disabled. 

Remember they are under no rule of law and can do anything they want to any Veterans and there is very little, if anything, you can do about it and certainly no actions will be taken against them; no matter what they do.

Even if a wife speaks out, they will still punish the Veteran as was uncovered in the Diane Sawyer VA hospital special.

I am feeling that VA sting now with a confirmed diabetes diagnosis by the VA doctor endocrinology specialist out of Emory and the VA says we "may" need more info.  Is that stalling or what?  I am on diabetes oral medication, which seems to help and they "may" need more information.  This medication also seems to help in the gastrointestinal issues some also, hallelujah!!!!!!  Which tells me I was correct all along in this insulin issue and the doctor just verified it with the additional testing.

The question is; when does this VA "may" get decided?  Is this two years from now, four years from now?  


will try and find out more about the documentary and let you know for any brave hearts out there.  I will participate if they want me to, as I have nothing else to lose; except my home I guess.

Some have asked about my right side swelling and filling up with blood.  That has subsided and the skin has returned to normal color.  Still swollen to some degree.  Does not hurt like it did - for a while it hurt to even take a deep breath. There is something there now and I will not be able to get that examined until next February at the VA to see what it is.   The heart blockage and valve test were run but as you know the VA is not forthcoming with any test results.  I do not think they will find anything there; but the VA pulmonary doctor wanted those run because of my lung issues.  He has suggested some form of obstructive air way disorder also. 

Thanks to all that inquired.


The more I thought about this polyneuropathy and the found and quoted dioxin dose rates in about 6 different Ranch Hand transcripts and the overwhelming data found in the Korean Study and dioxin victims themselves. Then only to have the secretary of the VA, with his lack of medical credentials, declare there is no association to polyneuropathy or peripheral neuropathy; and then have the VA legal beagles including judges in this "trumped up court system" state this one pronouncement in the VA courts, as they turn down Veterans; which of course is illegal as heck. it is time to fight this issue in the media.


I am working on that white paper at http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/Dioxininthenews1.htm

If I have to I will take it to the NYT's as much as I despise that newspaper.

I will try first getting an explanation from the government on this one medical issue travesty; even though I have found more than just this one.  After that, it is time to get political. That is the only thing these pinheads in government understand when it comes to Veterans.

It is also time congress investigated this VA and NAS/IOM connection that continually denies associations to even "confirmed dioxin dose responses".

By the way, for those of you that have this neuropathy stuff so bad on your legs and feet and cannot stand socks on the upper part of your legs.  Glenda found some  double cushioned men's socks that only come just barely past the ankle bone.  So they will stay up and not get on the upper leg and cause pain and pressure.

Best that way,




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