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13, Dec 2004

2/94th updates and AO issues


Hi to ALL,

SP4 Russell L. Edwards HHB (Medic) Nov 69 - Nov 70 found the website and we send a warm "Welcome Home" to him from the group.

I added Russell to our HHB rosters and Glenda added him to our E-mail list.


Russell is looking for James Fanestiel.  Unfortunately our e-mail for Jim is no longer valid it seems. 

Dennis Berg,  LNO out at Khe Sanh, writes that two outside the VA doctor specialists have now diagnosed him with secondary amyloidosis in his lungs. This was one of my concerns to him that just because the VA said he did not have primary amyloidosis based on the fact he was still alive; did not mean he did not have secondary amyloidosis or even some form of unknown tertiary amyloidosis caused by the dioxin or the combinations of toxins. There are many forms of amyloidosis. In the book I compare some of the diseases that are on our list, of the very few that is, and show a possible connection to this enzyme protein disorder at any level and any organ or system.

I am totally disgusted with this turn of events. The information void created by our own government in this issue has doctors not looking at our guys as toxin exposure victims and then looking at what these toxins can cause. Or at least thinking outside the box of the normal patients.

My VA nerve and muscle biopsy in February is to see if I have amyloid type deposits. So they know this is an issue and then do not carry it far enough.

I believe many of our departed Veterans had this form of issue in other organs especially kidneys.

Dennis has many other issues that any sane mind would contribute to toxins and this one is just now being diagnosed. Just mind-boggling.

Dennis will be going to the Mayo clinic this summer to see if there is something that can be done to arrest this condition.

In his e-mail to me, Dennis is more than aware that this is a terminal disorder.

I know we all send our prayers to Dennis and his family they will find some cure for this progressive disorder or at least some arrestment of his present continual damages.


I did get an e-mail that showed we are losing from 1995 to 2000 over 17,000 middle aged and younger Vietnam Veterans a year.  That average is about what we lost in the worst year of 67-68.  Have not confirmed that as yet but that seems awful high and was about 390 a day of middle aged Veterans.



AO issues:

By the way, let me add something before I go on to my request. 


In further study of the Ranch Hand transcripts and the congressional oversight review and what has happened since 1982 - this thing is nothing but a FUBAR study controlled by government interference all the way up to the surgeon general by name and lord knows whom else under the executive branch. 


Now he has no business sticking his nose in changing study protocols that were established before 1982 when the study started.  There are many Veterans medical disorders that show 50% increase or more by skin exposure alone.  Because they

do not meet the standard of a linear increase with dioxin are not forthcoming.  In addition, because you cannot write and publish some dumb scientific paper these medical disorders become as if they do not exist in our toxin legacy.


The study started out as an Agent Orange “herbicide study”, not an Agent Orange “dioxin only study”.  This means by default that the NAS/IOM and the rest of the world are not finding out about these other 50% confirmed or at least “significant increase in disease” issues.  Convenient, but borders on the criminal.


It is bad enough the VA under the executive branch has lied since day one but now enters the surgeon general, no doubt on behest of the president changing protocols that would show a lesser correlation.


In addition, the government is using the Ranch Hand as the gold standard for the Vietnam toxin experience because of its long-standing on going length of study, not how much integrity it has.  When it has become just a single toxin component study.  The study leadership states that it is because that dioxin was in most of the toxin sprays.  We know that is not true along the DMZ.


In our case, it is a moot point.  While we had enough Agent Orange to choke a horse.  As you know Cam Lo had almost as much Agent White as Agent Orange and a ton of Agent Blue.  With the Rockpile running second with Agent Blue.  That is of what I have found so far anyway.  We know Agent White was used on all the perimeters.  Lord knows what and how much was used on the DMZ burm itself.


It also is being relied on around the world as some gospel in accordance with herbicides.  It is no longer an Agent Orange study but a dioxin study.  With a dose response required to dioxin, which makes no sense, since the other toxins may even be part of the original dose response at the time of exposures.


Including this study is for primarily skin exposure only - which leaves out other forms of ingestion and rates of ingestion, which is critical to any toxin damages.  As far as this affinity to dioxin - I think more or less came because of advances in dioxin evaluation after the study started.  This just adds more confusion to even the scientists on the committee. 


The chloracne, found in Yushchenko below, is associated with dioxin poisoning is normally associated with those individuals with smooth skin and not so hairy males.  This would probably mean it is associated with some form of genetic predisposition.  Ironically, the Ranch Hand report found no increased incidence of chloracne, which again just points out how this study should not be used as some gold standard.  This also might point out that the method of ingestions must play a part in some of these toxin(s) disorders, as anyone should expect.


In fact, I believe the Ranch Hand study is categorizing these findings wrongly.  A dose response is normally associated or categorized with some form of ingestion.  One form of ingestion may not cause the same medical issue or be as sensitive as another form of ingestion. No different than the chloracne discussed above.  We know it is valid through mouth ingestion yet according to the Ranch Hand it may not be valid through skin exposures.


Therefore, they should be saying that any linear dose response found is associated to skin exposures only or however they have these fellows characterized.  Big difference in route of entry and what the toxin may cause.


This might open some congressional eyes that seem to be blind.  If you consider that some toxins migrated through the skin may cause burning and inflammation only, or even some numbness for example; but if you drink it you are dead.


Total body burden would mean no matter how or what method you ingested it or were exposed to the toxins.  Your body burden at that particular time of a certain contaminates is at some level.  This level reaches as critical mass at some level but no one so far has been able to determine that level is in the average genotype.  


Congress seems to totally disassociate this scientific reasoning - on purpose or not?  - you would have to ask them.


For Veterans, this chloracne condition was denied from 1968 to 1984.


No, the Ranch Hand study is no longer what is was purported to be and it certainly is not doing what we Veterans thought or the rest of the world at present is considering it is doing.  In fact, it seems to have become an active government filter to not show the rest of the world what they have found at a 50% increase of statistics in diseases and disorders; including paternal birth defects.  It should also be listed as a "specific route of entry dioxin study” and not a generic herbicide exposure study.


I will not get into it here but I think this is why the Ranch Hand study is not finding the cancers that we know are prevalent among the guys in the field.  Method of entry does play a role.  Including rate of ingestion which now goes to the body burden itself.


I found that out when the Korean researchers found the heart and vascular issues in 2003 and stated the Ranch Hand report had not stated such findings.  Yet, when I reviewed the actual findings they had indeed identified and found this issue by as early as 1999.


Remember, all we are supposed to need is a “significant correlation” or an “increased risk of incidence”.  A 50% percent increase I would consider a “significant correlation”.


Now this being used as an active filter, pales in comparison to the out and out lies by the VA and the NAS/IOM.  The Ranch Hand in six different meetings stated a linear dioxin dose response to; and I am quoting here:  “polyneuropathy”!  Backed up by the same findings to a positive level of 96% in 2003 by the Korean study.


Even without this evidence there is so much evidence going back to 1949 including that Agent Blue is noted for its neurotoxin involvement of the peripheral nerves.


How this disabling condition is still being denied by the secretary of the VA and the NAS/IOM when the “gold standard” found a linear dose response to polyneuropathy in 1998 is now criminal.  In the book, I call for an investigation into this denial by the secretary of the VA and the apparent support provided by the NAS/IOM in this out and out lie.


In fact, the secretary of the VA has categorically denied such involvement along with the NAS/IOM and concluded only transient peripheral neuropathy is associated with a two year total resolving of the issue.  Now these guys were being evaluated in 1998 and nothing had resolved itself.


So which is it the VA secretary is actual saying?  That the Ranch Hand study and/or the Korean study and those doctors involved  are lying; or that every neurologist or doctor in the United States  that treated the Veterans is now totally inept and have no idea what they are doing medically, compared to the very medically astute all-knowing omnipotent secretary of the VA; or very possibly both.


Since dioxin is in the news, what I would like to do is strike while the iron is hot.

I would ask that you take a few minutes and contact your congressman and senators by using

Check on "contact your legislatures" - "plug in your zip code" and then the message goes to the president, your congressman, and your two senators.

I would also request that you pull up the CNN news sites, the FOX news sites, ABC, and any other site you can think of such as 60 minutes or Diane Sawyer, etc. Like for FOX and the others send to the main new shows. Send them same e-mail.

We need to send the message as below or similar: Or do your own by all means.

"Since dioxin is in the main news media at this time with doctors telling the nation what this dioxin can cause as far a liver damages and systemic disorders such as heart, lung,  and kidney damage, etc, as well as destroying the autoimmune system.

Could the media and/or our congress please tell the Vietnam Veterans of this nation why these dioxin facts of liver damages and these systemic disorders, according the Veterans Administration and our president, do not apply to Veterans? Those of us that are left anyway. Especially since the Veterans ingested this dioxin in Agent Orange, plus other toxins of Agent White and Agent Blue for at least a year.

Or does the media figure the news was the fact that Yushchenko was poisoned, not the fact dioxin was used; and the relationship in this issues and 100's of thousands of Veterans that have died, are dying, or becoming disabled from dioxin and other toxins not news worthy. While the government continually denies and covers-up known dioxin and toxin issues for the Vietnam Veterans and their families of this nation; as well as other allies that fought along side of the American military.

I can tell you this - I am prepared to debate any news organization or any congressional representative on this issue and the 40 years of cover-ups. The data I have is backed up with facts and any subjective issues I bring up are backed up with facts and data that if nothing else have not been proven wrong.

You guys with contact lists of your own please pass this on and you fellows down under with the Royal Artillery please you do the same.


Thanks to all the guys that sent in what these doctors are saying about dioxin on the news shows.  Just amazing how they will come to the forefront for this one guy and how serious this exposure is.  Yet, when it comes to the Veterans and warriors of this nation they run off and hide; rather than face the wrath of the United States government, who we know from our own tragedies and the tragedies of our buddies do nothing but cover up this issue.

Lets get this Veterans issue back into the public eye.

Best that way to all,



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