Toxic Chemical Update 8


Covered:  2005 Ranch Hand Publication in Military Medicine


2005 Ranch Hand publication.


Hi to all,


Any of you that have read my book; this new 2005 Ranch Hand report just verifies only some of what I had found and concluded.


The 2005 Ranch Hand Published report in Military Medicine, which with its past-criticized biased political history is certainly suspect to reporting all the found issues and finding anyway it can; to dilute the findings, which I also found in the transcripts, found as follows: 


Bearing in mind, these men were primarily exposed by skin contact alone.  That may have been a higher level of exposure per day but certainly not the worst form of exposure/ingestions as the boots on the ground.  The Ranch Hand study was “White House relegated” to study one element of one toxic chemical and that being the dioxin, TCDD.  Also, bearing in mind that this study only reports mortality.  Not actually, “all found associated disabling disorders.”


Cited in the study is the VA’s own study that found increased risk of death attributable to digestive diseases.


Also cited in the study is the Australian study that found increased risk of death attributable to digestive diseases.


Since they neither stated “all digestive diseases” or down selecting to a particular site or area then one would have to assume “all digestive diseases.”


Yes, Vietnam Veterans have been reporting digestive system issues since at least 1968 but it fell on “deaf and dumb government ears.”


Obvious to me, these scientists flunked problem solving and reporting 101.


I am just going to list the Risk Ratio as the P-value is skewed because they are only looking for a single component rather than all possibilities of contamination.




Endocrine = RR = 1.4

Circulatory = RR = 1.3 - although on this one the p-value was 0.07

Respiratory = RR = 1.2

Digestive Diseases = RR = 1.6


This next one is just hilarious in the way it was reported - not funny in actuality.


Ill defined or unknown = RR – 1.5  - So if you served in Vietnam you have a RR of 1.5 over someone who did not serve in Nam or was not exposed.  We just do not know what that something is and have no idea of the symptoms or systems affected.  In a pigs eye!


Under circulatory issues:


Atherosclerotic heart disease = RR = 1.7- although on this one the p-value was 0.009

Acute Myocardial Infarction = RR = 1.3

Coronary Arteriosclerosis = RR = 2.2

Cerebrovascular disease = RR = 2.3 -although on this one the p-value was 0.08

Hypertensive disease = RR = 2.5

Other Circulatory disease = 2.4


A cumulative total of RR = 1.7 with I might add a p-value of 0.001 which conclusively points to a connection to TCDD and a significant increase in mortality.


Yet, still the VA will not associate these disorders to the toxic chemicals but only to a diabetes condition.


Once again, what was conveniently left out in the references was any reference to the last four dioxin EPA reassessments or to any of the actually honest Korean studies that also showed a definite connection to not only heart issues but related brain atrophy and brain infarction issues; also finding many peripheral vascular autoimmune disorders.


Instead, the references seemed to be cherry picked and more references to their own biased work than anyone else’s work.


How do our elected officials that are supposed to protect their constituents from this form of White House mockery and injustice let this go on? 


Unless, they are an integral part of the mockery and injustice!


Maybe we should ask them????????


Best to all,