Toxic Chemical Update 7


Hi to all,


AO News and Disability Commission


I posted my responses to the Veterans Disability Commission and the three subcommittees at:


Comments 1 and the “Letter of Support” not to use the NAS/IOM were submitted already.


I will be submitting 2-4 on Sunday to all that are on my copy list that have not already seen the submittals.


As you can read, I am tired of trying to deal with the government/DVA with logic and real scientific data and it is time to call this process what it is and the DVA really is and that is adversarial.


Many have suggested that this committee is the beginning of the end for the DVA and any service connected Veterans’ Benefits at all.  Moreover, it is nothing but a legitimization process of what they are going to do anyway to limit the cost of war in the out years and make the military nothing but a civil service job; or the equivalent there of.


Anyway I did not hold much back as you can read.  Some of the issues I could not comment on, as I have no real data; personal or otherwise.



Not sure, about the meeting in November yet with Congressman Buyer and his VAC crew.  It seems the promises made are now waning on this meeting.  I guess they are tired of the truth and only want the Secretary of the DVA to lie to them so they can feel better about what a great job they are doing.



Not sure if I will be invited to represent Vietnam Veterans in the Spring of 2006 in that committee meeting yet but I told them I am ready and willing and I will be sending information to Congressman Evans of Illinois who seems to be interested to some level.



Not sure, on the Amicus brief “friend of the court” filing yet for the 11th Circuit or even if it will be required by VERPA.



I will be filing in the 11th Circuit against the DVA and the government that they have not complied with the 9th Circuit Court ruling in 1991 that only an “increased risk of incidence” and/or a “statistical increase” is the rule and the intent of congress in the Dioxin Act of 1984 for establishing toxic chemical service connected associations.


I have nothing to loose in this issue, as they will not grant me Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) compensations because the VA neurologist indicated the PN “may be” associated to diabetes.  Therefore, this is my only conflict of interest on my part.


I had to laugh at the VA Neurologist when I talked with him recently.  His answer was just do not get exposed again.  Thanks for nothing!


The centerpiece in my brief is the overwhelming scientific and mathematical data that shows PN is not only associated with the dioxin (TCDD) and/or Service in Vietnam regardless of which toxic chemical caused it.  Yet, the DVA still ignores this data even found in their studies.  Therefore, the issue will be general processes used for approval or I should say lack of approval in the case of the DVA.  Along with specific disorders that meet the 9th Circuit Court ruling, I will submit specific study data supporting those medical disorders.


This will hold true for cardiovascular issues, specific cancer sites found, hepatic disorders, hematology disorders, central nervous system damages, birth defects, and ***pulmonary disorders.


*** I am weak in this one for data because the Koreans did not evaluate this system for impacts.



B and T cell dysregulation matrix.


I indicated before I am putting together a matrix of what was found in the dysregulaton of B and T cells in the “three cohort Korean AO impact study” along with IL 4 and IL 10; and INF gamma and TNF alpha dysregulations found.


Man, this sounds like a simple disclosure of what they categorically found.  Let me tell you this thing goes much deeper than just B and T cell dysregulations.


Everyone knows about antibodies but when you get into the impacts of these “chemical messengers” and how they impact the cells/antibodies and each other with common actions and anti-actions I would guess, and this is a guess, this is one of the secondary level root causes of the cancers and immune system issues.


These things are grouped into two groups Type 1 impacts and Type 2 impact responses.  Yet, as I go through this some of the Type 2 primarily found, they have a direct impact or influence in the Type 1 including what seems to be a lessoning of the bodies ability to not recreate virus infected cells.  That is certainly notable as far as I am concerned with the already associated issues I have pointed out that seemed to be associated, according to the world of medicine, with exposure to the EBV or any virus. 


Does this now mean that an exposure to a virus that everyone has that would have meant nothing due to the immune system now becomes significant for Vietnam Veterans with this dysfunction and the inability not to recreate the virus modified cells.  Just not sure yet.


As far as the Hepatitis C virus which seems to be about 5 to 1 compared to civilian rates of development is this also somewhat associated?  I do not know and it seems those that are supposed to know or at least be interested do not know or at least they are not telling.


What I do know and have verified:


Vietnam Veterans are a unique once in a lifetime event in their exposures to Agent Orange (AO) and Agent White (AW).  Remember that Agent Orange was a 50/50 mixture of AO and AW.  We now know since 1991 that when reviewing Dow's formula there were other dioxins, closely related furans, and xanthones in that AW formula that were not previously known by anyone other than DOW.  This creates not only a potency increase but the medical issues that would develop would be amplified and more wide spread than the one toxic issue our government is studying and associating and that being the dioxin (TCDD) only.  Therefore only using the dioxin (TCDD) to associate anything is totally spurious and scientific nonsense on the part of our government.


In the Ranch Hand transcripts I found scientific discussions of the Ranch Handers, skin contact only of the dioxin (TCDD), possibly developing nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and then going on to cirrhosis of the liver.


There is such a disorder called autoimmune hepatitis which use to be called Lupoid Hepatitis.  Not because you had lupus but the symptoms were so similar they did not know the difference at that time.


The number one cause of autoimmune hepatitis is alcohol followed by environmental toxic exposures.


I have seen articles where the hospitals and doctors could not tell the difference and only after treating with interferon alpha with no response or a degraded response did the hospital realize that they were not dealing with a virus caused hepatitis immune system response but an environmental created immune system hepatitis response.  After eliminating the interferon alpha treatment and treating the disorder with steroid type treatment the patients improved.  Thereby concluding that the disorder was not virus related.


You must remember when the Hep C diagnosis is made they do not see the actual virus antigen only the bodies immune system response to the virus antigen.


That even a liver biopsy the pathologist had better know what he is looking at and the difference.


Including that our EPA has concluded that dioxin (TCDD) alone can cause fat cell infiltration of the liver and bile ducts which leads to cirrhosis.


On the other hand:


As you know one of our AO fellows, Richard, doing his own research ran across this fairly recent admission by the medical community that you can develop what is called NON- HIV-Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome (NON-HIV-AIDS).  You have the same immune system deficiency normally associated to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).  Yet, you have never seen or been exposed to this antigen virus that creates AIDS.  The now dysfunctional immune system, from whatever the cause, outside of the virus creates the exact same damage and will test the same. This is now medically redefined by even the less than truthful CDC who sold their soul to the White House in 1987 when dealing with Vietnam Veterans toxic chemicals (plural) issues.


Does this mean that a once in 500 year group of unique exposure victims in an unknown toxic chemicals cannot replicate the same immune system impacts of the Hep C virus without seeing the antigen virus itself?   I would think if they have discovered that this can happen with HIV it is certainly plausible given the above immune system dysregulation and the impacts of a deficient immune system as well as an inflammatory immune system the odds are pretty good.  If it can apply to one virus it certainly can apply to another.  An antigenic response is an antigenic response; as a rose by any other name. 


Regardless, I think it is positive that Vietnam Veterans have met the intent for compensations mandated by the congress and verified by the ruling of the 9th Circuit Court which is totally ignored by the DVA.


This mandate and court ruling was for "increased risk of incidence" or a "significant increase."  A 75- 80% increase when compared to the same number non-Vietnam Veterans is certainly SIGNIFICANT! 


As you can guess this, will take some time as I am not smart enough and have to look up about every other word and then go look up the additional impacts.


It certainly looks as if this creates not only a weakened immune system but also one that at the same time can be inflammatory causing autoimmune disorders while the weakened immune system allows the development of the cancers.


This also shows interferences capable in about every one of the body systems.



It is a shame that all Vietnam Veterans and their widows have are few fellows like myself that are even trying to do anything.


Case in point:


I previously recently reported that the large law firm of Morrison and Foerster was going to take cases against the DVA for individuals.  Even had accepted some Veteran's packages of information.  Now I hear from my contact in New York that while they were previously interested in her case are now not interested.  When another one of my contacts, already submitted data, contacted the law firm and asked what was going on he said it sounded like as the word got out that this law firm was indeed going to go up against the unscrupulous DVA that our wonderful and Veteran caring government got to them.  Just as they have in the past when investigative reporters uncovered cash bonuses being paid for DVA denials.


I wonder if our present and future Veterans have any idea what is in store for them as they finish their honorable service to an ungrateful government.



Tampa Tribune Article -  Wife Says VA Is MIA When Vet Needs Aid?.



Please contact this reporter at and thank Richard for at least posting something negative about the omnipotent DVA.


Or at the bottom of the article there is a place to write the editor and I would specifically request that you send a note requesting more public information provided on Veteran's issues not withstanding any government pressure to not do this.  It is time the public is made aware of just how despicable our Nations government treats its own Veterans and their widows.


Or do both!


In talking with my life- long 1st Marine friend from elementary school on up he did not know about all this stuff until I told him.  He got diabetes, neuropathy and heart issues in four months.  He thanked me profusely for telling him and then felt bad because I was having such a hard time getting compensated.  He did not understand how I could not be compensated since 2002 and he got his in four months.  Of course, that is because the Atlanta DVA is a bunch of documented crooks. 


I told him not to worry.  That someone was going to be sorry as hell when I submitted data to them and they still denied me because of some 38 CFR that they themselves wrote.  All the while telling me the data I provided did show a connection.  That is ridiculous for any federal agency to be able and even allowed to operate that way.


I did find out why my Marine friend made Sgt E5 in the Corps in 21 months, which is unheard of.  He had two battlefield promotions.


Funny story I want to pass on.


He was at a bar not to long ago and there was some guy talking about "Vietnam this and Vietnam that" and John said he knew the guy was probably not old enough to be there.  John walked over and asked him where he got all this knowledge and if was not there suggested in Marine terms the guy could understand to shut his mouth.  The fellow stood up and said and who is going to make me.  John hit him with one punch and knocked him out.  The funny thing is John told me he was thinking, oh please do not get up as I am too old to run and have no choice but to stand and fight.  Ha Ha Ha The fellow did not get up!!!!!!!


I had also told him once he got approved to check with the county tax folks for service disability issues.  He got $5,500 dollars off his real estate taxes. 


So you fellows check in your states if you are service connected and see if it applies in your area.  I think you have to be over 20% but that might be just a Florida rule down there.



Lots to do and get done on these issues.



The book orders page for my Agent Orange, White, and Blue book is at:


I have posted an unsolicited review there.


I have asked one of our Veteran’s wives to also review the book as well as one of our Marine - Navy Combat Corpsman there during 67-68.



Best to all and do not give up.  That is exactly what this government wants you to do and that goes especially for the widows.