Toxic Chemical Update 6


Covered: Neuropathy, Fatigue, the VA hospital processes, etc.




Reply to Stretch, Brenda, and Alton; and all,


Discussion on Neuropathy, Fatigue, the VA hospital processes, etc.


Lets take the easy one first.


VA hospital processes:


There are a very few VA hospital doctors that care about you and there are others who just are putting in their time.  Most are what I refer to as “company doctors” and even though they know the toxic chemical issues, they are not going to go up against the VA, their employer.  By shear repetition of what they see they have to know many of the issues that are at hand.  The VA is so overcrowded, that yes, seven months between appointments or longer, is not unusual.  Even after waiting a year or more in just getting into the system.


Anyone that advocates socialized medicine and assembly line medicine should visit a VA hospital.


As one of the 1st Cavalry wives said not to long ago; who happens to be an advanced nurse.  They are just running out the clock on these men using 15-minute appointments every 6 to 8 months, with no diagnosis but only treatments for individual symptoms.


Then I have to laugh at the Secretary of the VA when he talks about the awards they have won for medical care.  Like who in the VA system is going to tell the world this medical system sucks?  Is it going to be the Veteran who is afraid to say anything but positive comments when the VA officials come around the waiting rooms asking questions?  Is it going to be the Veterans wife who is desperately trying to get some help for Veteran husband?  The answer in both cases is categorically no!  These Veterans and their wives already know how vengeful this federal agency can be and that includes the hospital system.  Therefore, any so-called survey sample, for all practical purposes, is a company survey or closed-door survey.


I was just reading the other day regarding the illegal health care in this nation.


Bearing in mind that their medical treatment is on demand 24/7 at the closest hospital or even the closet family physician and there is no over a year of trying to qualify or get in the system or who is going to have to make co-payments or how much!


“Non-citizens are putting the hurt on our hospitals.  A study by the Florida Hospital Association estimates that uninsured non-citizens cost the state's hospitals an average of $63,612 per patient last year.”


“The tab is rising as the number of immigrants continues to swell from coast to coast.  The American Hospital Association reported that its member facilities provided $21 billion in uncompensated health-care services last year.”


“New Census data show that non-citizens are, by far, this country's largest group of uninsured residents — 43 percent of the total.”


“California's tax oversight agency, estimates that the state loses $7 billion a year in unpaid taxes because of the underground sector."


“In the latest Medicare bill, the Federal Government is picking up the tab for illegal alien health care:
U.S. hospitals in border states provide at least $200 million a year in uncompensated emergency care to illegal aliens.”


Now the last statement is somewhat misleading since the federal government does not work and pick up the tab- the American worker and taxpayer works and then picks up the tab.


The bottom line here is; for our government to debate for over six months on a 2.4 billion short fall to support American Veterans is not only bogus it is just more additional proof that the VA system has become nothing but some sort of “White House mandated budget control” (with its own outside the constitution legal system) for going to war, covering up the expenses in the out years from that war, and in conjunction covering up the arrogant mistakes made by the DoD by having a closed government medical society and philosophy.


How do we fix this?


No clue except to give the illegals  the VA health care system and let the Veterans go to any hospital or doctor they choose 24/7 with on demand medical care.


Of course, our presidents and congress will never address these issues, as they are more interested in garnering votes than any form of justice.


Remember that the next time you vote in a congressional or senate race.  The ones up there now are doing nothing regarding these facts I presented to you.  No, it does not matter if it is a republican or democrat they both could care less about “your used up government veteran asset” caused by the very government and then covered up by the same government that sent you to war using this “circle the wagons process.”


Nerve damage and fatigue:


This is a toxic chemical worker phenomena going as far back to the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.  This was before the actual admittance that chronic fatigue syndrome did indeed exist.  At that time it was called “Neurasthenic Syndrome.”


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is just what the name implies.  Even with good days of rest and you, still do not recover.  One has no energy, is listless, has weakness, wakes up, and still feels fatigued, or shortly after doing any work, has extreme fatigue.  It may show up in the afternoon with almost feeling, like you have flu symptoms with a low-grade fever type of fatigue.  At first, some scientists thought this was caused by a nervous disorder, therefore the former name neurasthenic syndrome.


Then it was found that the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) was associated.  High levels of EBV antibodies (disease-fighting proteins) were found in those patients suffering from CFS.  Later diagnosis of CFS of some patients without this high level of disease-fighting proteins indicated there were other causes.  Other causes may be iron-poor blood (anemia), low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), environmental allergy, or a body wide yeast infection (candidiasis).


Now how many times have you seen me write that most of the issues we have are associated to some form of antibody response similar or duplicating a response to the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) or even some other virus and once again we find the same or similar association.


Today, CFS also is known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, post viral fatigue syndrome, and chronic fatigue and “immune dysfunction syndrome.”)  Chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome pointing out this CFS once again could be attributed to an autoimmune systemic issue caused by toxin damages the Vietnam veterans were and are experiencing.


Then do not forget the Korean AO study on the immune system found a direct connection to the dysregulation of B and T cells to either “dioxin” and/or just “Service in Vietnam” with not only found B and T cell dysregulations but also cytokines (chemical messengers) were being “up regulated” and “down regulated.”  I think that would certainly qualify for what is called “immune dysfunction syndrome” referenced above.


Other symptoms may be headache, drowsiness, depression, muscular aches and pain, nervous irritability, sensation of drunkenness, rapid fatigue, etc.


As a note, the Ranch Hand study as far back as 1987 showed Agent Orange Ranch Handers suffering from CFS and weakness along with some cancers and neurological problems.  Words were then added to make this so-called Agent Orange study a non-study of Agent Orange because of some “manipulated mythical exposure index.”


What can we do about this?  Again, I have been trying and have no results at pointing these issues out.  In other words, our nations government just does give a rat’s ass about what the VA is doing and/or not doing to recognize these facts of science and the manipulated government studies that have not given veterans or their doctors a fair assessment of your health status.  In fact, there seems to be a direct link to the VA and what the White House wants as budget control not any form of medical truth.


Peripheral Neuropathy (PN):


A little history is required here.


When President Clinton in the photo ops as being “a friend of the Veteran” announced the addition of this disorder as being covered or associated it was stated as “acute neuropathy.”  By the time the VA secretary got done with it; it was then “transient acute and sub-acute peripheral neuropathy.”


Now originally it was proposed as a cut-off time limit of 10 years and even this was responded to by many doctors that indicated the VA secretary did not know what in the hell he was talking about much less that toxic chemical damages regarding neuropathy would only be transient.


Of course, we now know that even the 10-year limit was reduced to a one-year time limit and cured or resolved within two years.


The ironic part is that after the changing of the requirements by the Secretary of the VA and then being released in 1996, it was apparent that no Veteran would qualify.  In other words, this was a nice cheap way for Clinton to get some Veteran votes.


When I went to the VA the first time and was talking to the DAV rep about this and he told me this requirement; and he could see I was mentally crunching the numbers and he said, “You are correct, it makes no sense!”


Peripheral Neuropathy caused by a spider bite, or snakebite, or even a one time garden accident would be considered transient.  Peripheral Neuropathy, as acute peripheral neuropathy has many toxic chemical systemic causations that are no longer as the VA secretary says transient.  As I pointed out above this includes the “immune system dysregulation" already found.


In fact, in dealing with Veterans for over four years now and talking with many veterans at the VA hospital clinics, I have not found one Veteran with this “VA mythical transient PN.”


Obviously, this is only once again going back to the White House mandated budget controls using the VA as that government instrument of denial and cover-up.


The VA will associate PN to diabetes, but this is somewhat misleading to the Veterans of our nation, in my opinion. Research has already documented that the PN cause is already associated to something more sinister like a failed and/or attacking immune system or even a developing tumor or cancer.


I was finally awarded compensations for diabetes after I obtained some support by a person in DC that seems to be legitimately concerned about Veterans and is one himself; and is passing on some of the information others and I have provided.


However, I was denied the PN because my VA doctor, Dr. Alexander, indicated there was no way for him to tell if this was diabetes associated.  He did say, “may be” caused by diabetes.


In addition, two other outside VA neurologists told me the same thing.  One is now deceased Dr. Baxt and the neurologist that took over his practice Dr. Baer Saed who was the former head of neurology at Emory University.


All three of which have told me there is nothing more they can do for me and the actual cause of PN in 50% of the cases will never be known.  Harvard Medical suggested that in at least 33% of the cases the cause is never discovered and remains idiopathic.  Yet, somehow the VA seems to think differently than our nation’s most prestigious medical research universities and hospitals.


Although it seems more and more of my guys and my Marines that have had this stuff for any length of time are now being diagnosed with MS.  (Reference my write up on the gunfighter’s response to the reunions that many are now showing up that previously with PN and now are on a cane or canes and have been diagnosed with MS.  Also a result of a damaged and/or attacking immune system.  Coincidence maybe?  I doubt it very seriously.


Therefore, one of the main disorders that have disabled me is now disapproved and I must fight through the corrupt VA system, especially the one here in Atlanta.  This includes chronic debilitating polyneuropathy as well as chronic fatigue and COPD.  I will not get into the COPD here but it is obvious from the Seveso, Italy dioxin disaster this also is dioxin connected.




From 1982, my triglycerides were elevated yet no corresponding test data that normally is associated in this increase was correlating.  I also exhibited a severe histamine issue which was identified in the 2003 Korean AO impact study.  The doctors indicated they had no idea and that it did not make sense other than some form of ongoing inflammatory immune system issues.


Coincidently I am sure, the Ranch Hand transcripts show a found linear dioxin dose response to an increase in triglycerides.  They just never bothered to tell anyone, much less our nation’s doctors.


While my cholesterol, issues have just now within the last two years gone up.  The triglycerides have remained high and going higher since 1982.


In addition, after my studies on these issues I had my family doctor run several tests that I had found in different studies including our own less than candid government studies.  The results?  I was correct in every issue.  Coincidence again?  I seriously doubt it.  More like common sense!


Gamma globulin is high, IgA is almost three times normal, IgE is almost three times normal, and IgG is somewhat low but with in range.  IgM seems to remain OK.


Now that I have the results of the Korean Immune system study and dioxin, I intend to have a more specific test run on IgG.  If IgG1 and IgG2 are down regulated then that I would say that is about as conclusive as you can get to not only a damaged immune system but also parallels exactly what the studies have found, including our own less than candid government studies that found an IgA problem.  Which by the way even they, the Ranch Hand study, stated and concluded was some form of “chronic dose inflammatory response.”


NOTE:  IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE refer to the category of antibodies found.  These are separated by the areas they are normally found, size, amounts normally found, etc.  By comparing the increases and decreases and patterns detected either separately or compared to each other as a ratio a doctor can tell an area that needs to be further investigated.


Now I do not know how expensive the tests are for dysregulated cytokines or even if it exists but I am going to ask for some specific tests since we now have at least a starting point of some of these “known dysregulated cytokines” and also “cytokine ratios” that I had previously discussed as being found in the Korean Immune system study released in 2003.


Once again, if these also correlate then one must consider is this still just a coincidence?  I am somewhat sure of the VA and/or BVA’s answer.


A more recent find for me was the discovery of antibodies associated with celiac-sprue.  Coincidently again I am sure, the VA would say; these are the same antibodies associated with the lymphoma cancers that have been graciously awarded by the VA after calculating the estimated numbers of Veterans that might be effected and the costs that would be involved in supporting those cancer ridden Veterans before admitting any guilt or associations back in 1989.


In fact, the longer you have these antibodies the more likely you are to develop one of the lymphoma cancers already VA associated.  Another coincidence??????


Add all these coincidences up and it is like winning the lottery 15 times in a row.


The most despicable issue was when the VA did do some testing on me they found my right side lymph nodes were enlarged.  Yet, no one told me for at least six months and I found out by accident as one of the interns not associated to the testing was just going through the computer and said, “oh I see they found enlarged lymph nodes on the right side.”  I went through the roof.  Now if they find enlarged lymph nodes as common on both side that more than likely means some sort of possible infection.  When you have only one side enlarged that means something else and for any Vietnam Veteran someone had better find out why!  Even if it is only to dose you with antibiotics and then repeat the tests to see if it was only infection related.



Dancing legs, or nervous legs, or crawling legs:


Dancing legs, or nervous legs, or crawling legs while you try to sleep is the start of this peripheral neuropathy issue at least based on what I have gone through since 1982.


Not going to pull any punches here.  This does not get better if you are even close to what I and many of my guys and my Marines have developed over the years.


Dancing legs is the start as you try to sleep.  


Then as you are sitting down you will feel a twinge in your foot or toe and then all of sudden it will be like 220 volts will go from that spot up your leg causing it to lurch.  It will not just affect you at night any longer.


You may start feeling a burning sensation, numbness, pins and needles, plenty of alternating pain, which will become continuous and deeper and deeper, etc.


Sometimes while at rest your whole body may “shudder” as if you just got a tremendous shock or almost as if everything just reset itself.


One way to visualize the damage as it continues in men that had or have hairy legs as I did; is to watch the loss of hair on the legs.  You can track the nerve damage as the blood supply is cut back due to the nerve damages.  It will go from the feet, the lower legs, and the back of the thighs and buttocks.  Lastly will be the front side of the thighs.


Now I do want to clarify something here and that is the Koreans found peripheral vascular issues such as PV related to Burger’s disease, Raynauds syndrome, and other vasculopathy.


You can have both nerve neuropathy and neuropathy caused by peripheral vascular issues as the nerves become blood starved.  In fact, you can have both!  In either case, watch for the hair loss issue.  I have been amazed how it really becomes obvious as the condition develops.  


In my case, all but one doctor just in a passing comment has concluded this is idiopathic neuropathy nerve damage.  The one VA doctor did say it did not look like I was getting much blood flow to my legs and that was the end of any investigation.


As this continues to develop, your hands will also become involved.


Now one would ask why the legs first?  That is because in most presentations of this disorder the nerves with the largest cross section are attacked first.  Obviously, the longer the nerve the larger the cross-section.


What types of nerves are affected?  This can be sensory nerves, motor nerves, or autonomic nerves.  My experience shows that most of the Veterans have, what is known as axonal sensory nerve damage.  This maybe why this is such a painful disorder.  Motor nerves - I have seen a few with foot drop that would indicate motor nerve damage involvement.  Autonomic nerves I for one do not think enough study has been put into this form of nerve damage.


Of course, these nerves control issues you cannot conspicuously mandate a function.  As I indicated above, I have no doubt with the amount of Vietnam Veterans that have some form of COPD and the results of the 15 and 20 year study on the Seveso Italy dioxin disaster this also is a dioxin issue.  This also plays into what some Veterans have said goes to lung volume issues including damage to the lung diaphragm.  Not a topic for this discussion, but I found a letter going back to 1992 on this issue that was sent to the VA Secretary.   Of course, many more issues fall under this autonomic nerve category such as breathing rate, heart rate, sleep apnea, insulin release, and many more issues that again you cannot mandate and they are set on “automatic pilot” as it were.  


For this much peripheral nerve damage presently being experienced by dioxin and toxic chemicals (plural) victims and then to say that it could not have an effect on the autonomic nervous system would be somewhat naïve.


Yes, “toxic chemicals victims” as Agent Blue is also noted for Peripheral Neuropathy, neurotoxicity, and the swill in Agent White is noted for Central Nervous System damages, as well as liver impacts such as the family of PCT disorders.  What all of these did together in synergy?  This will never be known.


As this disorder continues you will find some wasting will occur in your foot padding, lower legs, eventually reaching the upper legs.


You will find that joints will start to hurt and your tendons and muscles can no longer tolerate repetitive motions.  At first, this will be stairs and then it will be walking any distances without resting the muscles and tendons.


The wasting will get worse and you will find that while standing you feel like you are standing on bone with no subcutaneous tissue as padding as it has turned to mush.  The same thing will happen to your hands.  You may go to pick something up and because of the wasting you will drop to your knees as you just hit a nerve or a junction of several nerves.  This happens especially in the ulnar nerve between the thumb and forefinger.


Eventually any sudden movements by your legs are delayed and you have a tendency to stumble.  Including any imperfections in the ground will cause you to stumble because you can no longer feel the ground.  Many Veterans keep a pair of bedroom slippers in the car to drive with as this gives them more feel on the brake and accelerator footpads.  I wear moccasins with not much of a sole so I can feel the ground.


The doctors, up until the latest discovery, concluded the joint pain was the nerve damage done to the muscle and tendons causing them to be weak and non-supportive.  The latest discovery after the antibodies that were found, is bone density loss.  This test was recommended as soon as they found that issue.  Again, no one knows why, at just turning age 58, I am 7 times more likely to suffer a spinal fracture and 9 times more likely to suffer a hip fracture from bone density loss.  The theory now is whatever has caused the bone density loss has probable degraded the joints and very possibly could be associated with the more severe pain.


I think we all have a pretty good idea of the why!  The Korean study tells the story on that little deal as well as the Ranch Hand transcripts.   Which again is a topic for discussion sometime later when I have some more energy?


What does our government/VA know regarding PN and dioxin associations or just service in Vietnam?


Does our government/VA know that when the DoD went to destroy the left over toxic chemicals (the real evidence) that one of the main contributors to the burning of the ship Vulcanus process and procedures was a main DOW scientist and to show the importance of following the instructions the process concluded the following?


“The highly toxic contaminant present in Herbicide Orange is 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin.  The US Air Force has analyzed Herbicide Orange stocks (a decade after the war) and found TCDD concentrations ranging from 0.05 to 47 ppm (parts per million).  (22)


Now folks at the upper level, decades after the war, at 47 ppm is a highly toxic dioxin concentrate.  What was it in 1967 for heavens sakes if the half-life is estimated to be 7 to 10 years???  Alternatively, even as the purist at the VA would say the shelf life.  Everything especially toxic chemicals has a shelf life.  If it was 47 ppm at the high level 28 years after date of manufacture, it is a wonder any of us are still alive with the application rates we saw.  In fact, over one million of us are not alive today and died in their 30’s, 40’s, and their 50’s.


“The principal Herbicide Orange constituent of concern, TCDD, has been found to be highly embryotoxic, teratogenic (tending to cause developmental malfunctions and monstrosities), and acnegenic and is lethal in the microgram-per-kilogram of body weight range.  (22)


“The effects observed on chemical workers are summarized below to emphasize the need for personnel hygiene to those performing the destroying of the toxic chemicals.  (22)


“Chloracne moderate to severe skin irritation, with swelling, hardening, blackheads, pustules and pimples; hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration); muscular pain; decreased libido, fatigue, nervous irritability, intolerance to cold, destruction of nerve fibers and nerve sheaths.  (22)


Now destruction of nerve fibers and nerve sheaths in common medical terminology is called guess what?  NEUROPATHY


“In addition, effects on exposed test animals...may be considered possible effects on the human system, especially when the metabolism of the animal is similar to that of man.  These effects include toxicity to embryos, birth defects, possible carcinogenity, and even death.  It should also be noted that the greatest hazard is to pregnant females and their fetuses, especially in the first third of the pregnancy period.  (25)


“The manual then spoke of the ways of entry of TCDD into the body: through mouth—ingestion; through the skin-percutaneous; through the lungs and eyes.  (22)


“The manual was put together with the cooperation of a Dow Chemical scientist, who had been Dow's point man in telling all the customers that there were no problems with their herbicides while secretly writing to all Dow management that TCDD is "the most toxic material we've ever studied.  (22) 


“The manual then goes on to describe in great detail just what kind of precautions the workers on board the Vulcanus must take to ensure safety and then what to do should a worker become exposed: "Decontaminate him immediately; speed is essential.”  (22)


Too bad they did not tell our grunts in the field the same thing.  


Did our government/VA know these facts and then still deny PN as a stand-alone?  The answer is of course YES!



Did our government know that the Aussies and Kiwis were experiencing the same issues of PN in great numbers?  The answer is of course YES!



Did our government/VA know that in one Ranch Hand transcript it was pointed out that they had found a linear dose response to dioxin and polyneuropathy, then recalculated the statistics, and still exclaimed they had found a connection?  The answer is of course YES! 


Nothing had resolved itself in over 28 years as the Secretary of the VA has said it would.  Therefore, either the Secretaries of the VA are lying their ass off; or we have a bunch of dumb board certified neurologist in our nation.



Did our government/VA know that in the year after the above also in the Ranch Hand transcripts as one of the highlights of the study it was pointed out that they had found a dioxin linear dose response to chronic polyneuropathy?  The answer is of course YES!


Did our government/VA know that the Korean Impact study conducted in 1996 and 1997 and released in 2003 categorically also found a dioxin response to PN at a p-value of 0.039 and an Odds Ratio of 2.39?  Did they also know that the Korean study found the p-value of difference in PN from Vietnam Veterans to Non-Vietnam Veterans at an incredible p-value of 0.0042? The answer to both is of course YES!



Did our government/VA know that the Seveso, Italy dioxin disaster found a three fold increase in what they called a “strange form of PN?”  The answer is of course YES!



Did our government/VA know of the many toxic chemical workers and toxic chemical accidents that produced “Neurasthenic Syndrome” discussed above?  As well as the associated nerve damages and liver disorders.  The answer is of course YES!


One I thought was particular damning involved a Monsanto RR accident were they sent in 49 guys to clean up the toxic chemical mess.  After 10 years, 45 had raging cases of neuropathy and two had committed suicide.


Now you would say to yourself how could they not associate polyneuropathy regardless of what caused it.  


That is because the congress has given the power to the VA that they have to justify nothing to those that are for all practical purposes "being legislated by corrupt rules and regulations and a corrupt federal agency" that answers to no one; including the constitution.


Some things I have found that work for me as far as the pain goes:


I was on 3600 mgs of that stuff the VA hands out for neuropathy.  Many of my guys said it would not work and it did not work for me either.  I would conclude that if this stuff were working for diabetic neuropathy and not for us; then obviously, this is not diabetic neuropathy.


One thing you can do is wearing “double cushioned socks” with shoes with a slight sole.  I change socks about three times a day and can only now wear the ones that come up just pass the anklebone.  Any pressure above the anklebone can no longer be tolerated since my skin and subcutanious tissue has no resilience anymore.


Going to bed at night, I wear a sock called PEDS.  It is for diabetics and is great for sleeping only.  For a real treat put those in the dryer before putting them on at night.  Warm those feet up – like drinking warm milk as a kid.


Also, and not being kinky here, but any lotion that is skin warming is also great on the feet and lower legs.  If you can stand the smell of the other stuff that is for arthritis that also works as a warming lotion; then put on the PEDS.


My daughter bought me a full body vibrator that fits on a recliner and using that during the day helps the pain in the lower legs.  I think she said she got that at Wal-Mart’s.  It also has heat in it.


Vibration seems to help with the pain.  I would assume because it is stimulating either blood flow or nerve conduction.  I know after the EMG tests my legs had not felt better for years but that only lasted a few hours.  When I ask about that the doctor said that was very typical.


Now intensity does make a difference as I can only stand the high frequency vibration.  Low frequency makes it feel worse and even hurt more so you might have to experiment some.


Best to all,