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MS Manifestations


Peripheral Neuropathy Questions


VA Guinea Pig Usage of Veterans


Deadly drug-resistant bacteria that apparently originated in the Iraqi soil


Gulf War Illness and Terminology by the VA


Skin issues in Vietnam Veterans


Brain cancer recommended for addition to Gulf War Association


China to produce film about Vietnamese wartime poisonous chemical


MS manifestations:


What should be added to my posting to the development of MS in our Nam Veterans see former posting at:


Age of onset


Peak of onset is estimated at 25-30 years.  Cases with onset at less than age 15 years are rare, and less than 10 years almost nonexistent.  Onset of disease in the fifties is rare.  Onset after age 55 is practically nonexistent.


Yet, here we have a set of Veterans, as described in the link, that are being diagnosed with MS in their late 40’s and early to late 50’s.  Therefore, I wonder how the VA scientists would explain this anomaly. 


I know how, because they are Veterans and normal medical 100-year-old science and established facts no longer apply to them. 


Just ask the government contracted NAS/IOM.  I am quite sure they could come up with some BS answer at why the established rules of science and medicine do not apply to Veterans.  Their infamous out is; “gee we just do not know how to apply it to the Vietnam Veterans.”  A little truth would go a long way in applying it I am quite sure of that! 



Question on Peripheral Neuropathy (PN):


“First of all, I hope you are doing better.  As for myself, I am now having to use a walker because I cannot walk very well.  I am also getting very serious cramping in both legs at the same time and the cramps go from the feet to the butt.  I have a new doctor and she miss read my prescription for neurontin, I was on 1200mg three times a day and she read it as 200,I didn't find that out until the second refill, so she up it to 400 mg, She THINKS that may be causing the cramping.  .


Anyway, you sent me a couple of reports that you found on Peripheral Neuropathy.  I that was a few months ago.  I lost one of them, I think I deleted it by mistake and was wondering if you could send them to me again.


VA said I need the doctor that found the PN to write a letter stating if it’s acute or non acute.  He said there is no way of knowing.  He said it will get worse or stay the same and he had no idea what it will do.  Has VA asked you the same thing?


And on the report that I got from the VA doctors that denied me said I had no problem with the upper extremities.  Damn fools I told them it was the problem with the bottom half.  However, they did say I was exposed to dioxin.  If you could send those to me, again I will be in your debt.”



First, I think everyone knows I am far from a doctor and have put a lot of this information together based on my research of real toxic chemical studies, transcripts of our own government studies (not the redacted reports which are worthless), real non-government contracted experts in the medical field, and based on common sense and logic developed over 25 years of being a component and failure analysis engineer in military weapons.


The question the VA is asking this Veteran's doctor is so far from even being germane to anything medically it is incredible.  Just like, they wanted my VA neurologist to say that my neuropathy was associated to my diabetes.  His answer, “then they need to tell me how to do that!”  That is because in his words 50% of the cases it will remain idiopathic.  Harvard Medical states that at least 33% of all PN cases it will remain idiopathic and yet the VA wants definitive causations and classifications of acute and subacute.


Not only does the Veteran not get the congressionally mandated “benefit of the doubt as to causations” from the overwhelming evidence I will present below; he cannot get the established “world of medicine benefit of the doubt” questioned by “VA clerks” who have no clue as to what the possible causes and severity is actually.


If no cause is determined then how can the medical world, based on previous data, conclude it is either acute or sub-acute?  What can be determined is that this is not the "transient PN" that the secretary of the VA has graciously granted two years worth of compensations on a disorder that no one has.  Provided you were diagnosed within one year of leaving Vietnam. 


So the brain trust at the VA and the NAS/IOM have concluded that every Veteran serving in theater will have consumed enough toxins, no matter what it was; or will have exceeded the rate of ingestion, no matter what it was, to reach a threshold to manifest within 365 days of being sent home.  Now that is a trick of scientific medicine of astronomical proportions of the last two centuries.   Since some doctors conclude that and even give examples of exposures 60 years after directly causing chronic neuropathy as the damages manifest. 


In almost four years of dealing with Vietnam Veterans, not one Veteran I have dealt with has had any form of “transient acute or sub acute PN.”  What they have is chronic, degrading, and debilitating PN and permanent nerve damage.


Whether Agent Orange or Agent White or Agent Blue (an already noted cause of PN) or combinations of the three caused this nerve disorder, is a moot point to the Veterans and is only used by the VA as a White House tool for mandated Veteran budget constraints.


However, this is the game the VA plays with our civilian doctors asking more and more dumb and stupid questions in trying to alienate them from ever helping a Veteran again by using up their time, energy, and resources.


Evidence of fact as to PN causations from just serving in Vietnam

and/or dioxin linear dose response found.



In the official transcripts, not the lying Ranch Hand reports, I found that the Ranch Hand study had also found a stated dose response to polyneuropathy.


“Dr. Michalek said the data showed a significant increase in the index of polyneuropathy when comparing moderate versus mild or none on all Ranch Handers and in the high category and against current dioxin. Another run through the data showed it correlated significantly with dioxin.”  (1)


“III. Study observations to date – Air Force Report (Dr. Joel Michalek) (2)





October 14-15, 1999

Park lawn Building, Conference Room K

Rockville, Maryland




October 19-20, 2000

Hilton Palacio Del Rio

San Antonio, Texas



The Korean Impact Study that did not select by MOS as the above bogus Air Force study found even though they admitted a found response to PN and dioxin in those only exposed by skin contact in the transcripts.  (3)


·         Peripheral Neuropathy associated to dioxin in their veterans at a p-value of 0.039.


·         Peripheral Neuropathy between non-Vietnam Veterans and Vietnam Veterans was an incredible p-value of 0.0042.


·         Odds Ratio for Vietnam Veterans and Peripheral Neuropathy was 2.69.


(3) Impact of Agent Orange Exposures among Korean Vietnam Veterans Industrial Health 2003 – 41, 149-157


In the Seveso, Italy dioxin disaster, which as far as volume of dioxin goes, was miniscule to even specific hills in Vietnam showed a three-fold increase in PN.  (4)


(4) Short and Long Term Morbidity and Mortality…Dioxin … Seveso Accident – Industrial Health 2003, 41 127-138.


In fact DoW itself has stated that destruction of the myelin sheath and myelin matter is an impact of exposures.  While they stated it as the previous; the bottom line it is called "neuropathy."


These men were evaluated from 1982 – 2003 and nothing had resolved itself as the ever brilliant VA secretary categorically states will happen in our Vietnam Veterans. 


So, which is it the VA secretary and the NAS/IOM actual saying? 


That the Ranch Hand study and/or the Korean study and those doctors/scientists involved are all lying?  On the other hand, that every neurologist or doctor in the United States that treated the Veterans for neuropathy is now totally inept and have no idea what they are doing medically, compared to the very medically astute all-knowing omnipotent totally anti-veteran biased secretary of the VA; or very possibly both.


Now common sense to me would conclude that if diabetes is involved and the diabetes is under control then this most aggressive form of PN would be in check.  That does not seem to be the case with most Veterans.  In addition, most medicine given that is supposed to work with diabetes type PN does not touch this form of PN causation.   Most Veterans including myself will tell you that 3600 mgs of neurontin, max dose, will not touch this stuff.  Including the pain that seems to be deep in the bone which may be a secondary effect of the disorder also; as the reduction of bone density takes place.


My best guess is one of two or both are happening:


·         There is antibody involvement from a deranged immune system that is actually attacking myelin matter and maybe the reason for the continued development and diagnosis of MS in many Vietnam Veterans.  (Probably associated more with motor nerves than sensory nerves although it can be both.)


·         There is a blockage of cell receptors in the small intestines by once again toxic chemical caused deranged antibodies that keep the uptake of essential vitamins and minerals at a minimum and/or even to the point of degradation in nerves, muscle and joint weakness, bone density loss, tissue wasting, memory loss, etc. (Probably more associated with sensory nerves than motor nerves but again it can be both.)


The test to determine if you are making and storing the essential vitamins and minerals is very inexpensive.  The test to see if you are using the essential vitamins and minerals is VERY expensive and not conclusive as to what is causing the issues.


Those of you that have been on my list for sometime know that I have recommended at least an immunoglobulin antibody test to detect the ratio of antibodies and to see if any monoclonal patterns are identified.  This test is also not conclusive but does give the doctor an idea of where to look for the issues and more specific tests to confirm a diagnosis of something!


A lot of these already associated cancers and disorders will be detected by this simple blood test.  Not confirmed but again point in the direction of a developing problem in what is a toxic chemical exposure victim!


Now since my knowledge has progressed in this issue I would also recommend a celiac-sprue panel blood test.  This test can detect antibodies normally associated with cell receptor blockage and cilia destruction in the small intestines.  Now the only way to verify damage even if the antibody test comes back positive is with an endoscope procedure where the gastrointestinal doctor actually looks for the damaged cilia in the first little bit of the small intestines.  It seems this area is where most of the B vitamin uptake takes place.  The damaged cilia also will cause a lactose intolerance issue because the enzyme for this digestion of double sugar is located on the ends of these cilia.  Of course, the whole 26 feet can be affected.


In fact, I have just learned in a link, I will post below, that you can have these antibodies and have secondary effects such as degradation in nerves, muscle and joint weakness and pain, bone density loss, tissue wasting, memory loss, etc, and never experience a gastrointestinal issue.


“Central nervous system (CNS) manifestations include dementia, cerebellar ataxia, myelopathy, encephalopathy, brain stem encephalitis, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, chronic, progressive leukoencephalopathy, *progressive myoclonic ataxia, seizures, isolated CNS vasculitis, and a syndrome of celiac disease with encephalopathy and bilateral occipital calcifications.” ... “Several reports document the existence of peripheral neuropathy in association with celiac disease” and never experience a gastrointestinal issue.


*Remember the discussion of non-HIV-Aids?  Many of these are also found in that disorder.  In fact in reading some of the information on these issues and the found lesions I wonder if this is also associated to MS in some part and may be an overlap in symptoms and diagnosis. 


Those Vietnam Veterans that do have gastrointestinal issues of course this may be one of the causes.


Some of this is by Dr. Norman Latov of Columbia University and is the world’s expert on PN and causes.  Yet, the VA does not ask him??????????????????????


I would point out that these same lymphocyte cells that are created by your own body that do this small intestine damage are the exact same cells that creates lymphoma cancers.  This includes cytokines, which are like chemical messengers.  The VA has associated some lymphoma cancers already.


Now the real question is which came first the chicken or the egg.  Did the toxic chemicals by damaging the immune system create these marauding deranged antibodies that all of sudden according to Dr. Joseph Murray (one of the leading US physicians on this disorder) for some reason turn cancerous and you now have lymphoma cancer?  Including those with this antibody, in taking steps to reduce this antibody reduces your chances of developing lymphoma type cancers. 


Alternatively, were all the Veterans with PN and these antibodies all related or all their relatives had this same disorder and this is only an inherited disorder in mass.


I doubt if it was the latter.


We do know for a fact the immune system is being impacted and corrupted in both ways; Attacking as well as ineffective and/or both at the same time. 


This is by the studies done by the Koreans, the Seveso Italy disaster, our own corrupt VA, the EPA studies and announcements, the Office of Technology Assessment studies, etc.


I did find that the following cytokines were found disrupted in the Korean study as a minimum; along with the B and T cell dysregulation.




IFN gamma

TFN alpha



IL-4: IFN gamma ratio


What I cannot find outside of being the same lymphocyte cell in both disorders; is if any of the above listed cytokines or cytokine ratios are also involved with the creation of the small intestine issues; as well as the lymphoma cancers.


If any of this matches within the range of T-cells and then add in a known established cytokine problem that is also common; then that would be somewhat of a pretty good conclusion or at least a pointer. 


Trust me I am pursuing this data as I am writing this update.  Whether this data is actually scientifically available at present or not; I just do not know - not smart enough. 


The very bottom line in this?  This Veteran’s doctor should have only been asked, since any sane person would conclude that PN in any stage is associated to Vietnam regardless of cause, what are the Veterans disabilities at this stage?  That’s it!  Then approve the disorder and the amount of compensations based on his disability and what he can no longer do.



VA Guinea Pig Usage of Veterans:


One of my contacts in New York is now being interviewed by the FBI for some involvement in this type issue.  One, was they were changing records.  Second, the treating VA doctor was not licensed in the state of New York.



Deadly drug-resistant bacteria that apparently originated in the Iraqi soil.



Gulf War Illness and Terminology by the VA sent in by a Gulf War wife and researcher:


A bit of terminology: It is officially Gulf War Illness- not gulf war syndrome, not gulf syndrome, etc.  I point this out because if you have "syndrome" on your claim- it is an automatic shoot it down because "there is no such thing as gulf war syndrome."


Now this is how disingenuous our “friends” are at the VA.  If you put “syndrome” in your claim, it is now shot down.


I tell you our only hope of getting this omnipotent and sanctimonious federal agency back under some kind of control other than White House after White House cost control of wars in the out years is the success VERPA may have in addressing the constitutional redress and the success of the VVA lawsuits against those individuals in the VA for crimes against Veterans.


Obviously, the politicians for the most part turn a deaf ear and “take home the pork instead.”  Our National VSO’s, other than the VVA who has enough balls to sue individuals within the VA, do nothing but stand around and sell beer and complain about a budget issue that should be mandated anyway!  Going to go to war - here is the cost.  Pay it or quit going to war.  It should not be on the backs of those that fight the war and up to those veterans to continue to subsidize our sorry politicians and presidents with uncompensated death and disability.


Yet, the Gulf War as well as the Vietnam War with its possible “toxic chemicals (plural) syndrome” meets the classic definition of a syndrome.


The government has no idea what caused the disorders or what “combination of issues” caused what disorder and to what level of severity.  The fact there is multiple system impacts and multiple levels of severity and not everyone has the same level of issues even when talking about the same system impacts.  Not everyone will have the same symptoms within the defined system issues or even test the same or to the same levels.  Not everyone will have all of the different system impacts.  Some may have two some may have only one or some may have all systems impacted.


No this is not a defined “illness” this is in fact an “unexplained syndrome with possible multiple causations and multiple synergy requirements required to even cause the many disorders.”  No different than what is called “New House Syndrome or MCS syndrome.”

There are however a number of things seen in higher rates in gulf war veterans:  Irritable bowel, MS, peripheral neuropathy, thyroid and other endocrine disorders, diabetes, heart problems, crumbling teeth and spinal and bone degeneration.  Changes in brain anatomy, and chemistry, migraines, vision issues and hearing problems, and birth defects in our children ranging from mild things- ADHD, depression, migraines, to things like missing limbs and organs, major learning and behavioral problems, neurological issues, and symptoms that mimic the issues the vets are facing.


Like Vietnam Veterans have not said the exact same thing and it shows up in the studies and still it is denied by our friends at the VA and their PhD buddies over at the NAS/IOM.

For a nice, general overview from the vets themselves check out:

I should update this at some point, but haven't had the time.  It is still accurate, although the links may not still be active.

Realistically- the vets who served in Desert Shield/ Desert Storm were exposed to chemical and biological soup- OP poisons in the form of the DEET, and Permethrin used to keep the bugs down/ off, and Sarin exposure.

A note here on sarin- if you were in theater- you were exposed, period.

Contrary to what has been admitted about this by DoD- it might help to remember that Khamacia- the only demolition that has been studied for it's down wind potential- was ONLY ONE OF 900+ demolitions that took place.

If you are interested- somewhere on the net, there are maps that show the demolitions that took place, as well as maps showing the troop movements into and out of the areas.  Very interesting when you consider only one of the demolitions has been modeled, and only a small number of the troops are considered exposed.

There were also other hazards such as the vaccines given- type in anthrax vaccine in goggle and see what comes up. CARC paint is a known carcinogen, Depleted uranium, indigenous diseases such as lieshmaniasis and sand fly fever, the PB tablets taken to prevent chemical exposure illness that were only good for soman and actually enhanced the effects of sarin, oil well fires and smoke, etc, etc, etc.  In general chemical soup.

Unfortunately- the research being done on this is being done looking at one issue- say PB as the cause- but PB was only one of many chemicals in the environment- and until research is done using combinations of exposures  IE PB in the presence of the anthrax vaccine or PB in the presence of sarin or sarin in combination with oil fire smoke- the DoD will continue to deny the illnesses are service connectable because one thing alone doesn't create the problems seen.


All of this I might add applies to the Vietnam Veterans Toxic Chemical(s) (Plural) Syndrome.  Dioxin was one part in six and if include Dapsone and Malathion you are talking eight different toxic chemicals.  The implications of the combinations of these toxic chemicals mathematically and with regard to increased potency become just staggering.




Question from a 101st Veteran on skin issues:


Can anyone tell me if AO will cause skin lesions and wart like bumps to cover areas of your body?  This has been happening to me the last few years and they are painful, Seems the VA has been giving me all types of crčmes and lotions but so far, none have worked.  Lesions seem to be getting worse and now have several really hurting wart looking things on arms.  These are painful.


AO directly???  I do not think so.  From what I gathered in other studies there are “many skin disorders,” not just chloracne, that appear in Vietnam Veterans as a toxic chemical secondary causations from other AO (or other toxic chemicals) created systemic issues.  Remember the skin and your fingernails are an open window to your immune system.


The VA hospitals have to know this by now.  They also have to know that creams and such are a band-aide no different than the copious amounts of painkillers they distribute without addressing the real issues and underlying causes.


In these, toxic chemical caused immune system issues regardless of what organ involvement or system involvement sometimes create excessive antibodies.  These are often then stored between the skin and the subcutaneous tissues.  Sometimes you may even feel the bumps below the skin while they have not erupted or surfaced yet.


These are normally associated with the family of toxic chemical liver disorders called Porphyria Cutanea Tarda (PCT).  While there are about four sub-tier disorders under the family of liver disorders that can be clinical or sub clinical that will cause skin eruptions.  Hexachlorobenzene is notorious for this disorder and yes; you were exposed to this toxic chemical also in Agent White.


Then something like direct sunlight or too much sunlight will cause them to erupt and lesion. 


Now the VA can biopsy these or take skin samples and see what if any antibody is involved and track it back to a possible internal systemic issue or disorder by the type of antibody.  This is not a skin issue!  Anti itch cream is not going to fix the problem.


If these skin manifestations have somewhat of a nucleus then that is also not a good sign.  These doctors by real testing and the general locations of the outbreak should have some idea of what they are and what internally is causing them.  If not, I would seek help elsewhere.


A simple example is the celiac-sprue antibody.  These can be stored under the skin and then will erupt when the skin is too sunburn or other issues may cause them to erupt.  It just so happens that the celiac-sprue antibody is the same one that gets deranged for some reason and then you have lymphoma.  Like Vietnam Veterans have never heard of that!


Any Vietnam Veteran with a skin or nail issue should be looked upon as a toxic chemical victim with possible internal systemic issues.


The Korean study found about 7 different skin issues that were either dioxin associated or associated to service in Vietnam.  There is much more than just chloracne.


Of course, as we age some of these developed skin issues are just normal.  However, since we were exposed it would be nice if the VA would put a name to it!


Some examples of the more systemic chronic skin disorders that show up with pictures:



General Dermatology and Related Topics:


Brain cancer recommended for addition to Gulf War associations:


VA Health Care News

Previous posted comments on this review are at:


A few have commented that if Senator Craig can recommend "brain cancer" to be added to the list of Gulf War associated disorders then why not brain cancer for the Vietnam Veterans?


The answer is; I have not a clue how this does not apply or cannot apply to Vietnam Veterans.


Here are some of the brain cancer issues I found in my research as it relates to dioxin and 2,4-D both of which seem to be able to cross the blood barrier and reside in the brain and spinal chord.  2,4-D (Agent White) is noted for Central Nervous System damages: 

In 1989 a VA report was put out and then "classified" and stamped "NOT FOR RELEASE TO THE PUBLIC" that stated:

1989 - An unbiased, independent report, underwritten by the government, identifying and proving unequivocally that multitudes of medical problems, at least 28 of them directly associated with Agent Orange, none had time limits.

"…it is at least as likely as not that the following are caused in humans by exposure to TCDD: non-Hodgkin' s lymphoma, chloracne and other skin disorders, lip cancer, bone cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, birth defects, skin cancer, lung cancer, porphyria cutanea tarda and other liver disorders, Hodgkin's disease, hematopoietic diseases, multiple myeloma, neurological defects and autoimmune diseases and disorders, liver cancer, nasal/pharyngeal/esophageal cancers, leukemia, malignant melanoma, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer,
"brain cancer", psychosocial effects, and gastrointestinal disease are service-connected"(38)


The VA study of Army Chemical Corps workers that served in Vietnam found:

1990 - The VA study of Army Chemical Corps personnel found mental disorders, nervous system disease; as well as the "excess deaths" from Hodgkin's disease, leukemia, and "brain cancer." (36)


The authors of this VA study discussed the fact that earlier research had found associations between exposures to the chemicals and brain cancer.

Now even though this report shows excessive deaths from brain cancer already; the study did not find out why so many mental disorders and nervous system diseases.  As you probably already know, with glioblastoma (brain cancer) some of the early signs are nervous system issues and/or strange mental behavior patterns.  So how many of the actual found mental disorders and nervous system disorders were actually being caused by toxin induced brain lesions or brain cancers is of course not defined in the study nor identified.

In addition, there has been no follow up on this to see if the cause was indeed mortality brain lesions and brain cancers.  In fact, I had to find the results of this study in an actual court case as it is pretty well kept under the government wraps.  As I recall the statistics were at least 22% of the 800 found were diagnosed and being treated for mental disorders.  I could not find how many of the cohort found had already died or were dying from brain cancers.  I guess that is secret government taxpayer paid for information.


After the White House quit controlling the EPA in this issue in the 70's and 80's.

The 1994 EPA reassessment of dioxin states:

· The EPA has concluded that dioxin is more dangerous than previously thought, even at extremely low doses.  It accumulates in the body fat and once in the body, even at very minuscule amounts, interferes with cell development.

· The "brain may be particularly vulnerable" to accumulating dioxin into its fat content.  Nervous system tissue itself, with its high lipid content, can also act as a repository for dioxin. 

· An EPA dioxin expert has concluded that dioxin even if the dioxin had no part in creating the medical anomaly it is a "tumor promoter."


In a 1988 study, the National Cancer Institute used proportionate mortality and case-control methods to identify elevated cancers in 1,495 white males who died between 1970 and 1979, and who were employed as agricultural extension agents by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. .....


.....In addition to the excess risks for , excess risks for Hodgkin's disease, leukemia and multiple myeloma, prostate, brain, and colon cancer also were found.


Increases of brain cancer were associated with duration of employment as an extension agent, although this trend was small and failed to reach statistical significance.



Seveso Italy Residents Exposed to Trichlorophenol Plant Explosion 130. The 1989 ten-year mortality study evaluating the population exposed to a 1976 explosion of a 2,4,5-trichlorophenol plant near Seveso, Italy ( found elevated brain cancer risks.


In Zone R, an area found to have been significantly contaminated by dioxin, males had significantly higher rates of brain cancer (relative risk = 3.60; 95% C.I. = 1.1 - 12.3).


So those that are interested you might want to send this data to Senator Larry Craig and ask him WHY?  Because I sure do not know.  And I am sure there is more data out there than what I have been able to uncover.


His website is at:


Although from my research on issues I can tell you why the government will never add brain cancer to the list of our Nam issues.


One; they never liked Vietnam Veterans anyway, too outspoken for governments taste and two; the cost would be enormous regardless if it is right or moral or not. 


Politicians have no soul in many issues.   Veterans just happened to be one of those issues.


As a side note in reading the release above note the, By regulation, VA has set Dec. 31, 2006, as the deadline within which diseases or undiagnosed illnesses must be evident to qualify for a presumption of service connection.


I have no clue what that date represents unless that is the date the process goes into the same corrupt government meat grinder as using the NAS/IOM and only addressing any issues once every two years as more of the effected Veterans die off with no compensations.



China to produce film about Vietnamese wartime poisonous chemical victims:

A Chinese company will produce a film about Vietnamese Agent Orange (AO) (a poisonous chemical used by US troops during the Vietnamese war) victims, according to the Vietnam News Agency on Monday.

The 100-minute film with an estimated cost of 6-8 million US dollars will  include some scenes of war which will be shot in Vietnam, China and the United States.

Famous Chinese scriptwriters, directors, actors and actresses together  with Vietnamese AO victims will take part in making the film.

The film's producer, the Yingquiang Media Company in China's Guangdong  province, has requested the Vietnam Association of Agent Orange Victims to provide documents and consult it in making the film.

The producer will spend all profits generated from the film on supporting for Vietnamese AO victims. It will, during the time of making the film,  also organize drives which call for people in the Southeast Asian region and the world to support the victims in terms of both material and spirit.


Thanks again to Ms Brenda.


Best to all,