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Review and comments of VERPA constitutional challenge to the Supreme Court


This and That - on VA ratings and link


Hi to ALL:


VERPA: Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy


I did receive a copy of the constitutional challenge to the Feres Doctrine from VERPA.  I thank them for sending that to me, although some of the legalistic terms to me are foreign, as you would expect.


The below link is my review and comments on this issue.


This and that on VA ratings:

When it comes to the VA, "your knowledge" is the only defense you have against a federal agency that will screw you to the wall if you let them.

Below is the link to the entire VA rating system.


The codes are diagnostic codes so you if you go to a civilian doctor make sure he or she references the "appropriate codes" to your symptoms, losses, diagnosis, and secondary effects.  Make sure he or she addresses the issues described as to levels of disability and rationale.  If there is conflict of being in both levels then go for the higher level of disability.  This will give the VA corrupt rater something to crow about and then appeal it later or as conditions get worse, appeal it to the increase.  Most of these toxic chemical associated disorders do not get better.  In other words get on the books and fight later.  Win the battle and then try and win the war.

In a diabetic condition you can have many issues associated with this disorder, under totally different ICD codes.

Example - If the doctor agrees your hypertension is associated to diabetes then that code should be included in your submittal or even an appeal to amend the diabetes claim that is applied for or even already approved.  Of course, this is only if the hypertension can be related to any of the codes and the "description of the disabling conditions" that are established within the CFR.

I think that probably only MS has more systemic damages or associated issues than a diabetic condition especially with longevity and the increased acuteness of this toxic chemical form of diabetes.  MS or Lupus maybe; it would be a toss up.

Again for instance, diabetes is associated to lack of sexual function.  If the doctor checks you out and there is "no other rationale" and agrees your diabetes has made you dysfunctional.  Then that is a loss of function and is an additional award for the loss of function. 


For neuropathy it is additive normally by each limb usage that is lost.

Now again, I have said this again and again if you push too hard the local VA will just ignore you and punish you.  Of course, the higher VA offices and congress could care less.  Their main job is mandated budget control; not what is right or moral for Veterans or their family in associated death issues.  Remember the VA is nothing but a 4% or less lottery as far as awards for death and disability compensations go.

I have diabetes and neuropathy so bad I can hardly stand it some times and wonder why I am still even on this earth and not in it with this crap, among other issues such as limb wasting and antibody issues.  All of this found in any dioxin study you can find, including the other toxic chemicals.

Yet, I have not received one dime for diabetes or neuropathy.  Neuropathy as a stand alone or associated to diabetes it makes no difference, as they were both proven medically and mathematically associated to dioxin and further proved to a higher level to Service in Vietnam; except by our government.  You have seen my proof on this already but this goes back to my comments in the VERPA review and the total circle of government/VA corruption.

This is since 2002. 

A VA doctor signed the diabetes form and diagnosis and prescribed oral medication, Precose. 


The neuropathy I have had since 1995 and did not know what it was until I went to the first reunion.  Then realized half of our guys (same hill, same time frame) had it also.  A VA doctor that treated me, along with two other board certified neurologist tell me there is nothing they can do.  3600 mgs of neurontin (max dose) did not touch this stuff and they will not give me morphine.


However, because of my anger the VA anger management doctor (nut doctor) has me on Fluoxetine for depression.  Now I am not nuts, I still have to much logic left to be nuts.

The VA hospital here in Atlanta is in the same compound as the VA regional office; so there is not much excuse, except stalling.

Yet, here I sit because I spoke out against them with zero compensation for anything.

My congressman and senators here in Georgia will do absolutely nothing, all of them republican, in case you were wondering.  One of my Georgia  senators sits on the VAC in the senate, so he will obviously do nothing.

When I ask the VA when will I hear something they tell me, It takes as long as it takes, and oh by the way we are "extremely busy."

So even so called "associated disorders" can be stalled until you are dead.  Then it only costs them $250.00 to put my "wasting away" ass in the ground.

My only hope at this point is a fellow I met in Washington that is connected to the house VAC seems to have taken some interest in my case. Genuine interest?  Only more time will tell.

I know I keep preaching not to give up because that is what the VA wants you to do.  Either that or just die; or do yourself in. Makes no never mind to them.

But I got to admit something's are just not worth fighting for or against. Government/VA corruption seems to be one of those. Just too much corrupt power to fight them logic and reason not with this absolute corrupt power given to them by congress.

Of course, in my research, I can see a sequence of events of how I have been affected even going back to the hill with gastrointestinal issues and then in 1979 with an autoimmune disorder called urticaria.  Of which the Koreans in their study of "boots on the ground" regardless of MOS; also found associated.

Therefore, this VA Rating link is a double edge sword.  Learn by it; but go slowly and cautiously! 

If you choose to fight for your Veteran's rights, you may be cutting your own throat and any chances of any compensation, if you push to hard.

IRONICALLY, SS found me disabled in less than nine months!

Now I do not think that the VA has more claims than the SS office.  They deal with all the Veterans; in addition to the entire civilian population.

Best to all,