Toxic Chemical Update


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Toxic Chemical Update:


I did touch base with Australian Gary McMahon (two infantry tours in Vietnam) whom I guess would be my counter part in these toxic chemical issues for their Australian guys.


Gary passed on a thank you to A Battery 1/83rd for saving his life.


Gary has a link at:


Also an open letter to the Aussie Government at:


I think you will be shocked at the percentage of increases of diseases and disorders.  This all correlates to what I found in the Ranch Hand transcripts also.  As well as the Seveso, Italy dioxin disaster.  All or most of it also correlates to the Korean study.


A couple of issues that were of question on our side, is the denial by our VA and the NAS/IOM regarding Myeloid Leukemia.  It seems they, as well as the Seveso, Italy issue found both.  Seveso, Italy actually had higher Risk Ratio (RR) in Myeloid than in Lymphatic Leukemia.


The other issue that is mentioned is this motor neuron disease.  Which seems to some variant of ALS. Very possibly associated to the brain and spinal chord issues that the Korean's found in their study.


I also found another connection to COPD identified in the Seveso, Italy dioxin disaster as well as PN with a three fold increase after 15 years.  Also more data that pretty much confirms lung cancers.


I have not seen this COPD mentioned by our VA or the NAS/IOM, although I did find the VA doctors looking for it and suspecting involvement.  Ranch Hand transcripts did make reference to an increase.


Another lung issue brought up in the Seveso Italy incident is this "Lung Pleura" with a Risk Ratio of 3.1 in males and a 1.9 in females.  Not sure what that is.  I think it is the lung linings between the inner and outer layer of the lungs.  If it is tied to a form of cancer called "adenocarcinoma" then that is a positive connection to dioxin and the linings of the different parts of the body including the lungs, throat, esophagus, nasal, etc.


One of my research folks, Brenda, sent in more corroboration on arsenic  which I have been saying all along is being kept out of the fray for many reasons.  A lot of the issues that  I found in the Ranch Hand and also Gary found in the Aussies mimics damages done by arsenic:


Arsenic, like most of the other metals has been found in studies to be associated with neurologic, vascular, dermatologic, and carcinogenic effects, along with reproductive effects(100,15c). Long-term exposure to ingested arsenic has been documented to induce peripheral vascular disease, cartoid arteriosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, and cerebral infarction in a dose-response relationship.


Now that matches exactly with what the Koreans found to incredible p-values including brain infarction and all the vascular and heart issues.  It matches the Ranch Hand study to the found vascular and heart issues and arteriosclerosis. 


In addition, I have been saying for at least two years now:

Remember the Koreans found specific B and T cell dysregulation and the VA and the NAS/IOM remain totally silent.


I found out that the Gulf War guys were given some compensations based on a two to one ratio of those that did serve in theater and those that did not serve in theater.


It should be noted, that the Government/VA studies for Vietnam Veterans are not allowed this "increased risk of incidence" or "significant increase."  All compensations are tied to a linear dose response to dioxin only.  No government study is allowed to compare those in theater versus those not in theater for over 40 years now.


This is one reason why I no longer trust those scientists that are at the NAS/IOM.  These folks are not stupid and illogical.  Yet, they seemed to play the White House and VA games with very little integrity.


The new VA IG report states that there are approximately 800 million dollars a year in fraudulent claims paid out.  Man is this guy good to be able to ascertain that data and then estimate the amount.   I assume the VA IG is talking about PTSD since medical claims are not subjective in evidence.


Unless, maybe some of those VA officials around the nation are now out of jail and rehired by the VA and found a better way to steal from the government and the Veteran's widows and orphans funds.


The VA and its employees, including the IG and the Secretary of the VA, are certainly no sacred cow when it comes to lack of integrity.  That now also must include our congress in these issues.


My response to the VA IG:   that if there are 800 million a year paid out in fraudulent claims there are at least a couple of trillion dollars of justified VA medical and death claims that are being fraudulently rejected by the VA at the behest of the White House.


I did find a study paper written about the neurotoxicity issues and dioxin and I will be reviewing that later.  It is already a fact of science that Agent Blue is a noted toxic chemical with neurotoxicity implications.





As I posted before, there is a group of women researchers that is going to present to congress the issues regarding those Navy Ship Veterans, Thailand, and Korean toxic chemical exposure Veterans.  In talking with them over the phone, they have enough data to prove their point that these Veterans “should not be excluded” from the dioxin medical associations already associated to those that geographically served in Vietnam.  This is scheduled for sometime in the spring of 2006.


These ladies should be applauded for their efforts for our Nations Veterans.  They seemed to have succeeded when many have failed, including our NVSO’s; which in my mind is now questionable.


Questionable in the fact, that with millions and millions of dollars at their disposal these NVSO's could not find the same evidence that these ladies found on their own time and using personal money.  Working with a few congressmen that seemed to be concerned and get themselves in the position to present their data to the committee.  Quite an accomplishment, considering the opposition by most of the entire government and most of the congress.


A special committee is already set up that is "supposed to be interested" in hearing these issues.


These ladies are so tenacious that they actually got "astrocytoma and glilioblastoma brain cancer" approved in one case for dioxin causations and were the only second case to do so in the history of the VA.


Too bad our NVSO's do not have this same fortitude.


I have been asked to think about representing Vietnam Veterans and presenting those medical issues that “more than likely” should be added as associated.


However, in the conversation it was indicated that the NAS/IOM was involved in getting this set up, which I find questionable as to what their intent is in this issue.  I already indicated my opinion of the NAS/IOM and this tag team of the VA and the NAS/IOM.


What the NAS/IOM is doing involved in a subject in which the question or issue concerns are; connecting those that were “also exposed” is a major concern in my mind.


Their primary concern and "government contract" is for "what did it or they cause;" not "who was exposed."


Therefore, I have some reservations on this issue.  Not on the lady's issues; but those issues that, more than likely, should be added and any "legitimate concern" by anyone in government; much less the NAS/IOM.


I have found that the NAS/IOM, as the VACEH was (1979-1991), are more tied to a VA mandated and controlled process, than any form of medical logic or reason.


I am still waiting the outcome of my biopsies so that obviously will also have "an impact" on any decision.  I will find out on July 11th.


Even though this is what I have been shooting for; I think at this point I need to think about it.   Unless I can talk to the folks at the NAS/IOM and find out exactly what they want; and why they are involved in this exposure issue.  No sense in wasting another year of my life on the NAS/IOM and a congress that in fact could care less about the these Veteran's issues.


During my review of these issues I found two democrats and one independent congressmen that might stand up on these issues.  The one republican that might have cared; the GOP has shunned him as being a "Bush Thorn" in these issues.  As a republican, I find this very sobering as to what I thought was going on.


As far as senators go, I can find none on either side of the aisle except former Senator Daschle who was very outspoken on the issues and called it a "perpetration of fraudulent government conclusions."


At this point, I believe the only recourse is the possible outcomes of the VVA lawsuit against many individuals within the VA itself for "collaboration and the orchestration of cover-ups" on the SHAD testing issues.  It has become painfully obvious that congress knows and has known the Veterans issues; and will do nothing.


Too bad it has to go to a court located in the District of Columbia which seems to always favor the VA no matter how criminal the issues or the evidence proves.


Whether these VA scientists will fall on their sword to protect those in government that ordered these criminal acts remains to be seen.  I expect they will.


I am quite sure the government/VA will do everything it can to protect them.  Just like the VA and the VA officials here in Atlanta that stole over 11 million dollars from the Veterans' Widows and Orphans fund.  If not for the Post Office getting involved and prosecuting; these VA folks would have been transferred,  not in prison.


One in particular named in the VVA lawsuit, I had sent a ton of data to them; for them to review and answer.  What I got back was a smiley face letter saying the VA is mandated to give friendly service.


Of course this was when I was still naive'  and before I knew that VA and our government already knew the issues.  Ha Ha


As I told the head of this research group; when it comes to the government contracted NAS/IOM be cautious, be very cautious.  I have not seen them in any light, except a VA biased one.


I did finish the expansion of the write up for the Porphyria Cutanea Tarda (PCT) Foundation.


They also seemed to be interested in supporting Veterans and have tried to support claims in the past.


However, as my 25th Infantry contact that was working with the Peripheral Neuropathy Association to get PN "VA associated" found out.  Not many Medical Associations are going to go up against the government hand that feeds them at some level; whether the medical facts are true or not.


Working on a write up for digestive system cancers and in particular Esophageal Cancer.  Not complete yet but posted (in work) at



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