Thank you ABC and Diane Sawyer for letting present and future Veterans know just how this country and its government rewards its Veterans.


The entire United Sates Department of Veterans Affairs at the highest levels on down is the most corrupt, conspiratorial, vile, criminal, God like, omnipotent, and covert criminal federal agency ever formed by the United States Government.


As you can see yourself, during your investigation, the VA Secretary and the other four members of his senior staff are nothing but “total cowards” and would not defend the actions of the VA.  President Bush’s advisor tells me he selected the VA Secretary because he as a combat veteran.  I call him what he is, despicable. 


I would suggest that the one senior VA member that did show up for your interview probably drew the short straw.  Then he in turn “lied his face off” when he said the VA does not punish Veterans for speaking out.  Veteran’s fight for 20 years to try and get some type of justifiable compensations through the corrupt VA system that should have been awarded in the first two months of his or her submittal.  If they raise too much of an issue in their health care, that will be revisited and the VA corrupt system will punish him or her.


President Bush should dismiss those members of the VA but he also is so ingrained in the process of screwing Veterans he will not have the guts to stand up and do the correct thing and call for a total investigation into this whole corrupt federal agency.  Alternatively, if he does it will not be a valid one, as he will have the IG do it or some other area of the government that is just as biased and anti-veteran.


John Kerry, as President, would be no better considering 20 years in the congress he also has done nothing for the Veterans. 


With the advent of socialized medical care in this country for even illegals (non-citizens at 28 Billion a year).  Is there now any reason for a VA health care system, which is only used to control “Veteran Earned” expenditures?  While free medical care at one time was unique in this country for Veterans services to their country, it is no longer unique.  An illegal has access to on demand free medical care 24 hours a day 7 days a week; to his own doctor, to his own doctor specialist, to his own hospital, and in their own hometown or community.  Is this now the government reward for serving in combat?  To be treated less than even the illegal or as a third class citizen.


No flies laying eggs in the noses of the illegal patient.  Yet, our countries finest and noblest citizens are treated this way, to include begging for food.


Yet, no one was fired in this total disgrace but only transferred or allowed to retire.  This is typical of the corrupt VA and its self-protectionism - even when money is stolen from the Veterans, a transfer is in order rather than prosecution.  


If the Veteran tries to get what he needs from the government, he or she dies or is punished as your investigation showed.  Even if a family member protests too much the Veteran is punished.


As one Marine put it, “I have found a new meaning to the word terrorism.”

This is directed by the highest levels at the White House and those members of Congress on the Veterans Affairs Committees who enable this corrupt federal agency.  Those members of Congress who are not on the Veterans Affairs Committees who in turn tell Veterans, who are citizens first; there is little they can do against the Gods at the VA.  No matter how egregious the acts of the government against the Veterans are and continue to be.


You can bet the member of the congress and on our Veterans Affairs Committee that saw your tape was more concerned about having to take the time to look at it rather than act on it.  The Veterans Affairs Committees in the House and in the Senate are only there to perpetuate the VA and its corruption.

Congressman Shays from the 2000 Government Oversight Review:

”At what level do you think Government should consider compensation?  Should we have a no shadow of a doubt?  The reason why I am asking the question is I have come to the conclusion, based on our work that we have done on gulf war illnesses, based on our review of Agent Orange, that I have to be honest with our veterans.  By the time we will know the scientific data, you are dead.  You will either have died early or you will have died in your old age in pain, but you will not get help from the Federal Government.” 

Doctor Ronald Trewyn from the 2000 Government Oversight Review:

Doctor Ronald Trewyn, Dean of Graduate School and Vice Provost of Research, Kansas State University, former member Agent Orange Ranch Hand Advisory Committee. 

"…this is more than a veterans affairs issue.  It is, in fact, a national security issue. 

Because if the country continues to treat their veterans poorly and, in some cases, abominably as has been the case with the veterans suffering from adverse health outcomes from Vietnam, from the Persian Gulf, we're not going to meet the recruitment and retention needs in this new era of needing highly educated, highly technically proficient people.  They aren't going to stay in because why should they, when they know what's going to happen going out the other end?"



I will be sending you, by postal service, a total package of information gathered in research over the last three years of corruption from the White House on down.  Including a VA classified report that was shelved in 1989 and stamped “Not for Release to the Public”.  This is in regard to mass veterans issues that are covered-up by our wonderful leaders in Washington.  It documents just how corrupt the system has become with regard to Veterans.


Many many Veterans have died or become disabled because of this behavior by our President(s) and our congress that allow this VA criminal behavior to continue.


Present and future Veterans need to know exactly how they will treated when their service to the country is over.


I, as well as millions of this country’s Veterans, am counting on you and ABC to make that happen.  I hope you and ABC will have the intestinal fortitude and courage to do just that and pursue this story that also needs to be told; as you did with Veterans trying to get descent medical care.


By the way, incase you did not know the VFW, who is now owned and operated by the Secretary of the VA (bought and paid for by federal free bees), sent out a bunch of propaganda over the Internet prior to your show and regarding your show.  I will send you that pack of lies also.

Charles Kelley
DMZ 67-68



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