poem dedicated to the 2/94th Field Artillery

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Found amidst this nation

are some very few

who cement a relation

not all want to view.


Sacrifice within battles

unselfishness from life

often seen as chattels

amid our nations strife.)



Combinations of all

young and the old

hearing freedom's call

going out into the cold.


In the world of men

calloused and hateful

come these fine men

with only some grateful.


Their ranks are found

in Arlington and others

having given life profound

our sisters and brothers.


Many with names unknown

not like some who brag

these are good men grown

honoring their battle flag.


Understanding tradition

understanding ones duty

understanding others ambition

understanding evils cruelty.


Heeding the word truth

heeding oaths so taken

heeding the old and youth

heeding freedoms to awaken.


Wherever needed

an Army to serve

many have seeded

freedoms to preserve.


In fields to have bled

in monsoon rains

or on deserts tread

feeling wars oft pains.




Only this thought left

letting another know

who once were deaf

of courage to show.


Politicians who abhor

and condemn us now

acting the public whore

and with gall to scowl.


Understand we do care

and these were of us

who with lives did share

while others did discuss.


They didn't protest or cry

burn flags or issue threats

some who in war did die

with brothers known as Vets.)