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If anyone recognizes the men in the pics let me know, as I would like to add some names to them.



Camp Carroll after being torn down and rebuilt by the 5th Mech in late 1969.  Thanks to Charles White of the 8/4th for the use of the pic.


Below Northern Area Cantonment (NAC) FSB pictures sent in by Mr. Jones of the United Kingdom

Mr. Jones apparently found these photos in book in a pawn shop of some type.

I lost his e-mail when my hard drive crashed.

Since the B33 gun is in the set of pics I assume it is B Battery.  B33 gun is shown in this year pics and an early year as well in the tube change shots above.  B33 must have been an old warhorse.

Thanks to Mr. Jones for sending these in.

2/94th Guns at NAC

2/94th Members at Carroll (B Battery) On left is William Hill, on right Charles ?.

2/94th Members Carroll (B Battery) standing on the back of tanker Same as above Charles ?.  Second guy from left standing is Oscar Shaw.

Overhead of NAC

2/94th Guns at NAC

2/94th Guns at NAC

2/94th Guns at Carroll (B Battery)

? at NAC

area at NAC

Camp Carroll,  B33 Gunner is Ronald Fowler.  (Same B33 gun shown in tube change above from Archive Photos.) Member being doused is Galen Hull.


Below pictures sent in by Lynden Couvillion  (Couvi) of Service Battery  


Thanks Couvi


C" Battery 175mm Self Propelled Gun, M107, at LZ Nancy, I think. 

Note the projectile emerging from the smoke.


 Same gun as above


Sign at LZ Nancy indicating C Battery 2/94th


Camp Evans. This was the view looking South from my hooch at Camp Evans.  If memory serves again, the thermal consumption of the waste from the lower outhouse crept up the hill and burned down our outhouse causing a rapid egress of it's occupants


Dusters from 1/44 at entry to LZ Nancy


(Couvi) This was taken at Camp Evans after returning from an operation sometime in December 69 or January 70.  The Battalion Maintenance building is to the left in the picture.  Wish I still had that waist line!


Changing the oil in a "C" Battery gun at LZ Nancy.  Note the very clean officer speaking to two very dirty crew members.  Don't we all remember being that dirty most of the time.  That may be Stan Duitman in the middle of the trio.


The bridge South of LZ Nancy that never seemed to stay put.


SPC Carol Bowen (from Arkansas I believe) next to a "B" Battery 175mm Gun, M107, that had hit a mine. (Gun believed to be "Bad News") This photo was taken at 555 Ord Co., (Triple Nickel Maintenance, New York National Guard) at Dong Ha shortly after our move to that location.  I believe that this tube was going to be placed on the carriage in the right of the photo.  If my aged memory serves, this is the same gun that had a catastrophic tube failure at the Rock Pile or that vicinity a couple of days later.




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