2/94th Picture Page from 1969

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If anyone recognizes the men in the pics let me know, as I would like to add some names to them.


Below A Battery  'Avenger' picture sent in by Chris Monteleon  of A Battery

Thanks Chris

Section 3 'Avenger' at LZ Sally 1969.  Names not known at this time.

Show at LZ Sally 1969

Below pictures sent in by Tom Miller of Service Battery

Thanks Tom

B33 Gun again called Ball Buster (Old War Horse)

Eddy I. ? and Tom Hemmelgarn

Fire Mission

Hy Van Pass

Pepper Mint Lounge -  Merle Lewellen coming out.

Monkey Mascot

Service Battery Mission Statement

The rains had come and come....and come.

Shower crew June 1969

Back row left to right: Tom Miller, Gene Yep, Blain?, O'Neil.

Front row left to right : Merle Lewellen , Stallworth, McCraken.

Supply Motto

Service Battery 1969

Tom Miller

Tom at home

TOT - not sure what battery?

Tom and Jody?



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