2/94th Picture Page from 1968 #2


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Aerial Pictures of FSB's


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If anyone recognizes the men in the pics let me know, as I would like to add some names to them.



Aerial view of Camp Carroll believed to be 1968 - sent to the 2/94th by Marine LTC Jerry Norton.

2/9 photo of Carroll.  Shows opposite side of hill described in 1967 photo.  B Battery was towards the helipad, A Battery along the left (West perimeter) C Battery was at the entrance to the area top. 

For you fellows that were there during this time frame I believe it was E Company 2nd Battalion 9th Marines that did battle with the NVA during the TET Offensive in early January and through March down in the valley and around Cam Lo bridge to keep them away from the big guns.  Also I think that H & S Company was involved also.  I know those guys were definitely my heroes!  Wounded were brought back to Carroll for treatment and then to Quang Tri I believe.


Below pictures sent in by Doc Behrens, Battalion Surgeon, for 3/9 at the Rockpile 

Thanks to Doc Behrens for sending these in

175 destroyed at the Rockpile.

175 destroyed at the Rockpile.

175 destroyed at the Rockpile.

Debris Field

175 destroyed

175 destroyed

Firebase Photos by Marine Dale Ward

Thanks Dale for sending these in

Aerial of Dong Ha

Aerial of Dong Ha after rocket attack

Old French Fort at Dong Ha

Trying to unload on top of the Rockpile

On Top of the Rockpile

Firebase Photos by LTC Jerry Norton USMC

Thanks Jerry for sending these in

Ba Long Valley, West of Camp Carroll


Khe Sanh looking South


Khe Sanh summer of 67


Con Thien


Gio Linh


Gio Linh

Gio Linh in distance


Rockpile in distance, looking East


Rockpile looking West


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