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If anyone recognizes the men in the pics let me know, as I would like to add some names to them.



  Pack 75mm captured by the 9th Marines on Carroll.  Fellow in shorts on right is Mike Keeler.  All the way to the left sitting and eating is Conklin (forget his first name). I think the rest are Marines.


Captured pack 75 howitzer that the perimeter Marines at Carroll went up and dug out. It was dug back in to the side of the mountain. Wish I could remember the unit other than the 2/9th Marines.  May have been E company. The howitzer as well as the ammo (shown below) had stamped on it - Made in USA 1942. Also had a GE logo stamped on it if I remember correctly.  We were told at the time on the hill this piece was used by the French in their battles with what was called then the Viet Mien back in the early 50's, I think. Captured from the French and then used on us. Then the Marines from Carroll captured it from the NVA.  Carroll was harassed by three of four of these pee shooters for about three months off and on. The hill arty knocked out the other ones but this one was  dug way back in to one of the mountains around Carroll. If I remember right they said Dong Ha Mountain.   It was probably the Marine 105's on the hill which was  C/1/12. Although we did have the Marine 155's, M and K/4/12. Safe to say it was Marine Arty that got the others.

It is also reported that A Battery 2/94th had a direct sighting on one of the Pack 75's and was ready to try direct fire.  Contacted 12th Marine FDC and they said they would take care of it!  By the time they got up and ready to fire the 75mm howitzer was back in the mountain.

Talk about a weapons life cycle.  Who would have thought this gun would have been used in WW1 and it still being used today as a salute cannon?

Pack 75 ammo brought down from the mountain by 9th Marines.

Aerial view of Camp Carroll believed to be 1968 - sent to the 2/94th by Marine LTC Jerry Norton.

2/9 photo of Carroll.  Shows opposite side of hill described in 1967 photo.  B Battery was towards the helipad, A Battery along the left (West perimeter) C Battery was at the entrance to the area top. 

For you fellows that were there during this time frame I believe it was E Company 2nd Battalion 9th Marines that did battle with the NVA during the TET Offensive in early January and through March down in the valley and around Cam Lo bridge to keep them away from the big guns.  Also I think that H & S Company was involved also.  I know those guys were definitely my heroes!  Wounded were brought back to Carroll for treatment and then to Quang Tri I believe.



Below pictures sent in by Mike Stoffers  of B Battery

Thanks to Mike for sending these in


8-inch firing - unknown members on gun

Shooting at the moon?

B Battery Commo bunker hit in 1968

See Artillery City 'Gio Le'

Buccaneer Mission Statement


Below pictures sent in by Tom Jones of HQ Battery

Thanks to Tom for sending these in

Sign in front of the 'Bunker Ma Hall' (BN HQ bunker) on Carroll

Marine Chapel on Carroll. Captain Jablonski memorial held here. 

One of the Marines I have met since that time told me he and some of his Marine buddies were elected to help build the chapel on Carroll because the Marine Chaplin at the time caught them with some questionable magazines in their tents.  Come on Chaplin you were dealing with 18-20 year old Marines!  Did you expect cooking magazines?? Ha Ha  I guess any excuse will do but I think the fellows would have volunteered anyway knowing some of the Marines up there.  Thanks Earl, A/1/26.

CSM Balch, red robe, and an unknown on Carroll.  (I remember shortly after I landed on Carroll CSM Balch, I think it was, came over to a group of us enlisted and said that not to get our hopes up but that the peace talks had commenced.) (Peace talks that lasted until 1975.)

3/4 Ton hit by Pack 75mm

LTC Kamstra and quarters

One of the first 8-inch on Carroll

Marine POL hit and burning

Hooch hit by Pack 75mm

Looking outside Carroll.  (You fellows probably remember that area was a beautiful area.  Even the trip along 9 with river running beside it and the mountain across the valley was panoramic.)

HQ's Battery area.  (This was after the hootches were built, of course.  Hard to believe when you fellows pulled out they burned and bulldozed all that down.  Then 4 months later rebuilt the whole thing for you fellows after late 69.)  (Try and figure that out?)

Hqs Battery area

Ammo pit on Carroll

Battalion Maintenance Burning

Carroll Tower

B Battery

C Battery

Spent Tubes on FDC Bunker (Carroll)

Battalion FDC (Tom Jones - relaxing) (A and B Battery computers- names unknown at this time.

Service Battery Dong Ha

Headquarters area from HQ Bunker

Cam Lo Valley from Hill 250

Camp Carroll from Hill 250

Dong Ha Mountain from Hill 250

 Hill 250

4th Marine Bell

Battalion Maintenance on Carroll

 Battalion Sign

Kelley Pics



8-inch believed to be C Battery



    Battalion HQ's on Carroll 1968


  Mr. Squire Knowles my friend on Carroll


B52 Strike to the Northwest the day after TET 68 began


Same B52 Strike as above only closer to the hill



Below picture sent in by Dean Shanklin of Service Battery

Thanks to Dean for sending it in


Third Ammo section:

In Back row left to right: Sgt Buck Pierce, Wallace Barnes (Barney), Carl Williams (Shakey), Gail Duff (Duffy), John Krise (Big John).


In Front Row left to right: Unknown, Parris, Unknown (Nickname Doc)


Pictures were sent in and my hard drive crashed.  Recovered some of the files but lost the e-mail.  Again some faces look familiar so inserting in 68.  My best guess is this some fellows from B battery around 68.  Let me know who sent these in so I can identify.  Also the fellows in the pictures their names.  


Looks like Carroll???


Still Carroll???


Again I think this may be some of the fellows from B Battery around 67-68. 

1968 Archive Photos retrieved by Dean Shanklin

PFC Walter L. Reynolds with hands over ear center of pic - B Battery - Carroll 15 May 1968.


Below pictures sent in by Larry Stromberg? (I think)  of A  Battery

Thanks to Larry for sending these in

Need caption

Need caption - Camp Carroll

Need Caption

SGT Stromeberg

Need Caption

Need Caption

Need Caption

Need Caption

Below pictures sent in by Arnie Aljets of Hqs and Service  Battery

Thanks to Arnie for sending these in

  Arnie Aljets and Ed Boyles.  Arnie on the right. Both were with the 8/4th at the time of this pic at Cam Lo. Taken Christmas Day 1967.

  Survey hooch hit on Carroll

  Personnel hooch hit on Carroll

  Survey hooch hit on Carroll

   Personnel hooch -  I believe that is me the tall one and darn almost had his name, I will remember it.  He was from Kansas and was High School State of Kansas wrestling champion.

  PFC Mike Wallace recovers his belongings

  Survey hooch hit on Carroll?

  Survey hooch hit on Carroll

   Survey hooch hit on Carroll


Below pictures sent in by Pat Lacher of Hqs Battery

Thanks to Pat for sending these in

Pat Lacher -  June of 1967

B52 Arc Light just outside Carroll (I think this was in last part of January 1968) 

Not sure where this was located.  The only one I remember was the one just outside Dong Ha and was much smaller.


Below pictures sent in by Bill Niles of Service Battery

Thanks to Bill for sending these in

 Bill Niles, recovery maintenance, Service Battery


Fellows that Bill served with in Service Battery


Mike Guniee of Service Battery





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