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If anyone recognizes the men in the pics let me know, as I would like to add some names to them.



Camp Carroll 1967 photo from the Archives - B Battery in foreground- Hqs motor pool area top right.  Across the far left road on the down hill side was the 12th Marines 105 and mortar pits.



Below Camp Carroll pictures sent in by Greg Smith of C Battery

Thanks to Greg for sending these in

  C Battery TOT.  Note shell in flight from gun closest to camera.  All on time.                 


1st 122mm rocket crater on Camp Carroll.  This is thought to be the 1st time the NVA used the 122mm rockets against US targets.


Gun 1 C Battery from atop the FDC


C Battery FDC, old D Battery position which was B Battery 6/27


  C Battery position West side of QL9 between Gio Linh and Dong Ha.   Position was referred to as the "Grave Yard" across from the village of Truc Khe.


Interior of C Battery FDC 1967 Jan 67


C Battery FDC interior late Aug 67 SP5 Greene


Below pictures taken by Specialist John Green of C Battery FDC.


 Lieutenants Smith and Tenis in the C Battery FDC "Super Bunker"


Lieutenants Smith and Tenis


Lieutenant Smith


Below 1967 Gio Linh pictures sent in by Greg Smith of C Battery

Thanks to Greg for sending these in

Perimeter bunker at Gio Linh

2/94th guns firing at Gio Linh

Gio Linh Combat Base

One of the towers at Gio Linh


1967 Archive Photos retrieved by Dean Shanklin

B20 Gun 'Bodacious Bastard' on Carroll 7 Aug 1967 -  Bob Mahmood on right - Sgt. Floyd E. Grogran on the left


Believed to be C Battery gun - pic was taken 19 Dec 1967.  Believe this pic was on the cover of a magazine just not sure which one.



Below Camp Carroll pictures sent in by Earl Clark of  Company A 1st Battalion 26th Marines

Thanks to Earl for sending these in

175 gun on Carroll (Identified as Gun 4, C Battery, by Bob Matlock.)

Carroll Tower - Note: FO from Marine 3/4 reports from a trip back to Carroll in 1994 there is an NVA Statue approximately  where the tower use to be.

Below Gio Linh picture sent in by Tom Walker of  Battery C 12th Marines

Thanks to Tom for sending it in



 Dignitaries at Gio Linh - Note: The 2/94th rotated batteries in and out of Gio Linh during 67 for Operation High Tower.  One of the most intense artillery duels of the war.


Below very early 1967 pictures sent in by Andy Tenis of A Battery


Thanks to Andy Tenis for sending these in



 We'd just led the 1st convoy thru to Khe Sanh in the 14yrs  since  Dien Bien Phu... and I was looking' forward to washing' off  some of that red clay dust; but 1st "an official" photo... (ps : notice who drove...)  It also marked our last day with the 11th Marine Engineers - a great bunch of guys.


(This picture supplied by Lt DeVita.)



LT DeVita coming out of Quang Tri River, out by Khe Sanh.   They had just lead the 1st convoy to Khe Sanh and LT DeVita was getting rid of the red dust and dirt that we all know about.

Below 1967 Pictures sent in by Gail Duff (Duffy) of Service Battery

Thanks to Duffy for sending these in

 Hooch on Carroll after (rocket ?) (CRS)

One of our Leaders leaving his (oops), the throne.

The fellow on the radio is Duffy, driver is Jim Esposito, asleep shotgun is unknown.

Duffy and Shaky (Carl Williams) walking Hwy 9 looking for road mines; Mine sweepers deluxe!

Formation (not sure what for) (CRS again)

Next day after hooch blown up, our builders at work. Great job guys!

Antenna blown over from attack.

Below 1967 Pictures sent in by Larry Rollins of C Battery

Thanks to Larry for sending these in

Gun Crew of Gun #3 of C Battery holding 100,000 round fired from the Battalion on 25 August 1967 at 1717 hours.


Gun Crew Standing left to right: ?


Gun Crew Kneeling left to right: ?


  Battalion Commander and staff getting ready to pull lanyard.


  Battalion Members pulling lanyard.


  100,000 round, fired from the Battalion, is launched!


Below very early 1967 pictures sent in by Barry DeVita of C Battery


Thanks to Barry for sending these in


Lt Devita, casually calling in fire adjustments from atop the Rockpile? Or, Lt Devita calling in fire adjustments from the Rockpile, dressed very casually?  Where is the 1st Sergeant when you need him?


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