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If anyone recognizes the men in the pics let me know, as I would like to add some names to them.





General Leroy Eltinge (USNS) Ship that brought most of the 2/94th over to Vietnam.


Below very early Camp Carroll pictures sent in by Jim Lary of C Battery

Thanks to Jim for sending these in


SGT's Jim Lary and Buck Buckner + an unknown on the boat over


Captain Lockhart and LT Tenis  of C Battery                     


SSG Pugh C Battery, Chief, 2nd Gun Section


  SSG Buck Buckner C Battery, Chief, 3rd Gun Section


SGT's Lary and Buckner at the base of the Rockpile


Most of the original gun crew, Gun 4, 1966. 

Standing on the ground left to right: Unknown, Terry Fink (driver),  Tony Burtovoy,  Dale Elston,  Richard Balko,  William Urso (Willie J.) (assist gunner).  On the gun left to right: Wayne Brundage, Eugene Yarber, Don Benny, James Lucas  (gunner)


 Seabees bulldoze for 1st gun pads at Carroll



  Seabees laying in wood for gun pads


Finally! Out of the red mud.  Notice no sandbags yet.  These pics must have been around late October or early November 1966.


C Battery gun firing -  note the addition of sandbags around the powder canisters.


Jim says he named his gun " CATHY " after the daughter of the Stars and Stripes reporter who covered our landing at Da Nang and made the trip with us to Carroll.  That gun was on 'CATHY III' when Jim left in 1967.  Lot of rounds fired in the right direction! 



Below very early Camp Carroll pictures sent in by Greg Smith of C Battery


Thanks to Greg Smith for sending these in



C Battery Officers CPT Lockhart, LT Smith, LT Tenis


Below 1966 pictures sent in by Andy Tenis of A Battery


Thanks to Andy Tenis for sending these in

2/94th Advance Party landing at Saigon Air Port. This includes all the FB XO's and the Battalion Staff.


This is a good example of the kind of creatures that know how to climb about the Rockpile.  Oh, I'm sorry; that's LT DeVita, my mistake. (Greg Smith)  Picture was taken by RTO David Bennett.


Training of A Battery at Fort Sill.


Photo is Jerry Heard (A Battery CO),  SFC Nesbitt (Smoke), Andy Tenis (when he was really thin) and the RTO can't remember his name( could be Bob -----?)


Below 1966 pictures sent in by Sims McKnight of C and Service Battery


Thanks to Sims for sending these in

 LT Sims McKnight and driver leaving D Battery


LT Sims McKnight in bunker ?????

Below pictures sent in by Barry DeVita of C Battery


Thanks to Barry for sending these in


Officers awaiting landing at Da Nang


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