Personal Update


Personal Update on my VA claim:


Diabetes awarded finally:


After the contact in DC interceded on my behalf with the VA in Atlanta, I was finally awarded compensations for Diabetes Type II.  Many of you have heard the story of my first time under fire and the keystone cops moves I made because of utter stupidity and ignorance.  The Atlanta VA out did me on this one.


I will not get into it but for two weeks, Glenda was e-mailing back to the contact in DC describing what was going on.  The bottom line was that the VA had no clue what they were doing or where they were doing it!  Then started in with the CYA moves!


Now mine was such a simple issue and really only aggravating.  However, some of our guys have died from AO cancers and could not get covered for their families when they needed financial help the most seven months later while they were on their death bed.  This is for already associated cancers.  I will not stand for that and neither should any Veteran or Veterans’ family.  


We have instant on demand welfare gratification in this nation for doing nothing but breathing or even in some cases not even breathing and not even having a pulse.  Amazing how much dead Americans can eat when there are food stamps involved.


Then to have our guys or any Veteran, up in a VA hospital no less, dying from an already approved cancer and cannot get money to the Veteran while he and his family fight the cancer before he dies seven months later is unacceptable performance.  If it is only one Veteran, it is too many.


If these monies were retroactive, that might make this somewhat easier to take – still not acceptable.  However, because it is not retroactive; there in lies the problem with the President’s mandated budget and a now definite VA conflict of interest.


Especially since this should be, push the damn button – approved!  There is no complicated or complex decision to be made.  Moreover, get the Veteran the money he needs because by God he earned it and it is killing him or her.


The VA still denied my PN, which is what really has me disabled even though I sent in enough evidence to sink a ship, even from our own slanted government studies.


This is primarily because my VA neurologist said there is no way to tell if it if diabetes associated or not.  Although he did indicate "may be" associated.


You see as a scientist myself I cannot fathom the lack of VA response to actual data.  Therefore, I took the opposite approach and put myself in the seat of the Secretary of the VA. 


Where is the data that the VA concluded that AO PN, except as associated with diabetes, was only a transient event?  Manifesting within a maximum of one year after leaving Vietnam, and resolved within two years.


Again, my data goes back to 1949 and researching it once again, I found no mention of a "transient form of PN" – only "chronic and debilitating."


What I did find was a spider bite, tick bite, snakebite, or even eating some poisonous plants can and will cause a temporary or transient form of neuropathy and muscle weakness.  This is because you have an antigen response to the poisons.  The antibodies go to work along with some medication for the poison or at least the symptoms.  The cells do their thing in eliminating the issue – the sweeper cells come in and clean up the mess.  Six weeks to six months, you probably are back at 100%.


Oh, but remember I contacted the EPA’s dioxin expert Dr. Birnbaum and the NAS/IOM leader a Dr. Catlin and asked that very pointed and specific question.  Does dioxin create an antigen response?  The answer was a definite NO!


Therefore, the normal medical issues and rationale that cause “transient PN” or "transient anything" do not apply to AO or in this case, dioxin.  That seems to be all the VA is compensating anyway.


If dioxin is not being treated as an antigen, then there is no way that any PN caused by dioxin is going to be transient.  It is a result of the dioxin changing a cell or cells and then an antigen response is created to that changed cell.  Therefore, in my pea brain, this becomes a self-perpetuating event (autoimmune) and there is nothing transient about it.


So where is the data the VA used to make this “PN transient only decision?”  I have no clue and they are obviously not going to tell us.  Why?  Because they do not have to justify anything that they do.


While the bone density tests did not come back very good the colonoscopy result was encouraging with no issues found.  So once again the doctors are miffed as to why the weight loss over the last 6 months. 


Best to all,