Now I am even more angry, every congressperson and senator

presently serving in the government better look at this or this whole thing for Veterans is nothing but a

“BIG government SICK joke with all involved.”



To:   Commissioner John Grady and all concerned Commissioners

 Attn:  Commissioner Grady


Congressional Members, Congressional Staff, and VA staff:,,,,,,,


One of our outstanding 1st Battalion 12th Marine Sergeants sent this to me, as I had no idea this data existed and was posted.


What this is; is a cumulative database put together from VA’s own data in 2004 by Knight Ridder News.  I do not know if this is the data that Knight Ridder had to sue VA to get or not.  Even though the numbers show disparity - the level of disparity is suspect simply because VA data is suspect and of course biased toward their mandates - not facts or truth.


This is a comparison of ratings and such by VA regional office in decisions and other data points.


NOW I want all of you to look at the cumulative various mental disorders diagnosed versus diagnosed PTSD.


Then look at the payment differences at to percentage of 100% in category.


Also note the cumulative neurological disorders in numbers.


I would also like to point out I found this same disparity of a variety of mental disorders cumulative versus diagnosed PTSD in the Korean study and the Australian report.


I would also like to point out that Ranch Hand found in noncombatants:


In 1990, the Ranch Handers, noncombatants that were primarily skin exposed, experiencing statically significant excess in - psychological disorders of depression, somatization, and severity of psychological distress.  Antisocial and paranoid scores were significantly higher along with psychotic delusion. 


Even more disturbing is in VA's own study demanded by Congress they found a significant increase in those that sprayed these toxic chemicals from the Army Chemical Corps which found 19% or those located were being treated for mental disorders "at VA hospitals."


How many of your doctors could actually tell the difference in what the government is calling PTSD and toxic chemical induced neuropsychological disorders?  Be honest.  How many of your doctors are aware of these toxic chemical findings?


“The first step in PTSD Differential Diagnosis according to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) under Diagnostic Interview Schedule should always be in differential diagnosis as whether the presenting symptoms arise from a toxicant substance that is exerting “a direct effect on the central nervous system (CNS).” …  the next step is to determine whether there is a relationship between it and the psychiatric symptomatology.”


In addition, the same thing holds true for many other studies done on the toxic chemical workers as well as those workers that cleaned up toxic chemical accidents.


i.e. Forty seven men go in to clean up a dioxin spill and within 10 years 43 have nerve damage in the form of PN and two had already committed suicide.  The finding was not "diabetes" and PN but diagnosed by testing of PN.


NAS/IOM review of peer reviewed studies of government controlled and corrupted data should not be used to override medical findings and facts!  Then continually raise the evidence bar higher and higher as in some sort of career science project.


From my BOOK:  “Evidence also reveals that Dow Chemical, a manufacturer of Agent Orange was aware as early as 1964 that TCDD was a byproduct of the manufacturing process.  According to Dow’s then medical director, Dr. Benjamin Holder, extreme exposure to dioxins could result in "general organ toxicity" as well as "psychopathological" and "other systemic" problems.”  (19)


"Psychopathological"  = The manifestation of a mental or behavioral disorder.


This is exactly what I have been trying to point out to our government with data and facts of studies and statistics and how the trends are there. 


Mr. McLemore, Mr. Sistek, and Mr. Phillips this is exactly what Glenda and I were trying to point out in our meetings with you in DC. Obviously we did a horrible job. Because now here we have hard data of psychopathological trends in real time data and yet this in my opinion goes not only looked at as it should be in relationship to neurotoxicity issues but also purposefully government ignored and certainly not explained.


Certainly, these disorders are documented to the level of demanding some form of explanation by someone in government outside VA and not some consensus opinion by the NAS/IOM.


If we had no toxic chemicals in our war then would PTSD and these psychopathological disorders be at hypothetically .05 % rather than an exponential factor higher such as 5%.


Data does not lie.



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