1st Battalion 40th Artillery

1st Battalion 40th Artillery was a 105mm SP unit that arrived in Vietnam at the same time with the 2/94th, October 1966.  Both units were shipped over by Naval Ship.  It is unclear at this time if the 1/40th was originally destined for the Saigon area or not,  as was the 2/94th.  The call came out for Artillery support in the Northern most provinces and both units were ordered directly to the North.  The 1/40th took up Battalion position at Dong Ha.  With firing batteries and gun platoons serving all along the DMZ.  The 1/40th was stood down sometime in 1969, around the same time the 3rd Marines were stood down.

1st Battalion 44th Artillery with Battery G 65th Artillery attached

1st Battalion 44th Artillery with Battery G 65th Artillery attached was the unit that became synonymous with convoy security, perimeter security, and any hot spots that developed along the DMZ.  The 1/40 twin 40mm cannons (Dusters) put on an awesome display of fire power when called on.  Battery G of the 65th also provided the same support with their quad 50 cal machine guns (Quad 50's).  In the Lam Son operations the 1/44th supplied two dusters per 2/94th firing battery and the 65th supplied two quads for Headquarters Battery.


5th Infantry Division Brigade (Mech), the Red Diamond Division) took over up north from the 3rd Marines when they were stood down in 1969.  Among those units with the Brigade was: 1st Battalion, 11th Infantry; 1st Battalion, 61 Infantry (Mechanized); 1st Battalion, 77th Armor; A Troop, 4th Squadron, 12th Cavalry; 5th Battalion, 4th Artillery, 75th Support Battalion; A Company, 7th Engineers; and 517th Military Intelligence Detachment; 86th Chemical Detachment; 48th Public Information Detachment; 77th Combat Engineer Battalion; and 43d Scout Dog Platoon.

 5/4 was a self-propelled 155 Artillery unit, while the 1/77 Armor was the tank unit that our C and D Batteries during Lam Son owe a great deal of gratitude. They reached and brought both surrounded batteries off of the Laotian border.  They succeeded when others refused to try.

The old  tore down Marine Base, Camp Carroll, was rebuilt by the 5th.

Links to the units mentioned above can be found on the 5th web site.

2nd Battalion 12 Marine Artillery

The 2nd Battalion 12th Marine Artillery was comprised of  105's, 155's towed, 4.2 inch mortars and some 8 inch SP's.  Their primary support was to the 9th Marine Regiment.  I would guess the Marine Mortar fellows that were on Carroll were 2/12 that provided not only HE but the illuminations we asked for.

C Battery 1st Battalion 12th Marine Artillery

For you 2/94th fellows that rotated in and out of Gio Linh in early 1967 C/1/12 was  the Marine 105 Towed Battery that served along side of you during those artillery duals.   They were on Carroll also.

K Battery 4th Battalion 12th Marine Artillery

K/4/12 was originally a 155 towed, I think.  Later an M109 155 SP unit.  Fought up around the Rockpile, Dong Ha, Cam Lo, Carroll.  In our 2/94th history there were a couple of  2/94th joint operations with K/4/12.


M Battery 4th Battalion 12th Marine Artillery

Could not find a web for M Battery?  Thought I remembered one a while back.  M Battery was OPCON to the 2/94th for several months and rotated from Carroll to the Rockpile along with our platoon rotation out to that area.  Those of you that were on Carroll in 67 may remember a 155 Long Tom explosion on the extreme western side of Carroll, I believe that was M Battery.

3rd Battalion 4th Marines

The 3rd Battalion 4th Marines initiated 'Artillery Plateau' later called Camp Carroll during Operation Prairie.  Noted is the fight at Cam Lo about the time TET 68 broke out.  It could be seen from Carroll.  A CAC unit with 2 rifle squads of the 4th (unclear as to what unit of the 4th) plus a rifle squad from E/2/9 (below) took on a reinforced NVA Battalion.  They devastated the NVA Battalion.

2nd Battalion 9th Marines

The 2nd Battalion 9th Marines provided security for Camp Carroll as well as the area around Camp Carroll.  One of their objectives was to keep the NVA away from the big guns of the 2/94th of which the base and the guns were the linchpin for the defense of the entire DMZ area.  They succeeded at a high cost.  Elements of E Company 2/9 were also in the fight at Cam Lo. Elements of 2/9 also had been involved in the pitch battles for Con Thien before arriving on Camp Carroll.

3rd Battalion 9th Marines

The 3rd Battalion 9th Marines provided security for the Rockpile area and further to the West.  The 3rd Battalion 9th Marine Battalion Surgeons cared for our 2/94th and the 8/4th wounded in that area operation.  This Battalion also had been involved in the pitch battles for Con Thien.

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