From our friend Lindsey in New Zealand.


April 4, 2007 from the New Zealand "Dominion Post."


To bad our own National Media will not print findings like this regarding our bodies trying to correct themselves from chromosome/DNA damages found in Vietnam Veterans.


Of course when the winds of this study got out some of our scientists went to the rescue of the chemical companies stating it was not verified to AO exposures.  My answer to those scientist would be?  SO WHAT?


Lets see what is the difference between the Asian Campaigns of the past versus the 10 years worth of Campaigns in Vietnam.  Anyone besides our paid for scientists have any clue?  I thought you just might.


While the paper's article does talk about the comparisons of the DNA damage found in the lab rat testing of Veterans in nuclear testing it did not state what the report indicates.  That the chromosome damage repair tries for Vietnam Veterans was three times (3X) worse than the nuclear testing results. 


Again not at all very comforting that our own government did this to some of us and does not have the guts to admit it.