TO:  Institute of Medicine


Copy:  Veterans Affairs Committees of the House and the Senate


Subject:  Appointment of any “VA” representative to the IOM working committee on Veterans Issues.


I Charles Kelley as a Veteran vehemently oppose “any VA employee” and/or “VA appointee” being part of any NAS/IOM working committees.


I believe I speak for millions of Veterans, their widows, and their orphans.


We have already seen how the Disability Commission, “advertised as independent” is controlled by the VA Representative - Mr. Ray Wilburn. 


We Veterans of this nation do not need any more “government bias” against us than we already have in the form of:


Government studies manipulated by our own government by even using the name of the Surgeon General as the evidence piles up against the government; then protocols are changed, concluding scientists medical statements and findings modified to change the intent of the conclusions, command influence comes into play, charges of scientific misconduct, whole chapters rewritten to de-emphasize the medical cohort findings in many medical issues of neurology, hematology, immunology, gastro, cardiology, vascular, and neuropsychological issues that were found. (Reference Ranch Hand Congressional oversight review of 2000.)


Yet, this NAS/IOM body seems to believe the Ranch Hand biased presentations and not the actual findings. 


Thus never giving the Veterans, his/her family, or their doctors a fair medical assessment of his or her toxic chemicals (plural) legacy.


The CDC selling its scientific soul to the White House and Secretary of State is not very scientific but only self-perpetuating for funds. (Reference House Report - HR 101-672.)


It remains to be seen if the VACEH, NAS, and the IOM are either knowingly or unknowingly part of this U.S. Government collaboration.


Even some national media investigative reporters have charged this NAS/IOM body with cherry picking studies to review at the behest of the government/VA.


“Medical History” will ultimately decide as our government waits while more die off before admitting the many issues we know are associated.  Similar to the honorable government finally admitting the mustard gas issues for our WW2 Veterans 62 years after their war ended.


At present, from my point of view as a researcher myself, I doubt if any of the VACEH, NAS, or IOM work could stand up to international and independent scientific scrutiny as to what it is these scientific bodies are demanding.  It seems even when asked by congress the NAS management refuses to answer the direct questions to what level of associations this body requires by either self imposed mandate or VA contract.  (Reference Ranch Hand Congressional oversight review of 2000.)


Therefore, we Veterans and our family’s demand that no (zero) Department of Veterans Affairs employees or appointees be involved in this already totally biased body and the decision making process.


This is not supposed to be a copy of the Bureau of Indian Affairs like the turn of the last century.  Although it seems to act with the same, White House/Congressional charter of Veterans budget control for DoD and White House mistakes - NOT justice.


If we are to have any additional members on the IOM committee as independent, they should not be from the Department of Veterans Affairs, which is anti veteran in these issues.


Any additional members should be appointed by the Veterans and oh by the way unlike the Ranch Hand committee appointees the person appointed should be told they are “representing veterans.”  Not tell them after they are off the committee or three years after the fact.  (Reference Ranch Hand Congressional oversight review of 2000.)


I can think of many “real toxicologists” that Veterans would recommend that actually have integrity of what the many study findings point to that is “as least as likely as not associated” to our mortality and disability from the many forms of toxic chemical poisoning.  Not just the one containment from the one chemical in the one herbicide, of many militarized herbicides, that is made up of “many” toxic chemical components. 


Talk about staking the deck against those that served!


Not in any order of preference:


Dr. Linda Birnbaum

Dr. Ronald Trewyn

Dr. Cate Jenkins

Dr. Linda Schwartz

Dr. Jeanne Stellman

Dr. Richard Albanese (If he is fully retired from the totally biased Air Force Ranch Hand Management and not subject to Command Influence!


The bottom line is: 


Cherry picked epidemiological studies should not be used to override scientific evidence and a biased VA employee working at the behest of our White House should not be appointed to any decision making process as to the associations of anything; much less service connected health care and death and disability compensations for our “Nations government damaged Veterans.”


Charles Kelley

DMZ 67-68

The toxic chemical corridor of QL9.