More on this issue of offset and if Veterans do not get up off their Butts and contact their congressmen and senators and tell them if this thing is not stopped and not stopped now; then no incumbent will be in office in 2006 and 2008.  If we do not act and NOW then we deserve what we get.  This is still supposed to be a free country with a constitution that should apply to everyone.  Not just those that never wore the Uniform.


We need to tell them they must come out publicly in the media against such anarchy against a single segment of society.  Just telling the Veteran individually they are not for it - means nothing!  These politicians with few exceptions have no shame. 


What counts is the final vote!  By that time, it is too late.  It is time we made them accountable in mass and NOW!


Bush is on his way out and don’t any of you Veterans or Widows think this guy won’t do this and don’t any of you think the DoD and the VA is not behind this in mass.  The VA will just be the puppet with the government pulling the strings of integrity and criminal acts.


"WASHINGTON, May 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission is considering whether Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) should or should not be included in its analysis of compensation and earnings of service-disabled veterans.


During its March 2006 meeting, the Commission discussed the Congressional intent of Public Law 108-136, which created the Commission.  Specific focus was on interpreting the intent of the law and what that means in terms of the Commission's authorities.  Also discussed by the Commission members was how data could be acquired from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and how it could be matched to administrative data from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as well as how results could be interpreted, if SSA data were collected.  Some veterans in receipt of VA disability compensation also receive SSDI; some for the same disability, some for a combination of service- connected and nonservice-connected disabilities, and some for disabilities unrelated to their service.  The frequency and amount of benefits received is not known."



So what, on all of this Disability Commission Bull Shit and comparisons. 


The Social Security System does not care what caused the disability only that you qualified for it by working!  That is one issue.  The other issue is the Social Security System for 100%, which is all it is concerned about, allows cumulative total effects, regardless of cause.  The VA rating system is totally different! 


The VA disability rating is for Service Connected disability.  Of course the most common of these is with exceptions is the wounding by the direct actions of the enemy soldier or the result of serving in a combat environment.  The exception is of course death and disability caused by our own arrogant White House and DoD that seems they can get away with murder and medical mayhem and have no responsibility to those in uniform.  Of course, I am talking about the toxic chemicals, the Gulf War Issues, the lab rat usage of our men and women in uniform in biological chemical warfare testing that the DoD because of the Feres Doctrine leaves our Veterans powerless to seek any kind of justice for crimes against humanity.  Veterans we hanged folks for this exact same thing after WW2.


As the Supreme Court Justice said:


The most significant dissenter in modern times is sitting Supreme Court Justice Scalia as cited in the case of United States v. Johnson, (1987):


“Feres was wrongly decided and heartily deserves the widespread, almost universal criticism it has received.”  Furthermore, "Congress's inaction regarding this doctrine and its doing little, if anything in the way of modifying it to prevent Constitutional claims is clearly unjust and irrationalAgain, allowing such power to military leaders can and does result in abuse therefore, where are the checks and balances on the military."


Again, Veterans thought there is no way congress would pass this.  Yet, they did exactly that!  Why?  Because congress wanted to divest themselves of the responsibility for Veterans not only of the legitimacy of claims but also the cost of the DoD mistakes.


The Veterans Disability Tax passed by once again our own congress not for some form of morality or conflict of law but only because it was presented as, a government cost saving Tax tool.  That Veterans shafting has existed for over 130 years.


Don’t anyone tell me that this congress will not do the same thing.  A lot of these so called honorable same men and women have stood by and let Veterans die uncompensated from DoD lies and VA lies with our own government using scientific misconduct and more lies and manipulations to deny death and disability from DoD mistakes.  Mistakes made by your friend and mine the arrogant President Johnson and the galactily “stupid” Robert McNamara.  How many of these honorable congressmen and senators have actually helped you, other than say we checked the status of your claim.  No challenges to the facts of scientific misconduct.  Damn it, read my book and see just how honorable these constituent representatives have served you in your hour of need.


All you get is, we cannot put pressure on the VA.  Horse Crap, the congress makes the laws and can mandate the VA follow them or charge them with criminal acts.  The VAC subcommittees charge is they are supposed to make sure the intent of congress is followed by the VA and in a timely manner.


Christ, any of you seen this happen?  Any of you seen where the mandated benefit of the doubt is calculated.  Have any of your elected officials told you where this government myth is located in the process?  No, they cannot because it is as large as the myth of Hercules.  It is a sham.


Instead, they play paddy cake with each other with a wink and nod and then say was it good for you all that money we saved to take back home!


No one, not one of you is going to tell me this is NOT a Bush Administration initiative to not only offset but this will be very similar to the Veterans Disability Tax that has robbed Veterans of disability for over 130 years in the Billons of dollars and maybe in the Trillions.  All so, the government can hand out Billions to folks that are not even supposed to be here and all these failed socialism programs.  i.e. Bush hands out an EXTRA billion dollars to illegal alien health care with the stroke of a pen.  Then our congress argues for months on end whether to fund an extra 1.5 billion to support the VA.  Slight difference in earned value here but you see who is important and who is not.


Moreover, I voted for this guy, twice!  Next time he is in a photo op with the Military you might want to stand close to the toilet so you can PUKE!


All so the government can throw money at other things to keep themselves elected and for social programs as a reward for breathing the free air provided by those that earned their disability in service to the nation; not just for being in it!


"At issue is whether the Commission should include this information in its assessment of the appropriateness of the level of benefits provided to veterans for disabilities resulting from military service.  Allegations have been made that the Commission intends to propose offsetting benefits or reducing benefits.  This definitely is not the intent of the Commission.  In January 2006, the Commission contracted with the Center for Naval Analyses Corporation (CNAC) to gather data and assist with the analysis of certain aspects of disability and survivor benefits related to military service.  The effects of disability on average and individual loss of earning capacity, quality of life, and individual unemployability are some key questions to be addressed by CNAC's research.


CNAC's data gathering will include both surveying disabled veterans and survivors and an economic analysis comparing earnings of disabled veterans to a sample of veterans with no service related disabilities.  A decision on SSDI was deferred until the next meeting of the Commission.  In the interim, the Commission staff has been researching the relevance and usefulness of the SSDI data, and the Chairman offered the Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Committees of the House and Senate an opportunity to comment on the issue.  The Chairman's offer and the Committee responses are posted on the Commission web site:


Anyone interested in the SSDI or other veterans' benefits issues is invited to attend future Commission public meetings and present oral statements to the Commission.  Oral presentations will be limited to no more than five minutes.  Interested parties are also encouraged to provide written comments for review by the Commission prior to the meeting by e-mail to:  or by regular post to Mr. Ray Wilburn, Executive Director, Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission, 1101 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, 5th Floor, Washington, DC 20004."



Veterans are to drive hundreds of miles at their own expense, maybe even having to stay overnight, to testify or bring forth issues at this committee and they get five minutes.  Let me tell you these commissioners are handsomely rewarded on this thing like over 100,000 dollars a year PLUS EXPENSES.  Moreover, to listen to Veterans for at least 15 minutes is not such an outrageous request with money being made.


Then they want to extend this committee sham for another year.  No - shut it down now!


This whole thing is becoming a sham the more we find out about it.  With their secret meetings and secret votes.  As I said, before whom do you hold responsible since the congress will say “oh but this so called independent commission recommended this or that.  Never mind the fact the president and congress appointed the membership and then they secretly vote.  What kind of political kangaroo court is that?  Sounds like the VACEH all over again.


Now how many times have you seen where this commission is advertised as an independent committee?  In case you do not know the Executive Director mentioned above; guess whom he works for.  Give you one guess! 


You are absolute correct.  Mr. Wilburn as the Director of this political sham of a committee works for the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Independent?  In a pigs eye!


Sorry for the rant folks but this has got to be stopped and now and as you can tell I am very angry that this subject has even been considered.


I thought at one time we were on the offensive with the AO stuff with data I have gathered and published in the book as well as the immune system study I am doing.  Now we have to go on the defensive to stop this anarchy.


Some have suggested we contact those by state since we have enough folks to cover all the states as constituents and then have me state-by-state post the responses.


While I would do that, I have tried that before and either Veteran do not care about these issues or they never received a response.


My suggestion would be to post "a no response" as a defacto "I am for this obscene Social Security offset."


If you want to do this, I will do it at my cost on my links.  Send in your statements and questions to your elected officials but hold off sending them to me until at least the 24th of May as I will be leaving for Fort Sill next week and will not be back until the 23rd at the best.