Letter to a Vietnam Veteran's Wife on Parkinson's





Has your husband ever seen anyone but a PA - no real doctor at the VA????


It seems this has gone on for over a year now and you mention a PA only.


It is not just AO that is associated with Parkinson’s, MS, or Motor Neuron disorder the Australian’s describe – Agent White is noted for central nervous system damages.  The Ranch Hand study found degenerating neurological disorders in the very first study in 1984 and then deleted it from the report along with a medical matrix that showed what they were finding.


Dioxin is noted for crossing the blood brain barrier.  This was confirmed by high-resolution gas chromatography/mass-spectroscopy.  2,4-D is also noted for crossing the blood brain barrier.  After all, they measure dioxin retention in the body as associated to fat cell tissue.  These two toxic chemicals are noted for seeking a more lipid (moist) environment.  The highest lipid environment in the body is the brain and spinal chord cell and tissue.  For anyone to conclude that the brain and the spinal chord would not be a potential target area would be irrational.


For this VA PA to tell your husband that his hand and leg tremors and weakness will not kill him his just unconscionable to me.


The VA did not create 3 or 4 Parkinson’s disease centers because of the lack of Parkinson’s disease patients.  This is because of the Vietnam Veterans and others outside of Vietnam that were exposed.  Yet, they still deny the association to “Service in Vietnam” regardless of which toxic chemical caused it or combinations of toxic chemicals.


In fact, the Office of Technology Assessment commissioned by the congress in 1989 clearly stated and predicted that as Vietnam Veterans aged and the alternate neuron paths become less accessible that Parkinson’s, MS, and ALS would manifest, some earlier than others.  That is, if toxic chemical cancers or toxic chemical heart related issues do not kill them first.  Of course, the VA has disregarded this study in its entirety including a letter sent by Dr. Cate Jenkins of the EPA explaining in great detail how this was to happen and other examples of central nervous system damages.  Yet, only their controlled and corrupted studies count.


This was a study on toxic chemicals and the neurotoxicity effects.


The EPA has also concluded that Agent Orange and Agent White can act as a neurotoxic chemical.  The VA and their contracted buddy, the NAS/IOM, have denied this fact and its long-term implications.


Although I think the NAS/IOM words were, “it is possible for many reasons, we just do not know how to apply it to the Vietnam Veterans.”


Agent Blue is already noted for its neurotoxicity properties.  The VA just disregards Agent Blue as an issue in total, along with Agent White.


If the medical condition in the study does not show linear dose repose to “dioxin only”; then it does not apply no matter how significant the medical evidence is actually found.  You could have a 100% association to service in Vietnam and it means nothing to the VA and our government.


I have found disorders that had Risk Ratio’s and Odd Ratio’s above 2.6; yet, are still denied.  This means that you are over 2.5 times more likely to develop that disorder from just being in Vietnam, regardless of cause.


These same disorders had a p-value of 0.0042.  A p-value in statistics means the odds that something occurs by chance alone.  The smaller the p-value the more valid the statement in the positive term, which means you subtract .0042 from 1 to get the positive association.  Statistics work in the negative term.


Therefore, the positive association to Service in Vietnam is 99.58% with an Odds Ratio of 2.6.  Pretty conclusive, yet, still denied.


Yet, the Secretary of the VA gave the Gulf War Veterans ALS based on nothing but a Risk Ratio of 2 and no mandated p-value of any study.  Therefore, they just pick and choose what they want to cover and admit to very little as to cause.


I just do not know how our widows and we Vietnam Veterans are going to get any justice in this issue.  Our government never did like Vietnam Veterans.  Just too outspoken for them for their taste and did not believe everything they have said for 40 plus years now.  Like you can trust us, we are the government.  Time all Veterans and their widows know this government lies on Veterans Affairs.


I would like to think the VA and the White House is selling a “bill of goods (lies)” to our congress but at this point, I sure have to wonder who knows what and how much in these DOD/VA less than candid admissions I guess would be a nice way to put it.  Government lies is another way.


The fact they cannot explain what that horrible skin issue with your husband is also confusing.  Again its not like this is not common in Vietnam Vets.  Once again, I assume you have only seen a VA PA and not a real doctor. 


As I explained, if they do not know what it is, they should at least take a skin sample and have it evaluated/biopsies for some form of antibody activity.  That way at least they can, what I call reverse engineer to the systemic toxic chemical problem.


Then I have to keep in mind the object of the VA is to only to pay to bury us - not to support us, much cheaper for the White House.


It is past time for you to write to your two senators and your congressman and to the local editors of your hometown newspaper.  I think yours are democratic politicians so you might at least get some action.  I am a republican in values and have found that republican congressman and senators will do little, if anything.


I would also copy the letter to Lane Evans of Illinois – democrat.  Even though you are not in his state or district he has been known to at least take the VA to task on association issues, as well as medical issues of Veterans even outside of his state.


I would also copy Senator Durbin and Senator Obama from Illinois.  They also seemed to be not as reluctant to query the VA and demand at least some semblance of a reasonable answer.


You can get those addresses off of the Internet and I would write a hard copy letter, as you will more than likely get a response as opposed to an e-mail letter.


For some of the newspapers in your area you should go to http://capwiz.com/moaa/home/

Plug in you zip code under “contact media.”


You can certainly use my letter as an attachment if you would like; as I can back up everything I am telling you.


Best that way,