Bravo for the Institute of Medicine - Bravo!! – Bravo!! - Bravo!!


Credit is given when it is due and from what I have heard at the Disability Meeting yesterday, IOM and scientists have given the Disability Commissioners a number of VA disparities.


IOM is for not only the physical disabilities but also loss of earnings as well as loss of quality of life.  (I am not real clear on this yet.)  (More later, as I find out some more in-depth data.)


IOM indicates VA rating system is broken.


IOM indicates VA medical codes are out of touch.


Rating folks do not have enough knowledge to even ask the right questions of the medical experts – even if they are available.


More controls on Comp and Pen in not only new info but also oversight of such activities are required.



Most of this we had concluded long ago based on our experiences with VA and VA ratings and their made up processes and procedures.


It will be interesting to see if the “VA presumptive disorders” next month will receive the same scrutiny by IOM.  I plan on being there for that one.


It will also be interesting to follow to see if the IOM has more control over the VA than our congress.  Congress has mandated issues in the past and VA just thumbs its omnipotent nose at Congress.


More to the specific issue ---- If VA follows the IOM recommendation, in part anyway.  Will they seize the opportunity to make it tougher on Veterans and widows as they did when the courts ruled in favor of the Veterans?  Which VA promptly went out, ignored, and made their rules.


I think the next six months is going to be very interesting for Veterans in mortality and morbidity as well as for the widows in disability and disability ratings, as well as presumptive disorders.  Especially with the finally admitted to flaws in the Ranch Hand Study which makes any presumptive decisions based on that, Once upon a time in a Magic Collaborative Kingdom Study totally spurious. 


Also we need to follow congress's actions to see if they are more than just words, as they have been in the past !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   


NAS/IOM has stated in the past on these presumptive disorders that while they reviewed other studies they mainly took the data from the Ranch Hand.


We now know the World’s Gold Standard Study was nothing but a 146 million dollar, 25 year, Pot Metal Government Exoneration Study.  


Lets hope for some justice and accountability, which is all we have ever asked.