Some answers for my Marine DMZ Gunfighter brother, Khe Sanh veteran, regarding Multiple Scleroses. 

Gunfighters statement and questions:


“The lasting and most horrific memory of this year’s reunion is that Warriors that I saw in Dallas (the first) are now walking with canes or two canes and the VA has determined that they all, including myself, have MS. 


Now didn't Dow Chemical give the VA lots of money for victims of Agent Orange? 


I think that the VA has never issued Agent Orange compensation...


How can so many of us have MS???????????”

The question should be:


How can so many Veterans that served in the same DMZ area and during the same time frame; from all different genetic backgrounds, genetic predispositions, all lived in different parts of the country, and did different things for a living while they could work and all have the same neuron disorders: when the only common point is Vietnam, DMZ - 66-68?????

The answer is simple:


The United States Government along with the Veterans Administration and our Elected Political Officials and those Federal Employees that lead this government band of corruption and collaboration ALL LIE like a rug!!!!!!!!!!!!  Including the controlled and corrupted government studies, as well as the government contracted NAS/IOM. 

We all developed neuropathy and even though the VA said it was only associated with diabetes, which is horse crap, they denied us this disabling medical issue as a stand-alone to either toxic chemicals plural or just service in Vietnam in a toxic chemical environment. Many studies including our own Ranch Hand found this significant to dioxin exposures as a stand-alone, the Koreans found this mathematically and scientifically not only to Service in Vietnam regardless of cause but to a p-value of 0.039 to dioxin with an odds ratio of 2.69; and the Seveso, Italy dioxin accident reported a three fold increase in neuropathy. 

In fact when comparing diabetes and neuropathy, the p-value was about 0.256, which in the statistical world is not very convincing. 

Many have gone on to be diagnosed with MS which in the “watch for’s” in the medical books it says multiple symmetrical developing neuropathy should be a looked closely for developing neurological disorders such as MS, Parkinson’s, or even ALS. 

The Australians found Motor Neuron disease statistically prevalent.  They expected 2 on the national average and they found of those reporting 128.  Motor Neuron disease closely parallels the development of MS.  The difference is Brain Atrophy is involved.  Coincidently I am sure, since our egg-sucking dog government would never lie to the Veterans they “all say they support,” (in a pigs eye) the Korean Impact study found Brain Atrophy and Brain Infarction to incredible p–values associated with service in Vietnam. 


The OTA commissioned by the congress in 1989 predicted as Vietnam Veterans aged the alternate neuron paths available would no longer be available and that MS and Parkinson's would manifest.  They also concluded that the toxic chemical peripheral nerve damage was normally preceded by central nervous system damages.


In the past four years I have not found one Veteran with this mythical "acute and subacute transient peripheral neuropathy" the VA suggests and compensates.  Amazing how that works.  The VA and the government award compensations for something no one has or has had!!!!!!!!!!  Talk about the Joseph Goebbels school of propaganda.  In these issues, he would have to take a back seat to the VA.


What I have found is many many veterans with acute and chronic peripheral neuropathy of which many having this for years go on to be diagnosed with MS or Parkinson's.

Now these facts must conclude one of four things. 

That our elected officials for the past 40 years plus that we choose to run the powerful country in the world:

1.  Cannot put two and two together and make four when it comes to the corrupt VA and White House corruption involving Veterans issues. 

2. Do not support the Veterans as they crow about incessantly. 

3. On purpose, turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the issues of not only our Toxic Chemicals (plural) Legacy but also our Gulf War brothers and sisters who have died by the thousands after returning home. 

4. All of the above. 

You decide which applies. 

Best to all,