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Revision Date:  05-17-05


It is my understanding that the gun crews on each gun, with I am sure input from the gun chief, selected the names of the guns.  It is also my understanding that gun names could and would be changed when a tube was changed.  So early on in the war a gun could have many names in a short amount of time, with an EFC of 400.  Later on when the newer 175mm tubes started arriving with an EFC of 1200, gun names would stay with that gun for longer periods of time.


Traditionally, the gun name would start the first letter of the Battery identifier.  Like a gun called "Alphie" would be an A Battery gun.  However, I have seen some exceptions to that rule.

A Battery



late 1969 Ambusher (Gun 1) A-37, 12FH95)


late 1969 Antique (Gun 2)

(*Oldest gun in the Battalion

then later renamed to


(Gun 2 had shot out 22 175 tubes.)


late 69 Avenger (Gun 3)


late 1969  Ass Kicker (Gun 4)

(Ass Kicker was selected to fire the 300,000th round

for the Battalion approx Sep 69.  New generic name was repainted not to offend brass attending historical firing.  Immediately after, tube was repainted back to Ass Kicker.)


May 1970 Afterbirth

Aug 1970 Annie Fanny



1971 Abortion

1971 Annie Fanny



1966-1967 Alphie

1966-1967 Alpha's Abortion


1967-1968 Afterbirth

(may have been an A/8/4 gun)


1970 Ass Busters


Late 1970  Antique*
*Antique was the oldest gun in I Corps at the time


B Battery



1970-71 Bad News

1970-1971 Banshee

1971-1972 (gun 3)  Bad Trip

1971-1972 (gun 4)  Blood, Sweat, and Tears




1966-1967 (B20 Gun)  Bodacious Bastard

1966-1967 (B18 Gun) Gun 1 Blood Beast

1966-1967 Bad Mouth

1966-1967 Gun 2 Boom Boom



1967-1968 Baby Huey

1967-1968 Blood, Sweat, and Tears


1968-1969 (B33 Gun) Ball Buster 


1970-71 Big Bad Bitch

1971-72 (gun 1) Birth Controller

1971-72 (gun 2) Big Duster



C Battery



1968-1969 Cherry Buster


1969-1970 Chieu Hoi

1969-1970 Crispy Critters


1970-1971 Snoopy

1970-1971 Come Together

1970-1971 Castrator

1970-1971 Confusion


1971-1972 Cosmic Bummer

1971-1972 Copulation



1966-1967 Cong-a-go-go

1966-1967 Commencero

1966-1967 Cathy

 1966-1967 Cong Crusher


1970-1971 Climax

1970-1971 Chieu Hoi

1970-1971 Canned Heat

1970-1971 Captain America

1970-1971 Cosmos Factory

1971 Chuck Wagon

Not sure what battery

69-70 Good Bad and Ugly


70-71 Iron Coffin


D Battery 66-67 (B/6/27)




1966-1967 "Kiss of Death"  (Gun 3) (Had a Heart with a cross through it.)




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