Gulf War Brain Cancers


DoD Notifies Khamisiyah Veterans on Latest IOM Study


Before you read this; here are some questions one Veteran asked concerning these issues:


This should have been brought up at hearing last week, but was NOT?


The big 5 VSO did not send representatives to this hearing - why ?


The AFIP have samples of brain tissues of vets who have suffered from the neoplasm and those who were diagnosed and died. Yet, refuse to share this info to civilian researchers over Catalogue Funding issues.


Why are we silent on this lack of accountability from the VA-RAC-GWI?


Does your military or VA physician know that your prone to brain cancer?


Does you VBA claims agent know this info ?


Does your civilian care provider aware of this Study ?


Why was this information only released this month ?


Some of this similar lack of information and notification, I have pointed out many times, has caused more deaths than the entire causality list of those that died on the battle field in Vietnam.  I guess this is the form of government caring of Veterans this DoD man talks about.



DoD Notifies Khamisiyah Veterans on Latest IOM Study


July 16, 2005 -- WASHINGTON -- In support of the Department of Defense's ongoing commitment to keeping veterans informed about health issues related to their deployment, DoD is reaching out to Gulf War veterans whose units may have been exposed to very low levels of chemical agent resulting from the demolition of munitions at Khamisiyah, Iraq.


Since when did the DOD have a commitment to anything other than the President’s mandated Veterans budget constraints and to its own self-protection from self-incrimination?


One Example- 40 years of DoD and VA denial in known toxic chemicals!


The DoD will send letters to these veterans in response to an Institute of Medicine's mortality study, released July 25, 2005, comparing those veterans to Gulf War veterans who were deployed and not exposed.  DoD has sent letters to that first group of veterans twice in the past to inform them of this possible exposure and provide them with the latest research on this subject.


I think Veterans have had enough of these Institute of Medicine's “so called studies.”  This mortality report is probably about as honest as their pushing the so-called “100-hour war mental stress theory” that caused all the Veterans death and disablement from Gulf War Syndrome and it continues. 


How any congressman or senator or even the media can swallow this crap, is beyond reasoning.


Time for the DoD and the government to get a new horse to ride.


"The health and wellness of our servicemembers - before, during and after deployment - is our number one priority.  The notification letters sent in 1997 and 2000 represented our commitment to keeping veterans informed about potential health impacts related to their service to our country," said Michael E. Kilpatrick, M.D., DoD's deputy director for Deployment Health Support.  "This latest notification is a continuation of that commitment."


This is the same DoD outfit, Deployment Health Support, along with the VA that is helping all the SHAD testing Veterans into an early dirt nap.


Any of you Vietnam Veterans buying what this guy is selling after 23 years of telling Vietnam Veterans, their widows, and their dead and dying offspring, there was no toxic chemical problem; and dioxin was like Orange Juice and good for you? 


It took six years before the DoD would even admit there “might be” potential health impacts even in this scenario and more than likely only after enough evidence leaked out that once again DoD denial was no longer plausible.


Kilpatrick said that it's important for DoD to help veterans understand the findings of this study.  The results indicate that the overall rate of death was similar for veterans whose units may have been exposed to very low levels of chemical agent as they were for veterans who were not.  The only cause of death with a dissimilar rate was brain cancer, although overall cancer deaths were similar for both groups.  The rate of death from brain cancer was higher in the veterans who were in the potential hazard area.  However, the study authors state in the report that "neither sarin nor cyclosarin are known carcinogens" and neither has been shown to cause cancer.  Also, the length of time between the possible exposure and illness is much less than usual for brain disease.  This latency period is generally 15 to 20 years for brain cancer.  This study has only evaluated the first nine years after this possible exposure.


Saran Gas:


Very misleading to say the least -


What it should have said is; there is no data to show the carcinogenicity of saran gas but it is a listed as a “potential carcinogen” causing permanent central nervous system damage.  Instead, as you can see this pinhead says, “nor are known carcinogens.  Not exactly correct, but I would expect nothing else.


Then we have an increase in brain cancers to known exposures but let’s not admit to anything.  Even when comparing like Veterans to like Veterans other than the potential saran gas issues.


Which is why he was able to throw in the:   The only cause of death with a dissimilar rate was brain cancer, although overall cancer deaths were similar for both groups.  The rate of death from brain cancer was higher in the veterans who were in the potential hazard area.”


Once again, if you compare like Veterans to like Veterans (deployed the same) and there were other medical issues, which I think everyone but our government and the DoD will admit.  Then you will not get an increase as in comparing unlike Veterans or comparing to the national average.


Which is what out toxic chemical studies have done.  Gee, lets compare all Vietnam Veterans to all Vietnam Veterans.  See - we told you there was no increase in anything but the qualifier should have been: “since everyone is sick and dying anyway!”


Or lets spend 140 million dollars to study 1300 dead, sick, and dying Air Force guys and then admit it cannot be used to compare to the rest of the 2.3 million Vietnam Veterans.  What a waste!!!!


See write up at:


Let’s now add in some “medical hocus pocus” by the IOM that the developing brain cancer rate of manifestation is “not normal” to the established 100-year-old medical data.  When I pointed out everything that I could find says there is “not enough data” to prove carcinogenicity one-way or the other much less the development time; other than the CDC says a “possible carcinogen.”  Therefore, what is normal is “no longer normal” since you have no data to base this bunch of DoD defensive IOM hocus-pocus misstated facts.




Again, there is very little data on this toxic gas other than it is estimated to be five times more potent than Saran.


You will also notice in these so-called studies that no one mentions what happens when you are exposed to both “at the same time.”  Of course, you will not! 


No different than being exposed to Agents Orange, White, and Blue at the same time along with taking Dapsone which has its own medical problems.  It is called synergy!!!!!!!


DoD asked the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences to conduct the study in 1997.  The study, entitled Mortality in US Army Gulf War Veterans Exposed to 1991 Khamisiyah Chemical Munitions Destruction, is a continuation of DoD's effort to
keeping Gulf War veterans informed about their health after the events at Khamisiyah.


The DoD asked or contracted?  There is a very big difference to a conflict of interest and follow on federal dollars here.  The VA uses the IOM and it is a joke!


The findings of the study were published in the American Journal of Public Health in their August 2005 issue.


No doubt crafted for publication with about a five year peer review built in.


Background: Demolitions at Khamisiyah


After the Gulf War cease-fire in 1991, U.S. troops destroyed a large munitions depot at Khamisiyah, located in southern Iraq.  In 1996, DoD learned that some of the rockets destroyed during the demolition contained the chemical warfare agents sarin and cyclosarin.  Following that disclosure, DoD worked to determine the nature of any possible chemical warfare agent exposure that may have occurred and which units may have been involved.  In-depth investigations conducted by DoD improved existing knowledge of the number of rockets destroyed, the amount and purity of chemical warfare agent contained in the rockets, and how soldiers placed the demolition charges on the stacks of rockets for demolition.  This information was gleaned directly from soldiers who performed the Khamisiyah demolition.


Learned or finally admitted?  BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!


To better understand the events during the demolition operations, the DoD performed rocket demolition field-testing at Dugway Proving Grounds in 1997.  This testing greatly improved the military's understanding of the amount of agent released into the atmosphere and the time period during which the release might have occurred. Using weather data, rocket demolition field test data, and computer models to simulate how the chemical warfare agent may have traveled in the air, investigators estimated where hazard areas might have existed over a four-day period.  Efforts were made to determine what military units might have been present during this period.  These efforts led to a public announcement regarding the demolition and possible exposures in July 1997 and subsequent notification of servicemembers assigned to units possibly exposed to low levels of chemical warfare agents.


This is not a study to determine if compensations are in order; this is a damn taxpayer paid for stalling government  “DAMN science project.”  Who cares what the threshold was?  Any of you Gulf War Veterans or families care what the damn threshold is or was?


Then we determine “may have” traveled; or should have traveled; or very possibly could have traveled, and on and on and on.


Might have been over a four-day period, or estimated to be; when it could have been toxic for 20 days depending on the individual Veteran.  This study used to deny is certainly not conclusive as to anything!  Just more crap for the VA to deny everyone.


I can see it now.  “The Secretary or the VA has stated there is no connection to anything regarding Veterans.”  Thanks for the service to the corrupt DoD and government and call the VA when you need $250.00 bucks to put your “used up obsolete government asset” in the ground!


However, the Department recognized that the location data of many of the military units was weak and needed to be strengthened.  The DoD then conducted a series of in-depth conferences with Gulf War operations officers in order to improve knowledge of unit locations.  The information gathered through these conferences greatly increased the accuracy of the unit location data.


This was the same government/DOD/VA BS they used against Vietnam Veterans for over 30 years.  We just do not know where the guys were.  What difference that made is beyond my reasoning capabilities since the water was contaminated miles and miles from any spray area.  However, lets be clear here.  Unless the military has changed and no records are kept of where units are then this is pure unadulterated government BS.


Example:  One of my sergeants went to the National Archives and got all our Battalion Operational Reports from 1966 to 1972.  This took about two days of research.


He then went to the records depot and retrieved our battalion rosters.


I then put this together and can tell you to a grid square where each battery was located to a 100% confidence level and since I know who was in what battery I can locate the man to that grid square with about a 90% confidence level.  This is not at 100% because I do not have records of R&R; BIG DEAL!


However, for thirty plus years this was the biggest excuse used in denying toxic chemical associations.


Investigators also subjected the analysis of the potential exposure area to a rigorous independent scientific peer review.  The panel, which included experts in meteorology,
meteorological modeling and atmospheric physics, evaluated and provided comments on the work.  With their guidance, DoD refined the modeling effort in order to make the highest quality assessment possible, culminating in a revised effort that included:


As I concluded, above all of these so-called studies require a five to seven year peer review to make sure those that are going to die; go ahead and die.


·                                 Improved weather models;

·                                 An updated estimate of the amount of chemical warfare agent released;

·                                 Sarin and cyclosarin toxicity data


The revised modeling effort was again evaluated and approved by an independent peer-review panel of experts in September 2000.  A total of 101,763 servicemembers were notified as are believed to having possibly been in the potential hazard areas.


As I said it takes at least five years after the so called study is done before the government will even publish anything or notify anyone!


A simple; damn, it looks like these boys got into something over there with these increases compared to the rest of the nation's population is not good enough.   Millions of stalling dollars must be spent first in lieu of actual hard factual data.  A 25% increase in brain cancer in either of the two Gulf War Groups to those Veterans and their families are more important than some damn DoD science project.


Then the corrupted DoD or VA data or "so-called studies" overrides the hard data evidence that a 25% increase even took place.


Which a 25% increase in hard data evidence (which is more than likely minimized) of mortality from Brain Cancer in less than nine years will almost surly double in the next 10 years.  This is not including those that were only central nervous system damaged and have become disabled at this time.


As in our toxic chemical legacy - you cannot have any cancers without disabling autoimmune conditions.  One threshold in some folks gets you cancer.   In other folks it gets you the damaging processes but no malignant cancers - fact of medicine and science folks!


As the song goes:  you can't have one..... without the other!


In this case, you cannot have brain cancers from exposures without central nervous system damages per everyone in the world; except the IOM and the DoD/VA connection.


IOM Study Results


When the study investigators examined multiple specific disease diagnoses, they found only one disease for which there was a significant increase in death rate among the possibly exposed group.  There were 25 deaths from brain cancer in that group, compared with 27 such deaths in the other group.  Although there was a higher rate of brain cancer deaths, the total rate of death from all cancers, which includes brain cancer, was the same for both groups.


What other group?  If it was deployed Gulf War Veterans also; then this statistic means nothing since they cannot even say this exposure caused the cancers or any cancers. 


What could be concluded is that serving in the Gulf War had a high level of brain cancers among other cancers when compared to those that did not serve in the Gulf War.


However just like our Vietnam Veterans toxic chemical legacy, you will never see that statement by the government; the DOD, or the less than truthful VA.


They are so afraid that “one Veteran” might get compensations that would have developed anyway; they punish the whole 3.3 million of us for the rationale of politics and saving pandering dollars to other segments of society.  


"The most important conclusion of this report is that overall mortality rates for the two groups were similar," Kilpatrick said.


In a pigs butt sir!


However, DoD understands that the findings of this study may be confusing to veterans and note that Gulf War veterans may hear about this study and become concerned about their health.  In order to inform veterans about this report, and attempt to explain it, the DoD is sending letters to the more than 101,000 servicemembers whose units may have been in the affected area.


Christ this all government BS no veteran should take this as anything but government BS.


"The new letters won't recommend that the veterans take any specific action," Kilpatrick said.  "If they feel fine, they don't need to do anything.  The letters will remind them of the DoD and Veterans Affairs health services available to them if they have any unresolved health problems or concerns."


"This is another opportunity for us to reach out to our dedicated Gulf War veterans," Kilpatrick said.  "It is one more chance for us to let them know that we care about their health and well being and another opportunity to make sure they get the health care they may need and most certainly deserve."


This statement makes me sick to my stomach as well as this man makes me sick to my stomach!


Unfortunately, the DoD and the VA corrupt history in Nuclear, LSD, Project 112 and SHAD testing, toxic chemical issues from Nam, and the Gulf War Syndrome issues precedes this so called announcement of "caring for Veterans."  They, as well as our politicians, did not care then and they do not care now!


Maybe this man, as well as all the others, will be rewarded in the here-after for his comments and biased conclusions!  I hope so!!!!!!!!!!



Ironically, the same scenario with Vietnam Veterans and known carcinogenic chemicals in Agent White; the more than suspected carcinogenity of dioxin or even as a tumor promoter; and the proven ability of both 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T being able to cross the blood brain barrier: that still brain cancer in Vietnam Veterans is not compensated in spite of all the evidence to the contrary including other dioxin accidents.


Those Army jungle fatigues and Marine utilities must have been the 19th century's  "marvel of environmental toxic chemical protection gear."



Best to all,