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More on Peripheral Neuropathy

Hi to all,

This e-mail is posted at http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/morePN.htm

Discusses a 1st Cav Combat Veteran that was also duped by the VA published “less than truthful presumptions” on Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) as many of us Veterans have been taken in.  I would like to think the VA also misled Congress but I reserve judgment on if they were actually duped or actually participated in "the duping" of our Veterans.

Thanks for sending that in Richard.





VVA Agent Orange Committee

Hi to all,

I wanted to wait until I was confirmed to announce this.

I just received a phone call from the VVA that I have been confirmed as a member of the Agent Orange Committee.

My first assignment is to address the issues with the NAS/IOM and what they are doing and "not doing."  This will be presented to the NAS/IOM in a meeting with the VVA representatives.

It will be "my honor" to fight for this cause and all the Veterans who served in our Toxic Chemical War.

I hope you will support me in these tasks as you have always done.  Any issues you think need to be addressed with the NAS/IOM PLEASE let me know your issues and any contact or answers you have received from this government contracted agency.

It is imperative that we address the issues with "data and facts."

Thanks to all and I am certainly excited to have a venue to fight for Veterans at last.

Let's hope for some positive outcomes from the work I will be doing and presenting.

Best to all,






Please see the following link to review.


I have not read the proposed changes but will do so along with you folks and comment later.






Disability Offset from Social Security or visa versa

Hi to all,

I posted some comments on this Disability Offset from Social Security or visa versa which ever is greater that is being considered.  At this point, although I think the stonemason is getting ready to put this is granite myself.


I will be out of home for the rest of the day until this evening.

However, tonight I will review the new changes to chapter 5 of 38 if not too tired.  I will also be posting issues on that as I get time and energy.

My gut feel on some of this is as I glanced through it
and you can call me crazy if you want.  The VA is going to do away with "all presumptions."  Just you wait Veterans.

You are going to have to prove your own case as toxic chemical associated and that is the reason for the clarifications on defining experts and lay experts.

Which stems from another legal case, which I will get into later.




Letter from one of our Khe Sanh Vets

Hi to all,

I thought this letter was direct and directly to the point from one of our Vietnam Khe Sanh Veterans.

I think it says it all and challenges the politicians as well as the power of the VA.

Posted at:




This and that and website change.

Hi to all,

I posted a response from a 1st Cav Veteran's wife and I certainly think worth the read for all.


I have had several inquires recommending everyone take Doc Cahill's letter at:


Change the date, change his name to your name, change his senators and congressman to yours, and send the same letter in while adding anything you want to it also.

I did receive a response from another Khe Sanh Marine that contacted senator Bill Nelson's office in DC about the social security offset inquiry. His office knew nothing about it so the Marine faxed the article. Their response was that they would not accept this and fight any attempt to offset with much vigor.

I change the main website to add another link for postings and such. Maybe not as confusing and I will date when I can.

Links to review:


Generic Veteran data e-mail postings:


Still trying to get that 38 chapter 5 in some form so I can really look at it. I have a bad feeling on some of the clarification of experts.

Have to get back on my own claim for a few days and hopefully provide some info to a Vets wife on her husband's case for stomach cancer of the adenocarcinoma type.

If anyone has any cases that have been approved at BVA level, it would save me some research time if you would send me the links. Thanks!

This is what burns me up. I get this from a Veterans wife, who the VA has just let go.

"I appreciate your help so much I have felt I was alone in this battle and I feel if this is service connected he deserves what is rightfully his."

I wonder how many more of our Veterans are too sick to fight now and the wife's, god bless them, trying to fight just get swept under the table with the VA BS.


I did post a link regarding Mr. Lee Ferrell and his run for congress in Georgia's second district against the incumbent Sanford Bishop.


He needs your support if you live in that area of Georgia to get on the ballot.





Guam BVA Decision!

Hi to all,

I just posted a new BVA decision on the awarding of coverage of diabetes associated to Agent Orange for Military Service "on Guam."  Does not say presumption but awarded because of the Agent Orange dioxin facts regarding Guam exposures demonstrated by the Veteran.

It has been my experience that citing a previous award does not mean anything.  Some of the fellows that probably have more experience than me say it becomes precedence.  Maybe it depends on the local BVA and how they operate, I do not know.

I do know that when we cited a previous case for Brain Cancer to DC, DC came back, said that case was cited was in error, and at fault; not the more recent BVA rejection of the Brain Cancer claim.

I argued that the BVA was not a real legal court then if you could not cite previous BVA court decisions as precedence since that is the backbone of our entire constitutional legal system.  To no avail, I might add.


Anyway for those Veterans that served on Guam probably would not be a bad idea to cite this claim.

Please pass this on to your respective Veterans.

Thanks to Michael for sending in this BVA case file.




Report on Veterans Issues and Bills.

I posted a report sent in that some of you may get and some may not.

I did highlight the ones that I think are important for most of us but we have a wide variety of situations in our group so I might have missed some that you may find important as a retiree or widow.

That link is located at:


We really need to watch this Social Security Issue also reported in this update.




05/01/2006er wonder why the VA is outsourcing our C & P exams?


Hi to all,


I posted some issues on why the VA out-sources our C & P exams and some of the alleged issues of impropriates in not only “contracts” but also “contact” after the C & P is complete between the VA and the supposedly “independent doctor” with published changes after the VA contact which changes the Veterans disability.


Not exactly what I would call cricket but we are after all dealing with the Veterans Administration and an “honorable Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary.”




By the way, I want to post again the link to Veterans Issues and you read again, what they found out how the secretary of the VA was lying about the VA statistics and why it was done; and everyone calls him “honorable.” 


What in the hell is honorable about lying to the congress; the nations media as he spews his propaganda that they swallow hook, line, and sinker; and the entire nation of Veterans?




Probably be best for all of us if this VA Federal Agency anarchy went away and put the Veterans under the same rules of law as Social Security.  Not this extension of the Executive Branch.  


Best to all,






Hi to all,


I posted a link to more issues and statements regarding the NAS/IOM and biases.




Best to all,






Social Security Offset


Hi to all,


Well it looks like the review of social security offsets for our segment of society is going to happen as planned by the Government, all along in my opinion.  When you want more money to pander to some other segment of society what is the first place our government looks?  Yep.  The Veterans of the Nation, their widows, and their children.


Three congressmen and one Senator have given the General Scott the OK to review the offset!




Read; and I have no idea how to fight this corruption in our own government against us.


This was the plan of this committee all along; I would bet a paycheck on it.





To Whom it may Concern:

I can assure you that this disability commission is all about "cutting benefits" no matter what they say.

It is not time to sit back and watch; it is time to stop this commission from even considering a study for an offset.  It is no one's business - including the VA and the President.

DAV Response:


American Legion Response:


Vietnam Veterans of America Response:


More links -




Charles Kelley
Camp Carroll 67-68

Author of "Vietnam's Rain Agents Orange, White, and Blue (Weapons of Mass Destruction)"





The Fix is in!

Hi to all,

Update from latest commission meeting.  Vote was 11 to 2 in favor of the Social Security study!






Disability Commission Statements.

Some have asked if I have seen the response put out by the Disability Commission.  The answer is yes and they still make no sense on this issue as to why they want to still go after any social security data.

Apparently, the pressure is getting to them so they seemed to have changed the pretense they are going after data based on offset instead it seems they are saying they want a common exam for VA and SSDI.  Of course, that is BS, as most Social Security claims unless it is contested do not require an exam only doctor's verification and meeting the test requirements of the various paragraphs in the Blue book.  This new rational seems to be just more propaganda as to why they want to compare Social Security data.

Anyway, the rationale they are using makes no sense for going after the data.

Again, all this requires is a law or mandate by congress that the agencies recognize each other; not some "VA management: of civilian earned benefits.  Can you imagine that!  I can and it is a scary thought.   

The did change and delete the wording "offset."  Now does that mean this data collection cannot still be used for that?  NO NO

I posted my rebuttal to them at:


If they want to argue the points, then bring them on.  Instead, they limit any challenges to five minutes.




Agent Orange and Stomach Cancers

Hi to all:

I posted a challenge to the BVA on toxic chemical associations to stomach cancer in our VIETNAM Veterans.


Whether it will do any good or not, who knows.

I do know of one Veteran that is going to use it as a challenge.

Wish I had time and energy to do it for all our disorders that are being contested but since the DoD/VA can lie through its teeth along with the BVA and the totally biased government contracted NAS/IOM then it would a useless venture and waste of expenditures on my part.

More on the part of the NAS/IOM, which I had concluded was going to review presumptive disorders and this is a Veterans fight that is also coming. Count on it!

Including the reevaluation of the ratings, the VA uses per disorder.

If the contracted NAS/IOM is involved, chances are it will be anti-veteran and most of the issues are decided before the study commences as they play paddy cake with the VA.

More on that later and the NAS/IOM program manger's lie to a direct and pointed commissioners question while I was in attendance on Dec 6th.




Response from Congressman Boucher

Hi to all,

I posted a congressional response to one of our Veterans by his congressman,
Congressman Rick Boucher, from the ninth district of Virginia on this attempt by the GOP and Bush to take away even more Veterans' Benefits. 


As Lieutenant Colonel Luke Fitzpatrick stated:

"It is not "land of the free and home of the brave."  It is land of the free

I also posted a response to the
IOM beginning its disability studies on behalf of the disability commission and the GOP/Bush White House.


Best to all,





I posted three links - two of which are in response to Jeff Schrade of the Senate VAC and one is on this bashing of Mr. William McLemore.










Three new links posted


Here are some actions by Veterans and our "believe it or not" a new United Front Veterans Service Organization.

Links are: New Coalition is located at http://www.vawatchdog.org/old%20newsflashes%20JUN%2006/newsflash06-16-2006-1.htm

"The Honorable Harry N. Walters was elected President and Chief Executive Officer of Veterans Coalition; Inc. Walters is a former Administrator of Veterans Affairs during the Reagan Administration from 1983 to 1986."

I do not know Mr. Walters but frankly, in my opinion, anyone previously associated with the Department of Veterans Affairs or the old VA we do not need representing any Veterans in a fight with the congress; especially one that was under the Reagan/Bush Administration.

I had recommended this coalition action back before the last presidential elections strictly over the government lying, including the VA, about our toxic chemical issues, their terrible performance that in many ways just lets the Veteran die and his family just do without on purpose or by White House direction, and the Gulf War issues the government and once again the NAS/IOM were lying. I had sent the three biggies all the data they needed to challenge congress or the NAS/IOM and I got zero responses.

Therefore, it sounds like this disability commission was the preverbal last straw issue by our caring government.

Never thought I would live to see this uniting of these separate VSO's.

I would add that it seems that the Vietnam Veterans of America are not in this coalition. I am assuming because they are not a perpetual VSO. When the last one of us dies the VSO is, I would
think ended.

Thanks to
Rossie for sending that in.

The other link is a march to be scheduled against this disingenuous Bush/GOP Disability Commission and already has the backing of rolling thunder or so it seems.


Thanks to Richard for sending that in.

The other link is my posting on a Double Standard.







Here is a link that discusses:



Also a link to the Veterans Fourth of July which is political; so if you do not like politics then do not read it.


I thought I would be backing off some on my research and postings but after a trip to the DAV last week, since no one would return my calls, it was discovered the date for my BVA I have been waiting for over 2 years now has not even been put in queue.

I am waiting for an explanation for this now and the status of the claim and where in the hell it is since no one seems to know.

They did say the C & P results should be within 90 days on the other stuff which I found refreshing instead of the answer I was getting; which was 12 to 18 months. 




2006 Disability Commission Presentation

I posted the presentation I will be presenting to the Disability Commission in September in Atlanta at:


Glenda is still working on hers which may shirt tail off of mine.




New Zealand Dioxin DNA Damage Report posted

A copy of the New Zealand Dioxin DNA Damage Report has been posted at:


Thanks to Taura and Susan we already have a posted copy of this world wide important report!




Some AO Updates

Hi to all,

Not a battalion updates but thought you might like to see these postings, which may be of interest on AO health issues.

One - is the presentation I will be giving to the Veterans Disability Commission in September.  As I said at the reunion this will not be pretty now that I know what is going on.  The first one - I gave them the benefit of the doubt of not being just some political agenda.  I was wrong!


Two - is the newly released study on DNA damages to our Vietnam Veterans.

New Zealand First defence spokesman Ron Mark said the new DNA test results were "a concern."

"Service personnel who were deployed to Vietnam were harmed.  They were genetically, irreparably harmed and that has been passed on to their children and will forever be carried by their families,"…

Through my AO network, I was able to get a .pdf copy and have it posted.


I am also sending a written challenge on the widows and orphans gate issues that our guys that are dying from AO cancers and cannot possibly meet.


I am also working on a written submitted challenge to the government on PN and have started that draft. 


I then will take that one and start creating separate issues like I did for stomach cancers at:


The stomach cancer is already in challenge so we shall see what comes back and then I will address those issues of denial as I know it will be.
Also a rebuttal to the NAS review of the EPA dioxin reassessment.








I would be the last to give up on these issues but as you say this whole thing is nothing but a government/VA legitimization process of what changes President Bush, the GOP, and the VA are going to make anyway.  That is all it is - nothing more nothing less.  Something the government/politicians can use as in "See, here is what the commission said."  All political appointees with a political agenda. 

This commission is not for the Veterans but purely political and as you said I was disappointed in my listening to our VSO's which roared like little kittens against this political machine.

The members on this commission and their names for the most part will go down in "Veteran History" as the "infamous commission members" that turned against the Nations Veterans.  Moreover, we need to make sure that happens in our history so other Veterans after we are gone can learn from these nefarious deeds by our own government and our so called supportive politicians.

Your comment on the judges:

"So cozy and comfortable was the VA torturers at Boston, that 3 of the BVA judges came out of the shadows and stood at the back of the room and was phrased by Dennis McGinn as being there in a spirit of "caring".  Yeah Right !!"

These judges are the most despicable human beings on the face of the earth and I would have called them on it about the time they were introduced.

How can anyone justify the same case being tried 10,000 times that are identical except for the names or branch of service is different.  Do taxpayers like to pay these judges their outrageous salaries for doing the exact same case 10,000 times that can only have a yes or no answer and in fact the same outcomes for the exact same case are not always the same depending on where you live.  That is not justice - that is nothing but government mandated budget control.

In any real legal system, the cases would be tried once and approved or disapproved 10,000 times based on precedence.  Instead, we suffer the indignity and financial costs of years of denial and personal cost to our health and savings when we have case evidence that the identical case was already approved years before.

BVA judges Introduced as "Caring" you say - Horse Manure!

Anyway, I want to go to DC but I am afraid I can no longer justify the expense on a limited fixed income for this commission and its political operatives.

Until the Veterans of this nation make the politicians accountable for this disgusting government behavior against the most noble of all of our segments of society nothing will be done.  In addition, they will stop using the K Y Jelly to make sure you feel the pain.

I will be at the Atlanta Commission meeting for whatever that is worth.

Since there will only be three there -would  you please forward this e-mail to those commissioners you are in touch with.

My 5 minute presentation is located at:




C/O Mr. Jeff Phillips

DNA AO damage media info

Hi to all,

Posted some DNA AO damage media info from New Zealand at:


Info to be used in U.S. Court.  I wish them luck in any kind of justice from our government/DoD/White House/Congress and its mistakes.



VHA Information Letter 10-2006-010 has been approved for publication; it may be found on the following web site within 24 hours:


Susan McCrea
VA Intergovernmental Affairs





Marine Combat Ribbon up for qualification changes.

Hi to All,

I posted an article on the possible changing of the combat definitions for the Navy's Combat Action Ribbon.  Thanks to the Khe Sanh site.

Also some personal comments on these changes within both the Army and Marine Combat Awards and possible government rationale as to these new definitions.



Blue Water Navy Wins Court Ruling

Hi to All,

I just got word that the Blue Water Navy is indeed by court ruling entitled to the 11 or 12 presumptive disorders associative with Agent Orange.

Posted at:


Thanks to Paul Sutton.


A couple of issues/concerns and recognition to point out.

On the Blue Water Navy Win - the VPA pointed out to me this was the same court that ruled in favor of the tinnitus issue.  Of course, the Secretary of the VA at the behest of our caring presidents and congress will challenge the ruling like they did on the tinnitus - I think we can all count on that.

Any wins on the Korean, Thailand, and Blue Water Navy toxic chemical issues; kudos must be given to Taura King and Susan Belanger on their untiring and dedicated work to bring these issues to the forefront of a government/VA that does not want to listen, much less hear about it.

Of course, we now know that Cambodia and Laos were all planned OPERATION Ranch Hand directed missions denied by the government/VA for over 40 years until the Stellman's at Columbia University completed the Ranch Hand Herbicide tapes.  The same herbicide tapes that our caring government/VA said was impossible to recreate.

Another impact of this completion most Veterans do not know is the New Zealand boys and how it impacted them.  Most of you have read the DNA damages confirmed by Massy University - but unless you read my book, you do not realize that the NZ government had denied any exposures for their boys (III Corps) and then said even if they were exposed there was no proof it was harmful.

After the herbicide tapes were completed, the NZ government finally admitted that their boys had been associated with direct spray areas well over three hundred times.  Then they admitted that the records were in the government achieves the whole time - but no one had asked for them.

How caring is that of a government for its own troops?  Deny deny deny until they are caught and further denial would start costing votes.

That is about how our own government/congress/VA is and has been operating.

I updated my book website at: http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/book/bookorders.htm

To include an option at the bottom for credit card orders by phone at a local bookstore here where I live in Georgia.

Some had asked for that and I got it set up this past week.




C/O Jeff Phillips
Communications Director
House Veterans Affairs Committee
U.S. House of Representatives
335 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC  20515

C/O Mr. Jeff Schade
Communications Director
Senate Veterans Affairs Committee
412 Russell
Senate Office Building
Washington D.C. 20510

C/O Mr. Len Sistek
U.S. House of Representatives
Committee on Veterans Affairs
Oversight and Investigations
Room 333
Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC  20515

C/O Mr. Chris McNamee
U.S. House of Representatives
Committee on Veterans Affairs
Professional Staff Member
Subcommittee on Disability Assistance
337 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515

C/O Mr. William McLemore
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Intergovernmental and International Affairs
Department of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Avenue N.W. Suite 915
Washington, DC 20420


Would you please run copies of this legal decision on VA claims and the attached legal summary link?


Pass them on to your appropriate senators and congresspersons.

Mr. Sistek would you please make sure this gets to the minority leaders in the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committee?

After reviewing the link and the case and especially the example given, I would like a response from someone in DC on this issue so I can put out that response to the network of Veterans and widows.

Now if I have to formally request an investigation and response by each of the VAC's
then please let me know and I will submit a formal request by mail.

Then I and the millions of Veterans and their widows would like a congressional response from the senate and the house on how this VA legal system that our elected congress has let and encouraged them to set up "screwing Veterans" on a daily basis is justice.

Tell us again
how our elected officials support our Nations Veterans with a legal system like this.  Tell us again, how fair this system is and how it supports justice for all by the Supreme Court.

This is exactly why two years ago I suggested to all my Veterans and my widows that if they have claims that the break out the claims into individual medical claims to stop this VA injustice and legalized corruption.

{I screwed up and put mine in at one time when I had a gut feeling this was the wrong thing to do even as far back as 2002.  Now I know I was correct.  This VA system is becoming more of a sham more every day the more we find out how it actually works.}

Submit individual claims, regardless if the Veterans National Service Organizations tell them no or not. 
They had to know this has been going on and said nothing to those Veterans they are supposed to be representing. 

It is the Veteran's right to do so and with the now "admitted to legal so called justice" the VA is pulling:  I think it is
more than the legal prudent thing to do if this is how the VA and their $160,000 dollar a year "do nothing judges" and their legal system are going to operate and then call it "justice" as the pinhead head judge crowed about in front of the house VAC on the Network.  A bunch of rhetoric (VA BS) was put out and this just about confirms how biased even the Veterans Court are actually on a daily basis; regardless of the lead judges misstated crowing to the House VAC.

This will of course drive up the number of claims the VA is just sitting on at the behest of the White House and members of congress.

Charles Kelley
DMZ Veteran


It is bad enough the government studies have and continue to commit scientific misconduct and fraud for 40 plus years but now this legal screw job.

Yes, I am PO'd even more than normal and our Nations Veterans deserve and answer to this
despicable treatment and how this is "exactly" what our CONGRESS (our elected officials) WANTS for our nations Veterans.



Atlanta Veterans Disability Commission Meeting

Hi to all,

Here is a link to the commission meeting we attended Tuesday night.


Also has a couple of links for the AO plaque in DC for those interested.

Thanks for those that responded to my questions on the wall issue.





I have been AWOL this past week.

Hi to all,

Obviously, I have been AWOL for the past week.

Glenda, her sister, and I had to take off for Ohio with her mother having a heart attack.  Two stints added and she is doing much better now but of course the anxiety and trip was a drain on us all.  All is well and she is back to her firebrand self or at least getting back on the top shelf.

Therefore, it will be a few days or more before I can get caught up on the events of what has been going on.

I posted a very important link at:


This documents a proposed book by Dr. Paul R. Camacho and Praeger Press on the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Below that posting is my response to Dr. Camacho.  I look forward to his response.

Certainly I was delinquent in not pointing out also a chapter must be created to document the VA's VACEH the biased role they have played- then the role the NAS/IOM has played in this government/VA charade knowingly or unknowingly.

I am still editing the response to Commissioner Grady and his false IOM/VA assumptions and should finish that up by tomorrow.  Been getting some technique tips from Richard.  I will address the issue of diabetes and a response to the Senate VAC shortly also. 

I wanted to pass on  - I have had NO reply to the officially submitted by US Mail Challenge on the "widows and orphans challenge" on the definition of cancer rules versus the rules on physical war wounds which are obviously not the same yet the VA rules are the same.

As soon as we recover from the expense of the trip and all I will do the official Peripheral Neuropathy Challenge.  Since it is about 40 pages, it will get expensive.

If we get no word back on that challenge either from the House or Senate VAC's then I would suggest once again it is a total waste of time, effort, and money on a congress that will not address the issues and is still not listening.

Another interesting event may have taken place after the Atlanta Disability meeting, which I will try and get status on tomorrow and some chronological events of what happened.  I think this should require some government explanations "IF" the events unfolded as they seemed.

Of course, with Veterans, there will be no government explanation as to the why.





Veterans Right to Know Act HR 4259

I posted a link to this proposed House Report and Act.


I also find it disgusting considering all the Congressional and White House propaganda how they support Veterans - that Veterans even need such an Act.

Simply mind-boggling to me.






Hi to all,

More on the latest Disability Commission meeting.

Veterans! - assume the stump breaking position!





To the Disability Commission ATTN:  Commissioner Grady.

To whoever is in charge of getting E-mails to the Commissioners, please expedite a copy of this link to Commissioner Grady.


He had asked for this data in Atlanta, unfortunately a family medical emergency prevented me from getting this to him in a timely manner.

Thanks in Advance,

Charles Kelley
DMZ 67-68




Hi to all,

After the posting on the Disability Commission and some of VA's Dr. Brown statements, many have asked what is it VA/IOM is trying to do.

Some possible answers and some obvious disparities are posted at:






Two new postings

Hi to all,

I posted a response from a 1st Cav Veterans nurse wife.


I also posted some comments and VA regional data at: