I salute Colonel Riley and the tremendous efforts on this most important event in our history.



From the Gathering of Eagles at:




Dear America:


I have seen Vietnam Veterans and their family's gather at Rolling Thunder by the Hundreds of thousands, At Melbourne, Florida for the kickoff of the year's Vietnam Veteran reunions. 


 At a thousand small towns in between both coasts for a day of festivities and unabashed patriotism ...  At Kokomo Indiana for the last, all Veteran's reunion of the year.

I have ridden coast to coast and found literally thousands of Vet groups all working independently of each other, but all working towards a common goal; the betterment of the Veteran's lot and the betterment of The USA.

There were almost 500,000 bikes at last years Rolling Thunder, and easily and over a hundred thousand vets at many other, separate reunions.


This GATHERING OF EAGLES transcends all those reunions in importance; as we are not only going to protect the Memorials and to Honor our dead as we gather; but to boost the Morale of our troops engaged in battle with an enemy who has attacked our shores, who has been attacking us since any of us can remember by blowing up our embassies, knocking our planes from the skies, killing our Marines in their sleep, murdering our sailors at chow while their ship sat at anchor.


We are at a point in our history where the danger to our democracy has NEVER been greater or more visible.


Our troops hear the protesters because the left leaning Mass Media WANTS them to hear only that side of America.

And they do hear it. 


And they are aware of this coming "GATHERING OF EAGLES" Very aware.


They, our Marines, Army, Air Force and Navy engaging the enemy in both Afghanistan and Iraq will be watching to see ... "How many?" 

 How many Americans support them?  They will be watching ... and they must not be disappointed.


This is one of the most important gatherings in America's history.  Every bit as important as how many of those Revolutionary War Soldiers braved the Winter to win this country its Freedom.


Every bit as important as those millions of citizens who rationed everything they had; lived without butter, tires, worked 12 hour shifts, gave up their pots and pans so America might have a better chance to win W.W.II.


This sacrifice of ours is only of time.  We will not be huddled freezing around tiny campfires with rags for shoes; no one has to go without so our troops might have the equipment they need to carry the battle.


We need you!  Every one of you! 


We need you to spread the word, and to come to Washington, DC. To be there at the Wall on March 17th; not only to make certain the hard core anarchist among the protesters do not deface any memorial, but to send a message to our troops in harms way.


A message they will be listening and watching for.


It is up to each of us to look inside ourselves and ask..."Is this worth it?"


The only possible answer you can arrive at is that is not only very much worth it; it is IMPERATIVE that you go. 


The sound of a hundred thousand flags being held aloft in dignity and HONOR will be deafening in its wonderful silence ... a silence heard all around this world.

This Gathering of Eagles will come to be known as the "Woodstock" of Patriotism.


Those of you on the fence as if you can go or not, I say to you now; Please, you must go!


There will most likely never be a more important event in our lifetime.


We need you to stand together with us on the 17th of March or the Jane Fonda's, the CODE PINKS and Stalinist Worker's Party of this country will claim victory.  


And our troops today will feel that day what we felt in the Jungles of Vietnam, even as we fought the biggest battle of the Cold War.


Back to Back
Vernon E Brewer II
A/4th Bat/503d Abn Inf
173d Airborne Brigade (SEP)
Vietnam 68/69


I recall a Marine FO remembering when he heard that Johnson was getting out and he told the fellows on the hill there with him - Hey Johnson is getting out so what in the Hell are we doing here?


The same thing applies here no matter what you think about the war.  Ours sons and daughters are dying and becoming wounded and they deserve the support of the entire nation no matter what political party or political ideology you support.  They certainly deserve better support and health care from the DOD and the VA which many have suggested is less than forthcoming.


This should also be a statement to our government and especially to our congress  that Veterans, Widows, and their families will no longer stand for nor tolerate Department of Defense lies, Department of Veterans Affairs lies, White House lies and congress will be held accountable.


No more - no more - no more.


No more interference in government taxpayer paid for studies changing cleared for publishing medical found facts that should be service connected but because of White House philosophy our Veterans are denied - NO MORE!


No more "scientific misconduct" by our caring government - NO MORE!


No more using teenage and young Veterans in biological chemical warfare testing and then denying the events took place for over 14 years "withholding life and death information from the Veteran his family and his/her doctors" -  NO MORE!


No more using the Department of Veterans Affairs as gauntlet after gauntlet to stall and delay earned service connected compensations and service connected health care.  NO MORE!  If our congress cannot get someone to get the lead out of the VA then it is time to get a congress that will!  Stalling to the Death of the Veteran will no longer be tolerated by Veterans and their widows because of the continued White House philosophy of when a Veteran dies his service connected claim is as dead as the Veteran. NO MORE!


No more excuses by the BVA that when the staff is doubled the total amount of processed claims is cut in half - NO MORE EXCUSES by this Secretary or any other appointed White House political puppet in charge of Veterans Affairs!   NO MORE!


If our wounded have to wait to get into the VA hospitals for treatment because of the system being overcrowded, which is the excuse the agencies use to congress.  Then by GOD these men and women should be able to go to any hospital, anywhere, anytime, just like the illegals in our nation!!@!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!(*&^%$#$%%&&*** and the federal government should eat the cost; even if it is extra cost.   No different than the illegal health care programs that are funded by the billions at the stroke of White House Bush pen!!!!!!!


No more unreported double increase in all cancers by a government that could care less what they caused in death and disability - NO MORE


No more White House and White House appointed federal agency lies on Veterans Issues- NO MORE!