Double Standard


I would just like to point out what is finally getting out and our government has known about for decades, and will do little if anything to stop it for “their own self-preservation.”  The social programs in our nation, the fraud, and the moral bankruptcy of those doing this in the millions on a monthly basis with no ramifications or even concern from our elected politicians. 


They will not speak out against them but will speak out against the Nations finest and most honorable citizens who actually did something for the nation other than breathing.  (I would say other than being born here but that no longer applies.)


Moreover, it is not just 20 million illegals.  Although they have become a large drain since they qualify with no citizenship status even status queried.  With little trouble qualifying for every welfare program, excuse me social program that our nation has to offer for our politicians to stay employed.


The recent Katrina government fiasco is just now starting to surface regarding the tremendous fraud of our morally bankrupt “give me (you owe me)” citizens and non-citizens.


They are finally starting to see just how corrupt our social system citizenry has become with the credit card charges and multiple checks received from Katrina.


Just a few of the items charged:


Sex change

Three and four big screen TV’s

Sex toys

Expensive Champaign

New Orleans Saints tickets

Sex movies


Many so called “victims” receiving multiple cards and checks.


One woman was getting 13 checks under 13 different social security numbers all of which were sent to the same home address.  Now if she was getting this Katrina help 13 times on 13 different numbers.  Then how long has she been getting all the other welfare checks and benefits 13 times a month for how many years Times how many of our so-called finest and most needy citizens and non-citizens are doing this monthly.


One estimate I recently saw was the fraud and loss in stolen property in Katrina alone was in the billions.


This parallels the documentary on the women in New York that had over 70 social security numbers that was exposed before 9/11 and how easy it was to obtain these social security numbers.


This would also explain how food stamps are given out in the millions of dollars in large cities per year to dead Americans.  You would think a pulse would be required since the VA cannot get our claims through in a timely manner but magically have the resources, manpower, and wherewithal to cut off all benefits the minute that “Veterans pulse” is no longer there.


Yet, the government social system, much less our politicians and presidents, does not seem to be concerned with this lack of a pulse in any segment of society but the Nation’s Veterans.  Lets give the same benefit 13 to 70 times to the same person per month or even to a dead person per month - times how many in the millions - times how many years this has been going on.


Just a slight “double standard” on the part of the government/congress that will go after the nations finest and give the nations morally bankrupt citizens a “free pass” in order to stay employed.


Sell their souls in other words.


I was just overwhelmed with rage at the Veterans Affairs Committee Hearings on the VA data theft and the absolute pretense of the philosophy of that committee.  (With the exception of maybe one)  This pretense seemed to be on how to change the culture and mindset of the VA and define who is ultimately responsible for not doing what the congress, the GAO, and the VA IG has recommended.  That also includes, I would add, congressional mandates to the Department of Veterans Affairs that the VA just thumbs their noses at the congress or finds ways to work around the intent of congress and I would add even “direct district court orders.”  That should tell the whole nation this federal agency can operate outside what should be considered law or at least the challenge of a district court that his agency does not respond or comply.  They just change the way they operate.


These men and women sit there on this committee and wonder, at least on camera, how it is this federal agency can get away with this omnipotent agency philosophy this agency displays in all areas at the behest of the White House and presidential direction.  


Yet, when one looks at the total absolute power over a segment of society congress itself has given this runaway federal agency.  It is no wonder this agency just thumbs its collective nose at anything congress or what any other agency recommends; including “direct congressional mandates directly related to Veterans and how they are to be treated and how to determine health care and compensation issues.” These are swept aside like so much confetti in a 100-mile an hour wind.


Congressman Buyer was searching for someone to tell him who enforces what this agency does and who makes sure they are in compliance.  The real answer is "absolutely no one."  No one because of the laws that have been passed by congress allowing this agency "any and all latitudes" regarding the Veterans segment of society and their constitutional rights.  As far as Veterans issues the VAC subcommittees are supposed to evaluate and report if this agency is doing what the congress intended in its understanding and mandates.  This is either sorely lacking or once again the subcommittee just believe what ever VA management tells them opposed to their own veteran and family constituents.



Veterans have been telling our elected officials for over 50 years what has been going on in this "executive branch agency" and they have not listened.  Now we should demand why.  They now have to see how run amuck this agency has become.


Why did it take the stolen data that affects over 27 million veterans for this government body to even start talking about the lack of this agency doing what is recommended; and in some cases “congressional or even court mandated?” 


The reason of course, is White House cost control and the "now known" government White House philosophy decision to minimize the effects of any mass Veterans issues caused by the DoD and our own White House.  The DoD, thanks to congress, also has absolute power over a total segment of society no matter how criminal their acts are against millions of the finest.


You see the same intentions now as the VA leadership talk about the minimal effects and the what-ifs on this stolen data.


I also heard one “outside the government expert evaluation” on why the VA did not want to comply and that is; then they would be “accountable for real data” and not these bogus numbers they put out to congress.  That was from a civilian expert that was brought in to review the VA system. 


I do not think any Veteran or Veterans family is surprised at this new disclosure.  How congress can be surprised is certainly nothing but an academy award winning performance.


There has been some talk recently about a third party in 2008 and I for one can think of nothing this nation needs more at this time and has needed for a long time than a viable third party to clean out the federal government mistaken priorities.  I do not think it says in the constitution that only a democrat or a republican can be in the White House or make the laws of the nation in congress.


The government, the judges, the courts including the supreme court have begun overriding the “will of the people of this nation” not only at federal levels but also at state levels and it is time for that to stop.


Veterans and their families need to realize the awesome power they have at the voting booth.  In addition, we do not stand alone there are millions looking to right this country that republican and democrats have gotten our nation so screwed up over the last 50 years.


Our politicians keep talking about cheap labor from the illegals.  This is not cheap labor it is nothing but federal and state government subsidized labor.


The politician’s keep talking about this is a nation of immigrants.  Yes, that is true but we did not have all these social welfare programs at federal and state levels centuries ago.


The politicians do not talk about why we have immigration laws, ratios, quotas, and time frames.  That is called time for assimilation into our society and our cultures. 


I do not think any politician can convince me, and many of you, that the signs in Home Depot written in Spanish that “their idea of assimilation” is working.  On the other hand, the many costs of providing everything in Spanish including an “entire education system.”  Not much assimilation going on there I would suggest.  I will not even go to the flags being displayed of another country while our own is upside down or lower in disrespect. 


No, not much assimilation going on, in any!  Including an increase in crime, which the Border States now want more federal money for their states to incarcerate these illegals because the federal government is not doing its job.  Now how hypocritical is that?  Since these same state representatives, will not go back to their states and call for some kind of closing of the borders.  Politicians morally bankrupt no different than their bankrupt cradle to grave citizens. 


In fact, one could say this is nothing but a foreign invasion backed by a foreign government with our own federal government and many of our own state politicians sponsoring and subsidizing this invasion.  Just to stay in power.


Yes, we need some changes and now.


If the government will go after it’s finest, the Veterans, and not address our issues and allow all this corruption to go on and not even bat an eye.  Then yes, we need some new leaders.  Leaders, that are not afraid to speak the truth and not just political rhetoric to stay in office or buy their tenure in office with taxpayer money.


Veterans and their families need to vote as one and stop this republican democrat fight amongst them; it really makes no difference at this point.


Traditionally we split 60/40 and we have got to stop that otherwise we as a voting segment are just fly crap in the pepper to the politicians.


We either have to start voting for third parties or independents; or unify (regardless of party) for a state candidate and a president.  With regard to the president unless a third party emerges it looks like we will only be given the option of voting for the man or women that will do the least amount of harm.  That is what I think we have been reduced to as a voting nation.


TESTVET (victim of Edgewood Arsenal testing on Veterans has set up a nice web link at http://www.outsidethebeltway.org/news.htm


Included on that link is a candidate section.  Maybe we need more of those or at least a series of them to show which Veteran has interviewed which candidate and the recommendation by state.


However, it cannot stop there, as we then need to track those that we support and that won their district.  In two years and during their term if they had not performed as advertised then it is time to dump them.  Yes, Veterans and their families have that much political power, especially in Veteran rich states.


Any senators would also have to be tracked as to their performance also.


As I told Mr. Schrade, I can only five in total in over four years of research that I would even consider pro-veteran.


Congressman Lane Evans - D  - who is stepping down for health reasons and will be impossible to replace.


Congressman Bernie Sanders – I


Congressman Christopher Shays - R


Congressman Chris Smith NJ – R- we saw what happened to him as he went against Bush on several Veterans Issues.  Just let out of the chairmanship and the VAC itself.


 Senator Tom Daschle  - D - who is no longer in office.


Other than lip service by others - that is it boys and girls; five in total that I have seen in government transcripts actually speak out against our government and its tyrannical federal agency, the VA.


So yes indeed, there is a “double standard” in politics. 


One standard for those that vote as one no matter how morally bankrupt that segment.


The second standard is “take away from” and “do not address their issues” because they do not vote as one.


Moreover, as I said, our widows and we Veterans are no more than congressional political fly crap in the congressional political black pepper.



A true double standard against the Nations Veterans and their Families.