To:   The Veterans Disability Commissioners.



Charles Kelley

2078 Eastwood Drive

Snellville, GA 30078


DMZ Veteran 67-68


I was encouraged to see the e-mail address for the commission had changed and was not going through the DVA.  At least the perception is that Veterans statements and comments are no longer being screened by a totally adversarial federal agency with a “government conflict of interest.”


SUBJECT:  These are my responses to the commission on Transition/Coordination/Readjustment given out on September the 15th of this year.



Veterans’ Disability Benefits Commission

List of Potential Research Questions 


Transition/Coordination/Readjustment Subcommittee


T1.  To what extent is the coordination between the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD) adequate to meet the needs of service members/Veterans, particularly the needs of service-connected disabled Veterans?


T1.  Answers:


No comment!


T2.  To what extent is the coordination for seriously injured and disabled service members/Veterans adequate within VA between the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) and internally within each of the Administrations?  What are the internal and external impediments, challenges, and gaps and how might these barriers be overcome?


T2.  Answers:


It seems the excuse for the last 20 years of leaving the seriously wounded and disabled Veterans and families to fend for themselves and ignored is the fact that computer systems do not talk to each other.  I find that unforgivable.  What did they do when there were no computers?  Just personally, ignore the Veterans rather than using computer software as an excuse.


T3.  To what extent is the coordination adequate within DoD between the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, Health affairs and Force Management Policy, and the branches of Services?  What are the internal and external impediments, challenges, and gaps and how might these barriers be overcome?


T3.  Answers:


No comment!


T4.  To what extent do DoD and VA provide disabled members/Veterans the means and the opportunity to succeed in their transition to civilian life?  What are the adequacy, quality, and timeliness of the benefits provided by each agency?


T4.  Answers:


No comment!


T5.  What policy and cultural shifts must be made to produce a common, shared, bi-directional data exchange of information and access to medical and personnel records between VA and DoD and within VA between VBA and VHA?


T5.  Answers:


A gazillion dollar computer system that will never work!  Or at least that will be the DVA excuse.


T6.  To what extent are the training, education and outreach programs (of DoD, VA and DOL) adequate to ensure that the greatest number of active duty, Guard and Reserve personnel are informed of the full range of Federal government Veteran benefits and services?


T6.  Answers:


This goes back to my comments on C4. 


Veterans have a right to know that after they defeat the enemies of the nation they have one more battle to fight and that is with the United States Government and its totally omnipotent representative of that government the Department of Veterans Affairs and their processes and procedures.  The last battle they or their widows will probably fight in this lifetime.


Outreach is non-existent for DVA and our government for obvious reasons of not telling the majority of Veterans they now qualify for some disorder that the medical associations have been stalled for decades.  Then when they finally can no longer plausibly deny the association, then put it in some DVA Agent Orange propaganda newsletter called “Agent Orange in Review” that you have to sign up to get it.  When in fact the government has never studied Agent Orange.  Every government study was mandated to the dioxin (TCDD) only.  Never mind the other dioxins, furans, and xanthones found in Agent White that have never been made known to the CDC or the FDA or any other federal agency thanks to DOW chemical and our own government; or the arsenic acid found in Agent Blue.  So even that propaganda newsletter should be titled “Dioxin (TCDD) in Review.”


Two mules and one person die from West Nile Virus in Outback, Montana and it is on every news outlet in the nation including the running news banner on CNN for days.  For Veterans outreach there is the DVA propaganda newsletter "Agent Orange in Review" that very few Veterans even know about.  Big difference between civilian outreach and Veterans outreach. 


Of course, this is to cut down on DVA claims and allow the presidents and the congress in their counting houses to count the money to throw away on those who earned it by simply breathing the free air provided by those the DVA rear-ends daily.


Why tell the Veterans they may qualify for a disability or death benefits stalled for over 40 years while the DVA campaigned there were no toxic chemical damages at all until 1990 and dioxin (TCDD) was like orange juice and good for you.


Including that the DVA outreach was the head of the DVA environmental hazards group going out into the scientific world in 1985 stating that any scientist who found a problem with dioxin was nothing but a "Witch Doctor."  So much for the non-bias at the DVA and I guess we now know whom the real Witch Doctor was on behalf of the White House. 


Or Gulf War syndrome lead by the NAS/IOM at pointing the finger at stress in another bogus government study that stress in 100 hour war caused their deaths, disablement, and birth defects.  Hog Wash.  Who are the real Witch Doctors?


General Livingston's Marines I know saw a 100 hours of combat in one small operation.


Christ if stress caused all that in a 100 hour war that the enemy was giving up.   That would mean if it is linear which the DVA and the government likes to insist on.  That the Normandy guys or the Tarawa Marines would all have been sick and dying and that any children born would be born with birth defects, miscarried, or stillborn.  Of course this did not happen.  


Who swallows all this hog wash the DVA puts out besides our elected congress?


The government needs to tell that to the present Veterans and any future Veterans that the last battle they will fight is with its own Department of Veterans Affairs and the appreciative federal government.



Charles Kelley


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House Veterans Affairs Committee 
Law firm of Morrison and Foerster
AO Group
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101st Airborne
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Vets for Justice
Veterans Party of America
Congressman Smith (New Jersey)
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